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Dolls cosplaying?

Dec 4, 2016

    1. I am curious do any of you have your dolls cosplay, like not making a character from a show but a doll who likes to cosplay? There are many cosplays I would love to do, but at the same time my mind gets drawn to how some costumes I would love to see on a doll and when I get one finally I even have a list of some cosplays I want her to have. It would be so cute having a mini cosplayer that I can change her costumes and tons of wigs, I am slowly making a character for the doll to have personality wise and why she likes cosplaying and for example I wanna make a mini outfit from love live, like possibly the mermaid ones or the school outfits.
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    2. Not yet, but I have a doll I'd like to make cosplays for eventually, it seems like a thing her character would be into. I know I like to cosplay, so it'd be nice to have a little cosplay mate too.
    3. I love that idea, and i have one doll on her way to be a small cosplayer!
      I think it's just so cute to make small cosplays :D
    4. I'm totally planning on doing that with my doll eventually but i haven't been able to start any cosplays for her yet! i think it would even be super cute to cosplay together lol
    5. I've cosplayed with my dolls before! Most recently I cosplayed with my DOC Tender Too as Shiro and Sora from No Game no Life.
    6. I definitely want to cosplay with my doll- I have a couple ideas for sets my doll and I could do together :) but... it's been 2 years now since I got my little lady, and I have yet to make our first planned set.... Hopefully someday I'll get to it!
    7. I made a Jaina Proudmore (world of warcraft) cosplay for my Minifee Chloe once :)
    8. My Mystic Kids Evelyn Cosplayed as Yuno Gasai from the anime Future Diary once at Anime Expo in LA xD
    9. Johanna and Guinevere don't have bodies yet, but since both of their characters like anime I'm dying to make some cosplay items for them. Since there's two of them I figured I'd go with a pair of characters that are commonly seen together, something like Nene and Nono (Blood-C) or Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Moon S). I've already got eyes and wigs picked out...now I just need to get my girls some BODIES!!! LOL
    10. I have had one of my Dollfie Dreams cosplay as a Pokémon trainer before. I suppose that would count ^^
    11. If I ever become a good enough at sewing I'm definitely going to make mine cosplay! Mainly from video games. I would love to make some of the FF costumes Tale of series, and other games like radiata stories and resonance of fate!
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    12. Yep, I want to make a cosplay for my doll that we can both match hopfully!
      But it needs to be the perfect cosplay that'll suit us both hahah xD
    13. I'm planning to dress my doll as Noctis from ffxv
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    14. I'm not much into cosplay, but I'm going to a BJD con next week and the theme is animation, so I am making my boy a cosplay outfit! Jack is going to be Finn from Adventure Time.

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    15. Mine does cosplay a bit. She has her own usual look but I have tried her as Super Sonico. I may get the actual Super Sonico BJD one day. But for now cosplay is enough.
    16. I have plans to dress Dia as Hatsune Miku in her Camellia outfit. I just have to wait til I get the funds after having just bought her a ton of clothes lol.
    17. Vince has some nerd gear but I really want to make him some proper cosplays... It was part of what I really wanted to do with him when I first started planning, but somehow he's wound up with a lot of casual stuff instead. Considering how long I've had him, it's a bit inexcusable I've never finished a good cosplay for him.

      I love seeing dolls cosplay. It's just the cutest thing... I mean, I love character dolls, too, but there's something so charming about a doll cosplay??
    18. Nope. Not cosplaying. I just wanna make my dolls cute as she/he was. Just the way they are is the best ever
    19. I don't own dolls that have characters that enjoy or do cosplay, but I have forced my dolls into cosplay and own dolls based on existing video game and anime characters.
      I myself don't cosplay, but I do enjoy seeing others doing it, particularly if it is well executed. I can't sew to save my life, so I always have great appreciation for people who manage to recreate
      an outfit that was never meant to be worn IRL, and make it work in actual human-size!

    20. I don't have any cosplay outfits for any of my dolls yet, but I do in fact love the idea of having them cosplay! I think it's so much fun. :)