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Dolls in Disneyland

May 25, 2010

    1. So, I found out that this year for my sixteenth birthday, my mother is planning on taking me and my sister to Disneyland.
      That got me thinking, I know that some people have taken their dollies with them, so I have a request;
      Tell me your stories about what your doll thought of Disney~!

    2. I've brought my dolls to both Disneyland and DisneyWorld.

      Regulus at Disneyland: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=211469
      Regulus at DisneyWorld (1 of 8): http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=323293
      Nott at Disneyland: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=353715
      Pukis at Disneyland: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...Mini-Malfoy-Manor-at-Disneyland-Part-2-(Pukis)

      So yeah, I've brought dolls a few times. Suggestions and tips I've learned from my adventures...

      DO NOT bring pukis. To many parts and there just isn't time to pose them and I was losing things all the time. I was lucky I made it out without having lost anything perminately.

      Bring/have a bag you can put your doll into/carry your doll in. I tend to just carry my SD doll around with me, but there are rides where he just can't be out so I would put him into his bag. The trick is getting the right size bag for your doll, so the bag also fits easily on the rides with you.

      Make sure your doll wig is velcro-ed on. So it can't be blown off on a ride.

      Bring your camera and take lots of pictures. You'll find you start looking at the parks differently. You look for those small settings that will make a good photo oppertunity.

      I also recommend bringing a poncho, for yourself and/or your doll should you go on any water rides.

      Be prepared to be asked questions from others. Number one on the list of questions you will be asked: Did you buy/get that here?

      There are alot of great cheap suvioners that work as props for dolls. So even if your not a shopper, you may find yourself wandering through stores for things for your dolls.

      And when you have dates for your trip, post in the California and/or Florida meetup threads, and you may be able to meetup with some local doll people while your there.

    3. Well....last year a group of friends and I met up for the first time (outside the internet) and we had a BLAST! It was so much fuuuun. We got in great pictures of our dolls together.

      Although if you do bring more than one BRING A CARRIER!!! Or a large bag SOMETHING to put them in or bring a little extra cash so you can rent a locker (although I was paranoid beyond belief lol) and I agree with everything vampireanneke says. But yeah for the most part get used to people asking questions YOU WILL GET THEM have a blast a bring comfy shoes for yourself and plenty of water! Also no props should be brought <.<;;
    4. And you have to decide at times what you want to do... is it more important to ride on rides, or take pictures of your dolls. If your taking pictures of your dolls, you'll be taking time away from going on rides. I tended to take pictures while in line/waiting. In general when I've brought dolls, I've known the point for having them with me was to take pictures of them, but I'm also lucky to be local to Disneyland and have gone many many times, if I didn't make it on X ride, I could go back some other day to ride it. My trip to Disneyworld was in off season and I had plenty of time to waste on dolls as I wanted to. If your going to Disney and purpose is DISNEY, then you may find your carrying around a heavy bunch of resin for little reason. You may find yourself spending more time answering questions, or the doll stuck away in a bag out of site, or worrying about hurting/damaging your doll that it may have been best to just leave the doll in your hotel room. You'll have your family to deal with as well, which they can get easily annoyed by having to wait for you to take pictures of your doll, to put it away before walking to the next area, etc...

      So I say Bring your doll, but plan time for doll photos and doll time that doesn't cut into your Family, and Disney time.
    5. Also, I would be wary about what they are wearing. Make sure any accessory they wear often ( glasses for example ) are affixed to them in a way they can't be pulled off or easily take/fallen off. Vampireanneke is right, if you have tiny things you will lose them much faster than you would think.

      I personally have never taken any of my dolls to Disneyworld/land ( I've never been to Disney Land myself either. Dx ) ... BUT I do take them to conventions and out in public ALOT, so I know what it's like to be asked a bajallion and one questions.
    6. I think I will definitely be doing this in the future! For one, I can already think of wonderful little settings in the stores that you can put them in. Oh, it's great!
    7. I took an off topic Little with me because he fit in the bag with my camera and didn't weigh anything http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoLnFeNaDDg. I even put a leash on him as I was prepared to be surrounded by small grabby children who may or may not have been closely watched by parents that may or may not speak English or understand that their demanding brat can't have everything they want. I got to ride Small World with that child and spend extra time waiting in the boat because the one in front of us had a differently abled passenger. You will be in thick crowds, you will be almost constantly moving, you will be constantly on your feet, tired and thirsty, and unless you have someone holding your doll's hand you won't want to let them go because chances are anyone else there will want your doll more than you.

      Check out a map of the park before hand, if you have certain pics you want in certain places take them as early as possible, otherwise there is no quiet time. I had a pass so I had two days to get the shots I want. The ones at the Haunted Mansion hearse where just as the park opened, we hit Aladdin and Jasmine just before their break. The longest line, two hours, was for the Princesses and again we got so many because we hit a shift change.

      The only ride you will get wet on is Splash Mountain, if you sit in the middle at Pirates you're okay. There's no getting a picture of the doll on the ride, most don't allow flash and they go quite fast, Pirates is the longest. Only Indiana Jones, and maybe Space Mountain, really need a Fast Pass, and listen for ride operators calling for single riders, if you can go alone you might get to jump the line a bit.
    8. Some of the best rides for taking pictures on with your dolls...(Note: just my opinions)

      Disneyland/California Adventure:
      5. Animation Building (Indoors but beautiful backdrops for getting pictures, and you have all the time you could ever want to adjust and get use to shooting inside/dark room.)
      4. The Train (Slow, outside, so good lighting. The scenary isn't the best but you can get some good pictures. Don't bother in the 'grand canyon' area due to the dark & glass. Waiting in line for the trains you can get some pictures as well. Time it right to get a picture of the doll with the train, right as it approaches the station). -Monorail isn't as good because of the windows.
      3. Tiki-Room (While you can't take pictures inside during the show, the pre-show area has alot of great areas to take pictures at).
      2. King Arthur's Carasel (It's so pretty, and colorful, outside so good lighting, and you can walk around while the ride is moving so really can get a good shot or twenty).
      1. Jungle Cruise! (The best ride ever for pictures and dolls, it's a slow enough boat and the scenary is beautiful, and there is lots of room to move/turn around in your seat to get the pictures you want. And it's bright outside vs all the indoor building rides)

      So in general slow moving, OUTDOOR rides are the best. Transportation vehicles are pretty good (Trains, Monorails), and then always look for the areas to take photos at while waiting in line for rides.
    9. WOW! Thanks for all the tips! I'm thinking now that if I take him, I'll probably only bring him to the park one of the three days I'll be there. Besides, he'll probably have a little jet lag(We're flying from British Columbia).
      Thanks for the links to the photos, as well!
    10. I am amongst those who have gone multiple times; It was my third time last December. I brought Freya with me to HK Disneyland, and we watched the Let It Snow Parade together with my parents. It was sorta funny that her outfit(The Dollheart Blue Rabbit Heart Set) matched the characters' color scheme, as everyone was in white an blue. I had to put a towel over her when it started "snowing", though. But we had a fun time taking pictures of her in the Bakery. :)
    11. I've taken Fee to every Disney park all over the world, some multiple times, and various others have been to Disney World and Disneyland in California. I've never had a problem.

      I would agree with the caution on taking Pukis or any other doll that has magnetic parts...it's normally crowded, and you don't want to have to explain that you're causing a traffic jam because you're looking for someone's foot ;)

      I think the largest size I would take would be a Yo size...since I have to carry the doll all day, bringing one that is larger gets awkward fast. It's also easier to find cool places to pose a little one.

    12. I've never been to any Disney theme park but I did take Shinta to a theme park which is also excellent for great photoshooting. It has a fairy tale forest for example.
      You can see the pics here: http://www.dbzvelena.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4984
      Comments are in Dutch. I have more pics of this day out in my photobucket, but it's behind a pass word because of some private content.

      Even doll meets have been held there. I think you don't necessarily have to go to a Disney theme park, any theme park with a great atmosphere for posing and photoshooting might do fine.
    13. I took my dollies to Disney World and don't plan on doing it again. It was so crowded and people just kept bumping into me and my poor dolly. Also, in a busy picture area when you pose your doll, some little kid will come and pick her/him up and you will have to have a mad dash to chase the kid and get the doll back while bein called a thief by their parents. Thank goodness my cousins were with me, they told the kids parents that the doll was mine and he handed her back with no scratches and in perfect conditions!

      Main rule, don't take pics where there is a line to take pics, they will pretend like your doll isn't there and take pics, or even worse, they will pick her up and toss her aside...
    14. If you have a partner with you they can take the pic while you pose with or very near the doll. If you have a tiny, especially a child looking one, put a leash on it. Make what looks like an animal backpack with a tail to hold on to. Many of the human children wear them, so did my doll.

      Because you have several days do the first one without your doll so you can get an idea of where you want to do your pictures. A good time to get around is just before or during a parade. Because everyone was watching that the line at Small World was pretty short.
    15. Hey kiddo, it's moi.
      If you can't guess by the user name I'm seriously disappointed~

      I think it's a wonderful idea to bring your soon-to-be new baby to Disneyland with you, my only concern is that obviously he shouldn't go on any dangerous rides with you, or maybe any rides for that matter.
      But also that you keep a damn good eye on him all the time and have a bag or somewhere save to store him away...

      I also suggest taking some photos of him before hand and maybe bringing his certificate, so you can prove to any stubborn shop owners that he's yours!
    16. I took my then fav MSD girl to Disney World when the whole family went, DH, MIL, DIL, son, DD & myself. We all had a great time as it was good weather except day we went to Epcot. I do hope to go back one day and do Universal as well. But will make sure I take one of my LTF who not only is more of a keeper, but also a better poser.




    17. Are you going to Infinitus next month?
    18. Ofcourse. There is a thread in meetups about HP conventions/meetups.