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Dolls changing their own character?

Mar 4, 2019

    1. So I had this idea in mind of a fed up modern woman, and I was going around looking for a doll who just seemed to say, "I'm just so done with this fantasy nonsense" to go with her fantasy themed boyfriend. But I ended up finding a beautiful girl, but she was more smug princess and seemed to say, "I'm aware of this fantasy nonsense, and it, too, is beneath me".

      I was just wondering if anyone else had one character in mind but tweaked it to fit the sculpt better. I like reading doll character origin stories.
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    2. Oh, definitely!

      Parker started out as a shy, sweet, well mannered child and turned into a teenage pop star with a huge ego who thinks he can get away with anything.

      Marley was supposed to be obsessed with the guys in emo bands and decided she has zero interest in men at all.

      Luc showed me that my gun-toting angry bitter teen had a playful dorky side. I also bought THREE different female dolls as girlfriends for him, and he was having none of it and ended up with a friend's girl instead. (Could have saved me a lot of money if he'd realized it sooner!)

      Lakin was supposed to be grumpy, kind of a bully and rebellious and ended up being a shy, loyal hermit with wide range of interests (when he's not being grumpy...)

      Stephan started out as a spoiled little rich boy who'd never had to do anything for himself and couldn't cope in the real world, but he's turned out to be one of my most positive and adaptable characters.

      I think they all tend to change at least a little bit. Some of them are like real people whose thought, opinions and interests naturally change over time, while others are so drastically different, it's like they're demanding that you were wrong all along!
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    3. My most recent one was my minifee female Karsh. I had her sent out for a faceup and everything as she came to me blank and I had her all planned to be this hunter ranger named Findel. Got her head back, something still wasn't sitting right. Tried new eyes and a wig and it was like she was telling me she was almost there. Changed her outfit into something I never thought to put her in and BOOM. Turned out my elf ranger was actually a demure ballerina named Odette. I might have to change her faceup for it though as she still looks kind of battle worn with a scar on her lip. :XD:
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    4. Characters who live only in my head tend to change a lot (and some never permanently settle and are always adapting), so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that my dolls do that as well. It's both frustrating and fun, but at least it helps keep things fresh and interesting.
    5. I always imagined my Nana as an innocent little forest girl, but then I made a witch hat for her for halloween and its like she became a more concrete character. I gave her some button ups rather than dresses and she became a New England style witch. I even fashioned her a wand using a skewer I filed and stained.
    6. Totally can relate! My first boi Endigo was supposed to be a Hellsing Ultimate character, but after a while he slowly and fastly at the same time became a totally different character.

      He went from Adonis to Endigo in the matter of two years I had him. He has changed a lot since I had him. He went from a vampire to a mermaid during these two years (2017-2018).

      He went through 3 wigs, 4 pairs of eyes, and lots of faceups to get where I wanted him. I finally reshelled his body back in October and love him even more.

      He’s obviously not a Hellsing Ultimate character anymore.
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    8. I was looking for a delicate gentle girl to be the Great Royal Wife of my first doll, an Elfdoll named Ramses. I fell madly in love with Iplehouse's Carina, I was really broke at the time, saved my pennies for 4 years to get her....I finally was able to order her, three months later she arrived. I opened the box and what I heard in my head was," Dainty little princess girl?! I don't THINK so! I am Epiphany the PIRATE QUEEN, GET OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW! I will be needing lots of STUFF!" ....gold, sapphires, silk gowns, a sword, and a pirate ship!
    9. This just happened the me yesterday! After an entire year of happily wearing lovely antique ruffled outfits as a sweet and innocent country girl, my Volks girl suddenly decided all on her own to go 1960s retro!:? It came as a complete and utter shock. She just announced out of the blue that she wants to be a flowerchild and wander into the forest to write poetry! What??? I should never have let her be the stand-in model for those tie-dye outfits I was making a few months ago. Now I have to buy her a brand new wig and make her an entirely new wardrobe!

      ETA: Well, and here’s a perfect example of how pervasive this is in the hobby...I bought her a wig and dressed her in the 60s retro clothing as she demanded. Then after 24 hours she says, “Okay, that was fun but this just isn’t me...now change me back!” So now she’s back to what I originally planned for her and I have an extra wig to find a head for. Darn spoiled dolls anyway!:doh
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    10. All my dolls seem to do this to some extent, sometimes just evolving, and sometimes throwing my plans out the window. My Lume Elin was meant to be based on a shy anime character, but blank with no hair or clothes promptly told me I'd gotten it completely wrong and have to get her a katana!
    11. Yeah, it has happened with most my dolls too!
      The one who started all, my second doll and only human guy, Edgar, was suppossed to be kind of the frightening serious guy, who you love from the distance and you know you'll eventually be able to melt his heart. But when he came home, he was clearly the funny older brother who is always messing with you and everyone loves and I was like O.o
      This first change of heart was the seed for all of them to suddenly decide to stop listening to what I had thought for them and simply start showing themselves as they are. I believe only one of my dolls remains just the same as I thought of her when I made the purchase.
    12. My only SD did this to me big time. I bought her thinking she was about 18, just starting college, and a bit of a fashionista. She turned out to be twenty something, graduating college, and spending most of her time in pajama pants and comfy tops glued to her lap top. Oh, and she somehow acquired a fairy sidekick.
    13. A little unrelated to this post, (mods remove if this is not allowed) but how is your Minifee female Karsh? Is she pretty feminine? I was thinking about getting a Karsh and making him into a female character bc of the elf ears.
    14. Yes absolutely! My Minifee Celine started out as just a hunter warrior based on a Skyrim character, but after I tried on a pair of magnetic feathered wings I made on her, she practically just screamed “I want to be Valkyrie!” So now Sigrid is Valkyrie and I’m looking into making/getting her wings soon.
    15. Vala just... wouldn't stay in one characterization. She really did grow a life of her own once I had some help figuring out her story.

      Avalon's story wound up connected to Vala's and he went from mad alchemist in the woods with an adopted sister, to an older brother of two who's on a very corrupted path of necromancy.

      Noah was to be her own story protagonist but she wound up part of Avalon's story as one of his roommates and close friends and an art witch who can bring her paintings and sketches into psychical form.

      Kazumi's a witch too. She's always been that but it wasn't integral to a plot until now.

      A lot of magic runs around here.
    16. With the right faceup, she's pretty feminine I'd say. She has a more serious face than my other dolls but it just makes her look focused. You can see here here -> Adventure is out there! on Instagram: “Me: Okay, you're Findel, elf ranger. Her: No, I'm Odette, ballerina. #bjd #bjdphotography #bjddoll #bjdstagram #bjdphoto #bjds #bjdhobby…”

      (sorry for the ugly link, I don't know how to change that)
    17. As my doll is the reflection of my own thinking, so it’s mainly depends on my ideas of the characteristics and style. But each doll have different shape and face, so they give me the idea of what Staley they might belong. I like try things to my doll. Well, When I see beautiful clothes, I will buy it although it’s not fit to my doll. So I just try to make them fit.
    18. I have dramatically changed one of my doll's character, but it was more for the reason that with his old one I wasn't really motivated to do anything with him. His old incubus character was meant to allow him to wear anything without it being OOC. But since he had no personality nailed down he got sidelined by the guys who had to do lists to bring the shelling of their characters to fruition. I my case it really had nothing to do with the sculpt, but rather the fact that his first character was just a blank slate. It was intentional but as a result he was boring.
      I have painstakingly picked sculpts to suit characters, so I haven't yet ended up changing the character to suit the sculpt.