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Dolls becoming family heirlooms?

Dec 6, 2007

    1. Have any of you ever thought about giving your dolls to a daughter/niece/etc. as a gift when they're old enough to care for and love them as much as you do, or would you rather keep them and buy a new doll as a gift for the child?

      I know bjd's are a sort of investment, but the sentimental value makes them worth even more in my eyes. Personally, I would love the thought of my (future) doll becoming a family heirloom of sorts.

      What about you guys? Rather keep it, give it to a friend that's always wanted one, give it to a child, something else?
    2. I dont know how I will feel about my dolls when I reach that age. So its really hard for me to answer that question.

      But for now I'd say I rather keep him :)
    3. I think it would be really nice, honestly. I know most of our molds are eventually going to go out of production, so they're going to become pretty unusual. And if the BJD flux dies down they're going to be a bit of a novelty, I think. I think it would be an interesting thing to keep in the family.

      Edit: But I'm talking like before when I die. Not like ten years from now.
    4. I'd like to think that if I have kids, they'll keep my doll collection together and hopefully pass down the stories attached to them as well - I like the idea of my great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren listening to the stories I wrote. I wouldn't want to give them away while I'm still alive, though ^.^
    5. I would love for my dolls to become faminly heirlooms if I had any family to leave them to. But alas, they will end up on the auction block with the rest of my collections with the money split between a local homeless shelter & an animal shelter. I can only hope they still have some value in the future.
    6. Why would I give my bjd to someone else? NOOOOOOO! It's mine! :lol:

      If I ever have kids and they like bjds they can chose their own favourite bjds and go through all the things other bjds owners go through. That way, they'll create their own personal bonds with the bjd they have chosen, instead of being stuck with my personal tastes and with a doll that already has a "history" and a certain look.

      When I die sure... I'd love it if it became a part of the family history and someone dear to me treasured it. I might come back to haunt them if they get rid of my bjd though! MWAHAHAHA! ;) But that's after I die, until then I'm enjoying it as much as possible.
    7. I actually got mine with the intention of one day passing them down to my kids. Hopefully they'll like them enough to take care of them, otherwise I will be one unhappy mommy D<
    8. A few of mine will go to specific people outside of my family, if I kick the bucket before they do... One goes with me... As for the rest? If I end up with a neice or nephew who likes them, or if my god-daughter retains her interest in them, I'd like for my collection to go to them.

      If not, I'm sure they'll end up like my books and other things... 'Sold off by who-ever ends up being picked as my heir. Hopefully they'll find homes with other collectors who'll take proper care of them.
    9. I'd would probably give them to my children too, if I have them, that is... otherwise it'd be my sisters family or something.. I'd probably rather have them display it though.. i don't know, it's quite a sad thought :(
      Of course it's something I'd write in my will etc... There's no way I'd give my boys away when I'm 40 or something ><
    10. If my kids love my dolls, I'll help them get one of their own, but the only way they're getting mine is if I'm dead. XD
    11. As someone who doesn't plan on having kids ever, I wouldn't have anyone to pass them on to. My ideal future for my dolls when I'm dead is that they are preserved in a museum or archive display (yes, it's odd, but that's just how I am. :apirate:)
    12. I somehow can't imagine my future kids playing with my dolls O.o they would mean nothing special to them.
      I rather would look together with them for theit own doll so that they can choose everything and build up relation to them.
      I think that would make them happier than play wih 'old things' ^^
    13. I will probably auction off my dolls before I go if I have time, but if death come as a surprise, I will leave them to my grandniece. If she doesn't love them, she can sell them to someone who does.
    14. I've actually thought about this before, but always as a "when I die" type thing. There aren't a lot of heirlooms in my family and I kind of like the idea of passing something down that I really loved. Haha, I always tell eri that if I die suddenly she can have my El Drusus though. XD
    15. I guess it would depend on what my children/nieces are interested in. If they're just not into dolls, I'd rather keep them. But I'd love to see them go to my children someday. =)
    16. When I was a kid my Grandma always had this special doll (nothing like a BJD of course) but I always knew it as Grandma's doll!!

      I kinda have a hope that when I grow up my BJD's can been seen through the eyes of my grandkids as Grandma's dolls :)
    17. I have no plans of ever having children. But when I die..Kazuki will go to someone who would love him and treat like he deserves. I don't want to be buried with him. Because I don't want him to rot away with my body. Would rather him be beautiful and happy with another. So yes Kazuki will kinda be an heirloom. But not for any children of mine. Just maybe my sister's kids ( when she has them ) or a friend's child
    18. When I get my doll, I think even if I have kids and they love them, I'll help them get their own when they're old enough, not give them mine. It's not for any real "MINE!" reason, but because I know that having my doll wouldn't be nearly as special as having one that they chose and loved and worked for (because no kid of mine will even get something that expensive without doing something for it, like grades, housework, or the like).

      However, if they still like them and I die, of course the kids'll get them. And if I have one and I die before having kids *knock on wood* it'll go to my sister. I don't think she'd appriciate it for itself, but she knows I love them and I know she'd love it and take care of it simply for that.
    19. If I were to suddenly pass away, I know for a fact that my mother would be hoarding my dolls - she and my best friend are really the only ones who realize the significant associations tied to them and me.
      As for the future... I don't know. If my children were interested/liked them I would certainly like to believe that the dolls would get passed down to them. I'm not crazy about the idea of anybody, not even my own progeny, keeping them if they thought they were weird or creepy or something that they could knock off to the antique road show twenty years from now... I guess, really, what I would want is for them to go to someone who will appreciate them.
    20. I would rather keep mine and give a new one as a gift. Once I pass on from this world, however, I'd like them to go to someone who would appreciate them and it would be neat to see them stay in the family.