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Dolls in the news.

Aug 8, 2009

    1. The news media likes to focus on the obsessive "disturbing" types. Such as the Trekkies dressed in full Klingon regalia practicing bat'leth swings during Trek conventions, because the slightly-nerdy but otherwise normal looking guy in the polo shirt is boring and thus doesn't get ratings.

      Same deal here, it looks like.
    2. I think any hobby can make people obsessed, BJDs are no exception. I'd say it doesn't really matter how much time and money you spend on your dolls it's when you for example get debts or neglect your work/friends/partner/household/health because of the dolls that it's become unhealthy regardless of if you have one doll or fifty.
    3. Anything can become an addiction. News reporters also have a bad habit of overamplifying features to be more attention getting. So I really can't say if those people in the video are too obsessed. For all I know, they could be less obsessed than me (and I'm quite mild with this hobby).
    4. As long as people are taking care of their responsibilities and their hobby makes them happy, who can really say that it's too much? The media is not going to mention the normal everyday life stuff people do--that wouldn't get any attention, so they blow up whatever could be considered weird or out of the ordinary, and ignore all the mundane things that hobbyists also do everyday.
    5. Interesting. It kind of made me laugh a little.

      I don't think they're too obsessed with dolls, the people in it that is. The media seems to be having fun, but I still doubt that's going to make more people recognize the hobby that what already have.
    6. The media like to make hobbies, all hobbies, look out of control so of course that would have to go to maybe what would seem like to most 'normal' the negative extreme. It also depends on the person too. I feel that if your life starts to go down the drain because of the hobby then that's where your in too deep.
    7. The kind of creepy horror movie music at the beginning certainly doesn't help. xDD

      This video has been posted before and I think overall this is a pretty good report. Sure, the reporter may have interviewed some...eccentric people, but I think she gave good basic information to the public about dolls.

      You can tell the two newscasters at the end think we're crazy though. xDD So yes, I suppose the phrase "if it bleeds, it leads" is certainly in effect here, figuratively of course, but I don't think the reporter wanted to make all BJD collectors out to be crazies.
    8. I saw DoD's!!
      It's kind of overwhelming to know that BJD's are becoming a hobby ..not just "creepy dolls" so other people say...
      but i don't want it to become popular...i dunno why ... it wouldn't be unique if it becomes as normal as collecting branded clothes or somethin'
    9. It annoys me that I couldn't comment on the video. =_=

      Anyway, I don't think it was too bad as far as a report could be. They didn't for instance make it seem weird that they take pictures of their dolls and they did mention that collecting cars is more expensive. All in all I'd say it wasn't that bad.
    10. I don't that those collectors were extreme in any way.....I however thought the newcasters....asking how much Volks makes in a year...was WAY OUT OF LINE?! is it just me or did anything else thing that was WAY out of line!
    11. I saw that video awhile ago.the weird creepy music made me laugh. XD
      They're probably not really that crazy...just made to seem that way so people would watch.
    12. As many have pointed out before me, the media (at least, here in the States - I can't speak for the rest of the world) has a tendency to blow things out of proportion sometimes.

      Maybe I missed something, but I didn't really see anything wrong with what those collectors were doing. They didn't appear to be crazy obsessed and were able to maintain their composure. I just saw a group of individuals who loved their dolls. :sweat

      Slightly off topic (but still RE: the video) - anybody know the wig style at 1:42-1:43?! I love it. :aheartbea

      Heard a clip of "Uninstall" in the BG around 2:40, too. Nice.

      Overall I enjoyed watching this news short and found it interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)
    13. Oh, that video has been around for a while. There are other threads about it. Honestly, the newcasters did their job very well - they picked video footage that made the collectors seem far more obsessed than they are (I know most of the people in the video), and the way they cut the footage highlights it even more. Honestly, the bias of media is so strong that I just ignore the news for the most part.
    14. I've seen that video some time ago. Don't sweat it. News reporters always make a big deal out of things and often give viewers the wrong impression. I guess obsession is okay as long as you don't let it take over your life :3
    15. This video has been around for almost 2 years. I don't think they are overly obsessed-just very enthusiastic to talk about their hobby. It can be quite unnerving to have a camera in your face. One of the doll owners featured on this video is actually a moderator here on DOA.
    16. I hate how the media always blows things out of proportion! :| Those collectors don't seem overly-obsessed at all. Passionate about their hobby? Yes. Obsessed? Definitely not.
    17. They used the theme music from the anime 009-1..."Destiny Girl".:lol::aheartbea:aheartbea [That was the guitar-y bit. xD;;; Unexpected LOL!]

      Overall, this was probably one of the better news reports on BJDs I've seen. The reporters didn't act all repulsed over the dolls AND they didn't dwell on/complain about the prices, and those quick shots showed dolls from a variety of companies! I liked how they really tried to explain the customization of BJDs too. Not bad, not bad at all. But I agree about the thing with the owners...they weren't obsessed crazies, just happy doll hobbyists.:)
    18. they make BJD looks scary in that video i think
      and they make the owners look like total idiots! (unless those really were...)
    19. Actually there is a mod and a virtue in this clip.

      As the "obsessed" mother in the video, it could have been worse lol. It's amusing to listen to all the things the reporter got wrong.

      And yes, everyone was nervous, which definitely shows.