Dolls Party 29 New Items Collection!

Aug 11, 2013

    1. Hello, everyone! :D

      It's been a while and it's finally time to release the Dolls Party 29 Items Collection here at VOLKS USA.

      Many of you have been asking about these outfits, so we are happy to finally be able to offer them to you.

      They'll be available through our website and at Tenshi no Sumika Los Angeles on Saturday, August 24th at 11AM PST.

      Cutesy, tiny gothic wear, casual clothes, lingerie, uniforms, sports outfits and more are featured in this collection! There are so many different sizes represented this time.

      I really think the cheerleading outfits and "ball girl" sets for DD will be super popular. Get one for your girls before they are gone.

      There are several different uniform sets for both boys and girls, in dark and light colors. There's even a lab coat for your big boys! Neat!

      We are releasing some separates as well. Socks, skirts, and little bloomers will be wonderful for any girl's wardrobe.

      There are shoes, of course, and we also have a couple of accessories!

      The Pitatto Ring is a silicon ring that goes around your SD's head to help keep wigs from slipping. We've had a lot of requests for something like this, so I really hope that it's what you've been waiting for.

      The SD Stand Chairs are so very cool. These will be very popular and sell out quickly. We know many people have been looking forward to them.

      If you're looking for any of these items, don't miss it! Be sure to be on our website before the release begins to get your chance.

      This news applies to VOLKS USA only. VOLKS USA's area of business is the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We cannot ship to other areas. Please refer to VOLKS International Website if you are outside of our business area. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

      Please send any questions to for fast assistance. We may not be able to reply to questions through DOA's PM service in a prompt manner.