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Dolls from ancient Tang Dynasty to see you soon [Angell-studio]

Sep 16, 2010

    1. Hello, everyone^^
      Thanks so much for all of your love and continued support!
      As part of our 5th anniversary celebrations, we will release a hot cosplay chapter this time after the killer Ty and Rone!!!
      Those three boys come from ancient flourish Tang Dynasty.
      Hope you enjoy their cosplay^o^

    2. These are going to be full doll?And what size?
    3. hey,discussion thread here.let's talk about them.8D
    4. The first one of those three men come out!!


      Yeguang Shi
      General introduction: Administration of Heavenly Observatory is the subdivision department of Secretary Department (a secretary department for Chinese ancient emperor). As the head of the administration of heavenly observatory, Yeguang Shi is famous as talent and younger channeler, especially after solved several mysterious events. And he also enjoys the trust of emperor too.
      Feature: Under the light silver hair, his face is always too pale to health people. However, he still is handsome man with super witchcraft under mysterious darkness scent.
      His weapon: silver needle (-_-!)


      Doll Coser: Ye (Global limited 50sets)
      Doll Size: 71.5cm
      Outfits: the outfit of Yeguang Shi (Global limited 150sets)

      Thanks for watching^^We will updates other two dolls' information soon=^-^=

      Bicheng An
      General introduction: With the gorgeous face, he comes with mysterious cool green eyes and blond hair.
      He knew some mystical ceremonies and wizardries.
      The only thing we can know about him: he love money more than any other things>_<

      Doll Coser: Bi (Global limited 50sets)
      Doll Size: 71.5cm
      Outfits: the outfit of Bicheng An(Global limited 150sets)
    5. Wooow, they are gorgeous! I wanna get at least one of them, but I do not have enough money right now >_<
      I wonder whether you accept layaway or any promotion event will be released?
    6. Thanks so much for your love^^
      Yep, we accept layaway for those three guys too:D
      The event detail will be released soon =^-^=
    7. Yeah, the last one---Duanhua Huangfu come out!!


      Duanhua Huangfu
      General introduction: Duanhua was born in generals&#8217; family and his mother, one concubine of his father, died because of dystocia. As Zhonglang jiang of King&#8217;s guards, Duanhua actually is the typical aristocrat younger man, pretty dude, careless and rakish. He love beauties and always seeks after them. His whole life constitute of love affairs.

      Doll Coser: Huang(Global limited 50sets)
      Doll Size: 71.5cm
      Outfits: the outfit of Duanhua Huangfu(Global limited 150sets)
    8. When will the new dolls and their clothes be available on your site ?
    9. They will be on line tomorrow^^