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Dolls Resembling You?

Feb 1, 2011

    1. If there was a doll sculpt out there that looked like you...how would you feel about it? Would you want to buy it? I know there are owners here on the forum who do have dolls that resemble them and I think it's pretty cool. I know Minimee heads can be made, but I'm more curious about doll company sculpts that were not requested to look like a certain person.

      I've never really looked around for dolls that look like me, but I'd want it if I ever found one. Mainly because I could put my 'doll-self' into photos with my other dolls.:D

      So, my general question is....If you ever found a doll sculpt from a company (Luts, Volks, Soom...etc) and it looked like you, would you want it? Or would you not get it because it looks so similar?

      [Forgive me if this has been asked before, I did a search but found nothing. Please delete or move if it has been done.]:chocoberry:truffle
    2. Strangely enough, Iplehouse's Eva (who also shares my name! @-@) looks a lot like me. I've thought about getting her, especially since I think it would be cool to have a doll version of myself. I may get her eventually, but right now I have other dollies that are more of a priority.
    3. I didn't see dolls similar to me (though mum and said that my doll is similar to me, but it not so). Also I think that such and won't be, as my person the most usual, and at dolls beautiful faces. But even if there would be such doll I wouldn't buy it. Because I want a doll-as though I was in dreams-is more beautiful, more harmonously. It is a little fairy tale.
    4. There's a doll that in my opinion looks quite a bit like me, but I don't actually like the doll that much xD
      I like the idea of mini me dolls, but I'd prefer it to be a pretty-fied version with a mold I absolutely love.
      I have nothing against lookalikes tho. I just haven't found one for myself I would like.
    5. I would never intentionally want to create a doll that looked like me but if there is a sculpt out there that unintentionally resembles me, that would be kind of cool. One of my Dream of Doll girls looks a bit like my mom. We laugh about it all the time.
    6. No. My dolls are just that - dolls. I don't want them to be me. I want them to be my dolls.
    7. My husband thinks Ninodoll Momo looks just like me when styled with similar hair, eyes and glasses. :sweat

      I think it's a fun concept, a mini-resin doppelganger! I'd like to own one, but I'm not going to go out of my way to get one any time soon. There are way too many other dolls I definitely want first :lol:
    8. While I'm not interested at all in having a doll modelled after me (a minimee, for example), I believe it would be quite curious to find a doll that resembled me by pure coincidence. I'd probably get her (or him :lol:) just for the laughs. And my mom would probably appreciate it...

      Up until now, the nearest I've found was a limited doll who shared my name. Curiously enough, it was a male doll, and my name is quite evidently feminine, mind you... If I had found him still for sale, I'd have probably gotten him, if only to stop my (whole) family from begging me to buy the doll so they (who claimed my Subaru was a transvestite just because he has really sweet facial features for being a boy) could dress him in clothes like my own...
    9. I look like PD Riz. I'm much skinnier, but we have very similar faces.

      I tend to look fairly similar to a lot of dolls though. I'm skinny with long legs and pretty... pretty typical things you see in dolls.
    10. To be quite honest, a doll that looks like me would be waaaay too squicky for my tastes.

      If I found a doll that looked like me, I'd go running in the opposite direction. However, this may stem from reading Neil Gaimans' Coraline one too many times more than anything else.
    11. If I found a doll that looked like me, I would probably get it, price permitting, and go on happy outings with similar clothes/wigs. \o/
    12. I think I'd rather a doll that looked like a younger version of me. I'm not exactly doll-worthy right now, lol. Although my "neice" thinks I look like my Benny and said she needs glasses like me. :lol:
    13. I've been told that Rosencrantz (my DoD Camine) looks a lot like me. Which I personally find hilarious, as he was (is) my grail doll and the only doll that I've felt very very strongly toward.

      I guess I'm a narcissist at heart. XD
    14. I had kind of operated under the assumption that such a doll would just plain not exist, and I was fine with it, since I'd never particularly wanted one that looked like me. Then my sister pointed out to me that LTF Ante looks like pictures of toddler!me, and since then I have thought about whether or not I would ever want one. (oddly enough, I could only see the resemblance with the elf version, and not the normal LTF Ante who would have, you know, human ears. And I have human ears. So, weird)

      Well, and the winking LTF Ante event faceplate my sister has, but that one's because there's a baby picture of me winking...

      Anyway, after giving the matter some thought, I realized that while I might someday buy an Ante, it would be for a character, and not for a duplicate child!me. Although she does have the same hair colour... but, unlike me, she's 91, not human, and likely to remain childlike in appearance for her entire supernatural lifespan... For characters who grow up, I'd dollify their adult selves, since I'm not huge on kids. In fact, all the tinies I plan on getting or have even considered are adults/nonhuman.

    15. I look like the very unfortunate lovechild born of a one night stand between Bermann and St. Mina. They still regret it.

      If I ever found a St. Mina for sale for a steal, I'd be tempted to get one to make creepy doll Kim.
    16. There aren't any dolls that look like me; they all look far too pretty! :lol:
    17. Wow, that would be a unique feeling~ I guess,

      actually I do found one which looks like a sister of mine,
      I mean not my own sister but she gives me a feeling that she is my sister...
      I appreciate with it.
      Since I've been the only child in family for almost 20 years, now I'm not along ^^~
    18. Hehe I would quite like that :) Would be so cute I could carry her around like
      A little mini me! ^__^ Friends have said i look like some dolls im nott so suuure though
      hehe :D
    19. I have no desire for a mini me. One of the Dollshes (Bernard) is almost a dead ringer for a close relative and even though I like him, I wouldn't want to own one. I like made-up characters; a doll that looked like me or someone I know would inhibit my imagination, I think.