Dolls in pairs or trios?

Apr 19, 2017

    1. Do you think of certain dolls in pairs or trios that go well together? My first doll was a Unoa Lusis and she very soon wanted...another Unoa (hybrid) as a companion. And now we are currently Lusis + 4/5 hybrids coming together!
      Alchemic Labo markets doll releases in pairs so the connection is obvious and I notice several Unoa owners have multiples or hybrids, (sometimes even to the point of little Unoa armies!), so I started to wonder if other owners felt this way about certain companies or about their dolls in general.
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    2. I think it really depends! As long as a doll's features don't make the companion doll look out of place, there are a lot of different companies that work well together. (Like SQLab and Volks, or some artist dolls) Volks has a lot of dolls that look good together, or in pairs, but Mina and May are my favorite twins from them.

      Mina & May
      by 〠。✧ Megami ✧。❀ ✵キ♡キ✵, on Flickr

      Conversely I think some companies look really weird together. Like I have a Soom Euclase and he makes all my Volks girls look like aliens! Then again, my Soom Namu looks like an alien next to Euclase...
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    3. I have a few "sibling" dolls. Or parent/child dolls. I even have a set of twins where one of my friend owns the brother. XD I think it's a lot of fun to have "paired" dolls and see how you can get the dolls to resemble one another.
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    4. I have a "small army" of Noble Dolls Raspberry, I just really love the sculpt and think they look so good together!
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    5. I used to have a yo-sd from doll-love and one from fairyland, and i thought they worked well together. The tan resin options matched p well, so with a similar faceup they looked like sisters! ^^
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    6. Your girls do make a lovely pair. Their wigs and dresses are so pretty and complement each other wonderfully.
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    7. @Megami-Landing your girls are so sweet! Euclase is such a gorgeous sculpt but I bet Namu would be a more suitable babysitter for these little gals. @Scholar I agree, I plan a pair of 'long lost' brothers. I'll be checking your doll profiles to see your crew. @toletta your tiny army is so pretty, those lips omg! @maplesyrup I think yo-size dolls together are a little easier sometimes because they are kiddos but can easily be twice as cute.
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    8. I really need to work on my doll profiles. x.x (Summer project! XD) But I do have links to my DA for some of the dolls I mentioned. The quality of the photo isn't the best but should be good enough for comparing. :)

      1) Brent and Beth: Mirror Mirror
      -Both are Peach Gold Iplehouse YiD, Aria is for Beth and normally comes as an SD and Brent is Andrew whose mold is now retired. :( I managed to snag a second of the mold b/c I love it and that is now my Thancred (who is a WIP). Technically Brent is a male doppelganger of Beth through very odd circumstances but they refer to themselves as twins.

      2) Zack and Zelda: Hoist the Colors
      -Actual twins. XD Zack is a DZ Brant and is owned by my friend who is Tippetarius on the forum. Zelda is a DZ Helen (both molds are now retired) and they are fraternal twins. They are pretty close and actually enjoy hanging out together... and on occasion, dressing up. XD

      3) Lori and Rowan: All right, I'll tell you a story
      -Perhaps the most unusual pair is my IH KID (a Millie I believe) Rowan and my DZ ... I can't remember her mold name Lori. XD I got her second hand. Rowan is her son. The third doll in the picture is a friend's doll whose the father. I feel together they actually pull off the family. Oh! And I forgot my newest pair!

      4) Ysayle and Leia:
      [​IMG]Leia open19 by Scholar, on Flickr
      -Yay for having them on Flickr! Ysalye is an IH Erica on a miro body and Leia is a IH KID Lena. (After I was all no more KIDs...) Ysayle is Leia's mother. (Originally she was going to be Amira, but after Carrie Fisher's death I went for one of the most influential princesses in my youth.)

      I also plan to get another child doll for one of my dolls who has a kid, but I haven't full decided on whether or not I want my Hujoo girl to be that character or not--so until that happens no kid. XD A friend and I also split Snow White and Rose Red (two Ring doll Rebeccas from a friend who sold them) but we've yet to get them pictures together. And I may later do my one elf and her brother... but those are all not currently on my list of dolly things. XD I feel a little weird enjoying the sibling thing so much, but I think it's fun to be able to do that with dolls.
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    9. I have quite a few pairs, trios and small groups in my crew... sets of twins or other siblings, groups of friends, romantic pairs, platonic pairs, parents and their kids... pretty much the whole range. Sometimes they come from the same line (My CP/Delf Shiwoo twins, for instance, or my Iple EID couple-), or at least from the same company (My Spirit Doll pair, for example, or my Volks School A and his two MSD-sized Tsubaki kids-), but that's not universal. I also have "mixed pairs" like Shonokin (a Volks Kiriko) and Madison (an Iple SID Cherie) or Harumatsu (one of the Shiwoo twins) and Zhen Lei (an Elf Doll Soah) in the crew.

      The most important thing to me is having the dolls that I want to group together *look right* together... They have to share the same sculptural style and have a compatible scale. If they manage that, it doesn't really matter to me so much what company they came from.
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    10. @Brightfires I admit, I've spent a good while marveling at your doll profiles and haven't properly seen a fraction of them, yet. Your lovely SeiRei Sakaki models led me in yesterday since I'm bored in bed with a cold. ;) I dream of having him one day to go with my Kun and UNOSS.
      Thank you for making so many profiles documenting so many one-offs and other rarities, it's amazing to see them! I'm going to check the photo galleries but how often have you photographed those beautiful boys together?
    11. @Scholar, your families are great, the Beth/Brent story looks very interesting and the parent/child pairings you've made are so sweet. I also need to work on my profiles, since I enjoy everyone else's so much. I'm struggling to get my crew photo-ready this year, that and actually photographing them decently for their profiles is a big 2017 goal of mine. Exploring the groups I have in my collection (Souldoll Zenith 3, then Volks Kun, UNOSS and an Ariadoll Narvy look good together in addition to the Unoa gang here) and seeing others with their groupings helps me decide what direction to take my collection in the future.
    12. My addiction is Iplehouse Arvid. This is my Trio of FID's. The two light haired ones are twins. I would own 100 of these guys if I had the room. His sculpt is perfect.

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    13. Thanks! I know, I am all "going to do all the profiles and get nice pictures and omg why do I have no time?!" XD Brent and Beth have a hilarious and awesome story that actually has roots in the DC universe (DC comics). I really need more pictures with them. x.x I've never gotten to really work with Souldoll up close, but their pics are beautiful!
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    14. Very rarely, I'm afraid.
      I used to post pictures a little more often "back in the day", but don't so often anymore. I don't think I've ever had Tal and Peri in front of a camera together.
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    15. Absolutely! I find that some of my dolls don't seem to have a "spark" of life until another doll comes home to interact with them. Putting them together and imagining how they would behave with each other is really important for me.

      Maura (DZ Cherry) went straight for Maxim (DZ Hong) shortly after she arrived. She really brought him to life and gave him a purpose.

      Plus, I enjoy putting my dolls with friends to keep each other company. So I want them to have a complementary look and style. I have romantic couples, friends, and family members. And even enemies!

      Volks seems to like releasing dolls in groups of two and three also!

      Linda S.
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    16. I have several pairs of dolls of the same sculpt. I don't necessarily think of them as twins. I just really like the sculpt.
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    17. Yes! I like to group them into the same generations~ Up to now its siblings and romantic groups, as well as friends... I only have one boy on his own and I HATE IT... I tell myself off so much for not having gotten others in his group yet ;-; I have the sculpts picked and everything, but go and buy another doll I love and see for a different OC! Next dolly spend in the future, I aim to get two new ones for him!
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    18. I currently have 8 minifee shiwoos with another arriving next weekend (bought from a friend). XD They always demand more of their kind hahaa.
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    19. I kinda like either 2 boy twins or 1 girl and 1 boy twin so I used to always look for twin-ish type of dolls.
      Personally I think Soom Teenies are perfect for twins.
      Currently I have 3 dolls of the same sculpt, Soom Teenie Lami.
      2 are twins, another it's just because I love the sculpt! :D

      Twins - Kiyomi & Kojiro Aniya

      Kitty Angel - Raquel Rose Meira (she has 2 other angel sisters~ also from Soom!)

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    20. I'm planning a trio of sisters, each with a different style. I want to see how this pans out. :p
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