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Dolls changing personalities on you?

Aug 10, 2005

    1. Ever since I ordered my first doll (Yder) I had envisioned him to fit one of my own original characters, Touya. The head mold seemed perfect, and when he finally arrived it really seemed like things would work out... but something was off.

      While some characteristics of Touya would show through the doll's personality that was speaking to me, I was never 100% sure he was "Touya". There was something else that was there that told me he wasn't Touya, and that he actually was someone else. I tried to ignore it, but everyday I look at my doll and realize that he is not Touya at all. In fact, I realized he was very much like his cousin, Yusuke! (they look very much alike :D)

      Has this ever happened to any of you? What did you do? Did you give them a new name? Did you have to change their entire wardrobe?

      For some reason I feel guilty for changing his identity and I feel guilty for not changing it.. it's very confusing :cry:

      I have a plan for making a more accurate "Touya" by modifiying a Yder sleeping head... but I'll have to save my money for that :oops:

      Please share your doll personality changing/ revelation experiences :D

    2. I'm slowly figuring out my boy's personality he changes too much, but it won't be final until he arrives. When I first saw his picture I thought he looks too soft and sweet to be my character Mizuiro, but I had already fallen hard for the head mold and I had to have him. I wanted a challenge in customizing him to make him 'fit' the part. <3

      But if he just doesn't seem like Touya no matter what, then maybe you should change his name and character, you shouldn't feel guilty! Good luck!

    3. i had pre-planned personalities for my dolls before they arrived, but they fought me. they just would not be who i had planned them to be. I had wanted Kyo to be shy and quiet, but once i saw him in person i knew he was energetic and loud. I had wanted Kohana to be sociable and chatty, but she looked incredible shy in person, although i re-did her face-up recently and she seems to be coming out of her shell.

      they will be who they want to be afterall, i am not planning anything for my new girl, i will let her decide who she is when she arrives.
    4. I hope this isn't a sign your Yder is going anywhere! :shudder Just a personality and slight looks change?
    5. No he's staying! I love him so much, even though he's having an identity crisis, I still bond with him very much. I think I will change his name. His wardrobe won't change at all actually either <3 I purchased clothes that seemed to fit him best, and not "Touya" best... but I still may have to search for a little "punkier" wardrobe items <3
    6. Dolis personality changes on me every week or so... @_@;
    7. I had never even thought of planning my dolls personality when I got my first one. He just sorta gave it to me as I got to know him the first few weeks. I thought about planning for my next batch but then I keep thinking...what if it just doesnt fit? I really think imho that its a good idea to wait til you meet your dolls as they might not want to be who YOU want them to be ^.~

      As for your boy...let him be who he is and dont feel guilty at all about it ^-^
    8. This is why I never name a doll, or form a solid personality until the doll arrives. I figure I'll let them tell me who they are.

      I did try assigning one of them a personality and a name before he arrived... and he hated me for it XD
    9. When Winter first came, I named him Hawthorn. He was going to be my sweet, shy little boy... and that was NOT happening. So I changed his name to Winter... the other choice I had had planned, and his story slowly unfolded. He became sassy with that still bit of sweetness to him. It was getting in the way of me bonding with him, so I changed what I didn't like or didn't think fit his personality. So I think you should go ahead and change his name if you think it fits him better. ^__^ Good luck! <3
    10. Ichiiro's done this, but with his age.
      When I ordered him, he was supposed to be fifteen/sixteen. When he arrived, he was eleven. Now, he seems to be somewhere around thirteen.
    11. Shinta hasn't really changed at all since I envisioned him; granted he's a bit more carefree and cheeky than I initially thought, his sarcasm still shines through. And he's a hella lot sweeter than I thought he'd be :lol: He hasn't really shown me his full personality, so I'm waiting till he does. :daisy
    12. The exact same story happened to me just recently, ya know. ^_^ When I ordered Woosoo, I had envisioned that the Woosoo head will be Lucius, and Sleeping Woosoo head will be Lucien. These two will be twins. Lucius will be playful, mischievous, but angelic and kind-hearted. Lucien will be quiet, mature, and shy. They will be Yue's older brothers.

      WELL! When I opened the package happily... "Lucius" is just...... WTF?! XD He's arrogant, he's cocky, he's self-absorbed... He has an ego that's bigger than Earth itself, and he could care less if you like him or not. *HUGE sweat drops* The Sleeping Woosoo head turned out to be cute and shy, which is good...

      I stared at "Lucius" the whole day, then fell asleep, then woke up and stared at him some more... Then I realized that, this isn't Yue's big brother that I had envisioned! This is "Touya", whom I had wanted to use Volks Tohya at first, who is Yue's lover that IS cocky, self-absorbed, egomaniac that cares about no one but (hopefully :oops:) Yue. So I changed his name that day... ^^;;; And he fits into that personality 100%. ^^;;;;

      So instead of having 2 big brothers, Yue now have only 1, and has a lover waiting for him when he comes home. BUT! I have repeatedly warn Touya that if he DARE bully Yue I'm gonna spank him. XD
    13. With Purin, I had planned for her to be a little brat with no background. But... she turned into this little sweetheart, and she's slowly started to inspire a little story about her and her siblings ^^
    14. I had this happening to me to XD; Lucelle kinda evolved into a more casual person...though he is still quite a drama queen. Raziel's a whole lot sweeter than I imagined but still the loner I envisioned him to be.

      I think it's natural...i also think that how your emotions are affect the doll's personalities too...for me at let ^^;
    15. Happens all the time. Each of my dolls has switched personas on me at least once, before adapting to who they truly are supposed to be. :grin:
    16. Hmmm....personality changes.

      Ryuen I actually didn't plot out too much until I actually got him, I didn't even pick a name for him ^_^ However, when he got here I began putting a personality together for him, but he shows up with some very odd quirks from time to time--like he seems to like slightly different clothing than I originally envisioned, but we're still feeling things out (he's only been here about 4 months).

      Alex, on the other hand, I'm not sure about. I think it's mostly because he isn't really speaking to me as of yet because I haven't really gotten him anything. His hair and eyes (at least the ones I envisioned for him) are supposed to arrive this week sometime and then I have to gather my courage and take his head off and do a face up (or attempt to at any rate).
    17. Thanks guys! It's so interesting to hear your stories :D I just replaced my doll with his proper wig and he is officially Yusuke now!!

      Yusuke: It's about time, how dare you confuse me with that dirty Touya!!

      Me: :| ... You know Touya might come home in the future... riiiiight??

      Yusuke: Noooooo! He's always out to ruin my plans!

      Me: :grin:
    18. Tero went through so many backstories and personalities before he came to me. Once he arrived, though, I was happy to find that he was just a kid in school, like me. ^___^
    19. When the Arashi twins got here, at first I only opened one. I thought the other one might belong to someone else, so I left him in the box thinking I would talk to Frank at Doll & Hobby and sort it out.

      As soon as I opened the box I knew it wasn't Fontenrose. The face was so serious and sad! I felt...really dismayed. And poor guy was totally bewildered and then very frightened as he thought I might decide to return him. My other dollies threatened to kill me in my sleep if I even thought of returning him. And really, that sad face, how could I, anyway? I brought him to work with me and looked at his face and wrote down what I saw..."You feel more like Jason, Fontenrose's alter ego." Jason came up with his own last name(s), Dare Wright. He still seemed very worried and sad, and desperate to please.

      Then I found out from Frank that I had a double order.

      And I opened the other box.

      And there was Fontenrose.

      Here's the Twilight Zone part. I figured out that the dollie I opened first, the one with my name spelled wrong, is the Arashi I pre-ordered at the very beginning, when I had no notion that Fontenrose might like to be a SDC. This is the doll I ordered not because he fit my character, but just because I thought he rocked.

      The second dollie came in a box with my name spelled correctly. When I checked into Doll & Hobby learning about the extra Arashis, they told me they couldn't find my name, and they (re)imput me onto the list. This second dollie was ordered after Fontenrose asked to be a Cute. And this is the one that came out of the box with Fontenrose's facial expression. (And coloring! Jason is kind of rosy and Fontenrose has a lot of gold tones!)

      ^ ^

      So, not quite a personality change--but a case of mistaken identity.

      Jason Dare Wright seems to be settling in nicely. My family and (non-DOA) friends think I'm bugnuts for keeping both Cutes. But what can I do? I love 'em both! Their personalities keep unfolding. Fontenrose wants gold toenails and Jason Dare is getting a dragon tattoo...

      What a great hobby.
    20. Mike came to me exactly like he was suppose to. Kyo...well, Kyo was orginally Ian's. To Ian, he was quiet, sullen. Unhappy really. I got him and he opened right up. He is loud. He's a rocker with the personality to suit. Luke, I wasn't sure how he would be, but he came to me a as a quiet, sweet sort. I dunno how he'll change once he gets a faceup though.