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Dolls "in a home pet-free"?

Dec 21, 2015

    1. Hello,
      I really dont know where to post about this but.... I always wonder about it and I want to see other's informations.

      When Im in the marketplace for dolls I always read if a doll come from an house cigarette-free or ....

      ...animal free.

      Now, I can understand cigarette can damage the resin or accelerate the yellowing process.
      but what about pets?
      Is an important factor to be careful to see of an adopted doll come from an animal-free home or not?
      What the difference I can find in a doll that lived in an house without or with pets?
      And what are the things one should care and ask about it, if the owner that sell a doll have a dog or cat in home?
    2. The largest factor when keeping pets is that anything in the home is susceptible to picking up allergens. If someone is incredibly allergic, they may get a reaction just from opening a box, which a lot of people would like to avoid.
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    3. I always mention that I have a rat terrier, because although I don't let her play with the dolls, hair could get in the box (she sheds like crazy!) and that could be really important to someone who is allergic to dogs.

      Generally, having an animal in the house isn't going to harm a doll, unless the animal has been allowed to chew on it (which can be deadly to a pet, anyway...) If you're buying clothes or a wig, animal scents might get into it, especially if the animal has been allowed to lay on it...or worse. It's not often, but I have received dirty items that were coated in cat fur and smelled....well...not clean. I'm allergic to cats, and between the fur and smell, it made me feel ill to clean them. I will still buy from people who own cats or other pets. I just ask that they lint roll items first, and I only buy things I know I can wash. If I can see clumps of fur stuck to clothes in sales pictures, I'll avoid buying from those people. However, another cat owner might not be bothered by it, just as a few dog hairs in a box wouldn't bother me.

      TL;DR - It's not so much about damage, but about allergies usually.
    4. I agree, it's mainly about allergies. Personally, I don't mind if someone has animals as long as I don't receive items with tons of hair. It's just a basic courtesy to look items over and to remove hairs as best as possible. I understand that it is hard to remove all traces of animal hair since it seems to float everywhere (I grew up with dogs and am not allergic), so it does not deter me from someone's thread if they have a dog. I am slightly allergic to cats (my fiance even more so), but I haven't had any issues so far buying from cat owners. I do appreciate pet owners who post whether or not they allow their pets in the doll room.
    5. Thanks for all the informations, this was very useful , :)