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Dolls in the 48cm-50cm zone...

Apr 26, 2010

    1. I'm trying to find a boy doll in the 48cm - 50cm range.
      All of the dolls that I like are either 60-70cm or 45cm.

      Reason I'm being a bit specific is that I'm planning to get Camellia from Rosette School of Dolls, but the's an odd size, 47.5cm. I would really like a companion doll for her, but Rosette School only sells female dolls.

      Does anyone have any links?

      Closest I can find is Angel of Dream's Basic Mini...
    2. It's 46, but I'm liking the dolls' faces better...
    3. Nah, they're taller than that, but Latis measure them at 46cm .3.
    4. So the website is wrong?

      Even if Rei Cristopher was only 46cm I'm still thinking about getting him. Thanks for the link. :)
    5. I know Bobobie had a 50cm boy, though I don't see it on their website (it was originally exclusive to comicbookartistboi but I don't think he is their dealer anymore?) and there's also the Junior Delf line which are a bit taller at 55cm. I think there's an Obitsu boy body that's 55cm as well. Not sure how well these would scale with Rosette Dolls though, since they're so long limbed and lanky!

      If you feel like taking on a bit of customization work (or commissioning someoen to do it for you) there are also a few girls around that size range, for example I've seen a few Zaolls modded to be male, and they're listed at 52cm. There's also a Bobobie 50cm girl, Oceanmoon's new 50cm girl, and I suppose you could even mod another Rosette if you felt so inclined.
    6. I believe Oceanmoon has a 51.5cm boy in the works, you can check out the WIP on their "Work" section. ^^ A bit taller than what you're seeking, but sadly, there are so very few dolls in that size range. :(
    7. I measured my latiblue boy[without wig/shoes], he's about 47cm+ I'm sure with a wig+shoes, you can make it work :3 Good luck!
    8. Rosettes are very lanky and thin, I'll look in to it.

      I was thinking of just getting a Rosette and modifying, but I don't know how well that would go, first dolls and all.
    9. It would be fine! Any links are great! Thanks!