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Dolls specifically for the office?

May 25, 2010

    1. I hope this isn't a redundant thread--apologies to the mods if this is, please feel free to delete!

      I have been having a particularly taxing day at the office, (which is strange to me since I have an amazing job.) I literally sat back in my chair and thought, man, I wish I had one of my BJDs with me...

      Now, I own large SD girls that wouldn't even be work-safe since they are nude (lol) but I was thinking that I could get a tiny BJD (maybe my long-wished for Dolkot Peya!) that I could keep at my desk as a little buddy. I work for a video game company so everyone has a bunch of toys and plushies and wouldn't be too terribly unprofessional. It's also a small office so I wouldn't worry about her vanishing.

      Does anyone else have a doll they keep at work? A little buddy in a drawer they peek at for comfort when the copy-machine eats your TPS report, or the boss yells at you for surfing DoA while on the clock?

      I know there has been discussions/debates about bringing dolls to school or work, but I'm talking about one that stays there at your desk specifically for hard days in the office.
    2. I've thought about it on several occasions, but would be too wary of someone just...swiping it. I would like to say that as adults, co-wprkers of mine are respectful of others property and work space, however, I've seen that proved wrong time and time again.
      Nonetheless, it WOULD be cathartic to look over on a particularly rotten day at work and see a little BJD smiling up at you as if to remind "It'll all be ok. You get to leave here eventually." or even "Just burn the office to the ground, but put me in your pocket first" depending on the connoctation behind that smile.....
    3. Exactly.

      Even if it wouldn't be unprofessional for your office environment, I'd still be concerned someone might get grabby hands. A lot of people pass through an office day to day during, before, and after hours. I'd just be too paranoid. I do wish I had some non work related things to brighten my cube, but I think I'll stick with photos.
    4. I bring Mekare in with me, but I would never leave a BJD. I've had too many things stolen even in small companies...

    5. That amused me. I wouldn't see anything wrong with having a tiny on hand for such relief ^^
    6. I have two dolls that are 'office' dolls. A DZ tan bunny, who was the first one to show up at the office. She is out all the time, sitting on my desk. When the bosses stress me out I have even been known to poke them with the bunny. My office environment is VERY casual and I have an office, and most people just think it's a toy not realizing it has some significant value. The second doll is a Elfdoll bunny (not really a BJD by DOA rules), but this bunny keeps the other bunny company, and again just sits/stands on my desk. The DZ Bunny is worth about $150-$200. The Elfdoll Bunny is maybe $100. So compaired to my other dolls rather inexpensive. A $300-$400 doll I would be more worried about. I have often brought in dolls to work for the day, usually when I'm going on a trip straight from work. I will then tend to take a few pictures of the visiting doll with the office doll. The Office doll showing the visiting doll around my office.
    7. I'd be a little leery of having a BJD of any size at the office. Office personnel are not going to comprehend the idea of keeping a $100-$300 (depending on the doll) doll at the office. Most people who have knick-knacks have inexpensive items like Happy Meal toys or the like on there, so it's not really a financial problem if it gets taken, broken, lost, etc. This is the sort of mindset most people have with things left to decorate or have at the office as stress relievers.

      I mean, imagine you're at a meeting and someone bumps your desk and then finds you to say, "Hey, sorry but the little figure on your desk fell over and broke. My bad." They either won't know the value of it (financially or emotionally), or if they do, they'll wonder why such an expensive item was brought in at all.

      Bringing a BJD just for the office seems like it's just inviting trouble to occur, even if you take the doll home with you every night.
    8. I was thinking of leaving my future bjd at work since it wont be accepted at home, but with all the things going on at work (Transformers figures disappearing) i think it would be a bad idea =( Though it would go well with my cube's anime theme :)
    9. I have brought my little Notdoll Nari-Pon in to the office with me sometimes. She's so small and my desk is pretty big and cluttered so that she's not really even very visible to anyone just walking by but I love knowing she's there. Once I had someone stop and say "What is THAT?" as if it weren't pretty obvious that it was a doll but for the most part no one has noticed her.

      I would never leave her unattended though or leave her in the office at night. I just wrap her up and put her in my purse and she comes and goes when I do.

      I agree that it can be really nice to have one of your dolls with you. I even took her on vacation with me once!
    10. I work alone in my office in a VERY small company. My boss's office is attached to mine. So while I have a lot of people in and out of the office, the only person in here without me is my boss...

      I have a Pukifee incoming and I've been SUPER excited to bring her to work! The only reason I don't bring one of my larger dolls is really space. But a Pukifee can stay right by my monitor! I don't think my boss (a man in his late 40's) would have any interest in stealing from me!

      I'm excited to have her as my partnering-land-lady! lol
    11. I bring my tinies in to the office all the time. They don't live there though. Not because I am worried about theft, but because I like to keep them where I can see/play with them whenever I want. They go to the office when I want to work on a pattern for them or I am getting really bored.
    12. No, I prefer to compartmentalize work & dolls. It's also just a senseless security risk. I live & work in a big city, and you simply don't leave your valuables lying around unlocked, saying Please Steal Me. It might not be your coworkers you have to worry about-- there's also maintenance staff, custodial staff, security staff, & people who've snuck in off the street. This is a putatively secure office building, but the office floor & the entrances are rife with security holes; computer equipment & bicycles are stolen from this building all the time. As my grandmother would phrase it, "Why stick your head in a blender?"

      Besides, my cubicle is already crammed full of action-figures-- they're the overspill from my apartment, from which most of the action-figures were 'evicted' once I started collecting the dolls. ^.^
    13. I would be concerned with my colleagues not taking me seriously if I brought a doll to work with me, particularly a doll that stayed in the office, unless the office environment was very informal and other people did similar things. I wouldn't want to be singled out for being the 'crazy doll girl' at work if other people aren't similarly minded XD This is all before I think about leaving a doll worth a lot of money overnight somewhere I cannot control who enters and who exits. I've had a headband disappear after I left it at work before - a £2 headband! - so I'd definitely not want to put myself through the horror and anxiety of leaving a BJD at the workplace.
    14. It's been super interesting to hear about everyone's dolls-at-work scenarios. I'm sorry to hear so many people don't want to bring them to work because of theft! :( The last few companies I have worked for (all video game companies) have all been super safe and secure places. Most people have game consoles, iPods, even purses just out on the desk most of the day when they are there or not. I would be very secure in leaving her on my desk, as nothing in our office has a tendency to "walk."

      If I worked somewhere a doll my be at risk I think one that could hang out in a purse or pocket safely would still have a soothing feel :)
    15. There's also the issue of people who are scared of dolls (surprisingly, they're as common as people who are afraid of heights...). Then again, it's your personal space at work! :)

      Anyway, on topic -- I think anything 27cm below should work.
    16. I've brought my Littlefee Flora and Minifee Miyu to work many times. Thankfully I can easily fit either into my cabinet that I lock if I leave something valuable in the office. In terms of what people think, being a guy makes it a little harder for people to "understand" but I just simply show/explain the hobby as quickly and simply as possible (unless someone wants more info then I am more than happy to share) and usually that is that. Many people have odd items in their cubes/offices so the dolls just end up being my "odd" thing. But when things get stressful it can sometimes be nice to sit for a sec and look at a doll!
    17. LOL I could just imagine one of those themepark ride signs "Must be below THIS height to come with mom to the office."
    18. I don't have a specific "work doll", per se, but I do bring a doll to work to leave on my desk every once in a while. I work for a large company, but my department is housed in a separate off-site building, and only a very few select people have badge access to the building even during operating hours. No one enters or leaves the building after-hours, so I don't have any maintenance/custodial staff to worry about. We're also a small department, with only five employees. My co-workers and I are a close-knit group, so we're pretty laid-back amongst each other... and they already know I collect dolls, so they don't get too creeped out if I have one lying around on my desk now and again. :lol:

      If I am going to leave my desk for a period of time during the work day, such as attending a meeting at the main company facility across town, I just put the doll in a cabinet and lock it (I have the only key).

      As far as size... I have brought my 27cm tiny, but I've also brought minis and 60cm dolls (I have a fairly large cubicle)... only one at a time, though. I haven't brought any of my bigger 65-70cm girls... they seem just a little too big.
    19. Yeah I got one request from someone to bring in Cuprit... even if she wasn't giant, I wouldn't want to take that big Soom box on the subway and all. Talk about asking for trouble... *_*
    20. I have a little tiny that I sculpted myself on the shelf above my desk - She's cuddling a statue of Buddha and standing on a broken microscope, so she doesn't stand out much. And, monetarily speaking, she's worthless so losing her would be no big deal. And she's so cute!