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Dolls or accessories?

Jan 15, 2011

    1. I'm sorry if this has been posted before, feel free to delete it if it has :)
      I wasn't sure if this should go in discussion or debate so i'm sorry if it's in the wrong one :doh

      So at the moment i'm having a really hard time choosing between an MNF Chloe or an MNF Woosoo since i only have the funds to get one with all of the accessories i want for her.
      But more than once I've thought to myself - maybe i should just buy both of them and not have any clothes/faceup/wigs/eyes/furniture/etc for them for a while. And i try to convince myself "ohh i might save on shipping if i buy them both at the same time..." or "I'll end up making money for them in the next couple of months to get the stuff i want..."
      But then i push the thought away because i'm afraid that i won't bond with them as much if they don't have the things i want to be able to make them the personalities i want (like a wig, eyes, and other things that are pretty essential to taking appealing photos that tell a story) I also have my eye on some fabric that i want to buy to start making some clothes but of course if i buy both of them that will have to be put on hold as well.

      So i have two questions ~
      Would you prefer two or more dolls without wigs or other accessories, or one with all of the things you want for them?
      If you go for the second option of buying just the one doll, does it make it boring to have all the things you want?
    2. Well, I guess it'll be very different for everyone ^^ Personally, I enjoy "finishing" one doll to a particular standard I've set myself (i.e., wig, face-up, eyes in at least my preferred colour, at least some basic clothing) before I consider another... or it makes me feel a bit frustrated.

      This does mean that it can take wayyyyy over a year to get a doll together in a basic sense in my case, though...! ;) But I don't mind so much ^^
    3. Personally, if the BJD I want is not a limited version, I'd prefer buying one with all the things it needs first!
      mainly because accessories could be out of stock, and if the BJD is not limited, it's always there for you to buy!

      I would never think it's boring to have only one BJD plus the things I need for it...
      to be honest... there's always MORE I want to get for my BJDs xD (more accessories, clothes, eyes, wigs...etc) I'm sure you won't get bored if you really liked your BJD!
      to me, it would be boring instead if it's just a blank BJD with no face up and clothes and wigs...etc. you can really do nothing with them besides placing them in the box :/
    4. If I were you, I'd get either one first and get clothes and accessories to go with it. They're not limited molds, so you can get them anytime. It's so much easier to enjoy a doll when it's out and about, not sitting naked in its box. :D
    5. A doll with faceup, wig and eyes is all I require - I feel that all the other things (clothes, props, etc.) can be shared between my dolls, so that won't hinder me in purchasing another doll. I'm even okay with the character being a head for a while, though I try to find an appropriate body as fast as possible.

      But I don't think I'd buy another doll before I have my current ones wigged and with eyes in fitting size. They aren't that enjoyable for me in that state....but for other things I like to hunt for the perfect ones, and that sometimes takes even more than a year...
    6. It's a personal preference, I bought one doll and got a wig for her and then about 2 months later I bought another (they're mated) and then got her a wig and then bought eyes for them at the same time. I think it can also be fun to buy one doll and fully customize him/her fully before getting another.
    7. Yes, that's a matter of personal preference.
      If they were limited dolls that you wouldn't be able to buy later easily, I'd say get both without the stuff.
      But since they're both basic and available any time, I would rather get one first, get her the appropriate faceup, wig and clothes, and then think about the 2nd one. Actually, that's what I did myself... ^^
    8. It really depends upon your confidence in your ability to do certain things. I like to buy my dolls blank, because I like to select the wig and eyes, do the face-up and make the clothes. Shoes/accessories are about all I buy. For me, a cut on shipping to get the two blank dolls would very much appeal. I'd probably just deal with one at a time in terms of getting him/her fixed up and leave the other in the box until I was ready.

      As others have said, they're not limiteds, so you do have options.
    9. Personally, I like to just get one buy as much stuff for that one as I like and when I think I have exhausted the dolls potential I'll move onto another (obviously not forgetting about the last though) but its different for everyone.
    10. When I started out in the hobby I couldn't decide if I wanted one SD doll and a bunch of accessories or two MSD dolls and just a few accessories. In the end, I decided to get the two MSD dolls and a few accessories (one pair of shoes, one pair of eyes, one wig, one outfit each). That had both it's pros and it's cons. For the pros, I found how much more enjoyable dolls were to me when I could have them interacting with each other, not just their environment. It was thanks to this I realized I would have been very bored over time if I only had one doll.

      But for the cons, I felt annoyed with the customization limits having only a few accessories offered. There were many times I would think to myself, "Oh, how I wish I had a blonde wig and a white dress for this photoshoot. She would look so heavenly." while I only had the same outfit, wig and eyes every shoot.

      So really, both options could work. It just depends on which you want first, the two dolls or one doll and a lot of items for it and then another doll later. It doesn't have to all come at once, you will most likely be in the hobby for years and there is always something new to get. :lol:

      But also let me say this, because of the two dolls you are interested in: Using the excuse of saving on shipping and buying both now may not be the best option, specially if you would perhaps be interested in second-hand dolls at all. You could possibly save much more buying them separately and one new and one on the marketplace or both on the marketplace.

      I see both of those two up on the marketplace all the time for easily $100 less than the new ones and sometimes even with extras, plus the shorter wait time for shipping, which is a win-win if you are looking to get both AND be able to have multiple accessories for them in a short time. ;) Best of luck on whatever you decide!
    11. I would go for just one doll to worry over. Working on too many dolls will get you frustrated, like someone mentioned earlier. You also won't have as great a chance of bonding with the doll if you don't give it the proper attention and get it as close to the character you want it to be.
    12. I have bought two dolls from the same company at the same time to save on shipping. I've done this twice so far and don't regret doing so (I could afford it, so why pay shipping twice), but I rarely enjoy bald and naked dolls without eyes. If buying two dolls at once would mean it would take a while before I had anything for them, I'd rather go for one doll and the basic stuff for that doll.
    13. Would you prefer two or more dolls without wigs or other accessories,
      or one with all of the things you want for them?
      I do face ups myself, even if they suck I prefer it that way and also (try to) sew for my dolls
      (although I also suck at that!). I have grown to enjoy trying to make my own wigs as well,
      so I would prefer to purchase two dolls instead of one with accessories and props. I don't do props,
      because I am lazy and prefer larger dolls, so it's harder to find things that don't look under-scale
      next to them. So if there ever was a time when I wanted two dolls from the same company and
      I had the budget, for me it would be an easy choice to go with two dolls instead of one with all the extra stuff. (:

      If you go for the second option of buying just the one doll, does it make it boring to have all the things you want?
      I have off topic 1:6/12" dolls with props their size and accessories, and yes, it is boring. So far I've never done
      squat with any of it. But then again I'm lazy, so maybe it's just because I am lazy and not because having all the
      stuff is actually boring. XB

      - Enzyme
    14. For me I am okay with out all of the accesories for my dolls, mostly because I would rather make my own stuff. But I LOVE wigs, lots of wigs!! If it really came down to it, I guess I would get both of my dolls and just a few accessories. I feel like I can always buy stuff for my dolls, but why have stuff and no one to play with it?
    15. I spent a long time buying dolls and not finishing them, because having the dolls was more important to me. Now I'm trying to focus more on completing the ones here, because the ones who stay "in limbo" for too long end up moving on. My new intent is buying shoes for everyone so I have at least one pair of shoes for each of the resins, and getting face-ups for the ones I'd like to freshen up. I don't buy a lot of props though, mostly because I don't have room for a lot of props and a lot of dolls, but I would like to find a few nice things to have around for photography.
    16. I don't need a lot of accessories at first, but I do get frustrated with dolls that don't have their proper eyes, wigs, and one in character outfit. I can put up with some waiting, but then I have a lot of extra stuff floating around now and can cobble something together for a new doll quite quickly, so they're not nekkid, eyeless, and bald. So I'd probably get the dolls first in my case, but if you've got nothing around for them when they arrive, it might be less frustrating to get one doll and get her to a reasonable state before getting the next one.

      But I've never been done getting stuff for a doll in terms of clothes, eyes, wigs . . . and I could really do with more accessories and props all around :sweat. I couldn't get bored, because I'll never get a doll truly done in that sense.
    17. Now see your looking at your first one or two or at least in this size. I tend to keep to 3 major sizes so clothes can be shared as well as wigs and such. So if I had a choice between adding 2 more dolls or one and stuff I it would de4pnd on is this a new size or do I have others in same size and also gender helps as don't want a boy to be naked if all I have is girl clothes and vise versa.
    18. I don't think there is a wrong choice, different ways of doing things work for different people. Whatever you feel best about doing is what you should do. Having one doll to start with might be easier in terms of money and focus, but having two might be nice so they have another doll to interact with and share some clothing/wigs/eyes with if you do buy something and it doesn't suit the one you thought it would.

      My first doll (Bermann) did come as a Full Set with a face-up, eyes, outfit and wig. The clothing, eyes and the wig did not suit my guy at all but at least he wasn't stuck being naked. I bought him a shirt and boots and made him pants which also didn't suit him but I loved the doll and knew he'd come together eventually. I didn't feel rushed to complete him and enjoyed playing with him and spending time with him and my camera. I didn't find him the perfect wig until almost four years later.

      My second doll was a hybrid (El/SD13) and really had nothing. I gave him a pretty bad face-up (which was good enough as a start!) made him some tight pleather pants and a strappy top and a wig (still in use in my avatar pic) - that was all great fun. He wasn't complete at all when I started working on buying my third doll. When I did finally finish my second doll I decided he needed a new head (FCS F30)! But everything else I'd built up for him still worked.

      My first and second dolls arrived within two months of each other so I was building them both up with little funds at the same time and I still have them and it all worked out fine. I still have that third doll (Re-Che) too.
    19. Well of course it is all up to you what you wish to do. ^^

      Personally though, I have one BJD and I intend to keep it that way. ^^ This way, I can just focus all my attention on my one doll; buying clothing, accessories, making clothing, buying wigs.....I can just focus on one spoiled doll. >3<
    20. This is really a matter of personal preference. I don't do props for my dolls so furniture is pretty much out (we do have one chair and a lounge for the smaller dolls but that just sort of happened). I prefer not to have dolls sitting around wigless, eyeless and naked. I do my own face ups now but I didn't when I first started with the dolls. I didn't really mind the dolls sitting around a little while without faces because I didn't like company face ups most of the time, I preferred finding an artist to do them. If I had enough money to buy a pair of dolls from the same company that I had chosen as a couple I might do it. It would save you some on shipping and it is fun to have two dolls to pose together for pictures. However it can be frustrating to have two dolls without eyes, wigs and clothes.