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Dolls stands?

Oct 18, 2019

    1. The 'Doll plans for 2020' thread opened up my mind and realization to thinking of dolls stands. This is one of my goals for 2020, to aquire decent stands for my dolls. I have a range of dolls, from 30cm all the way up to 75cm. Any thoughts on what kinds of doll stands work best?
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    2. I have Coolcat saddle-style stands for my SDs & MSDs and they're pretty great. Never had a doll fall over in one of those. Expensive though.
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    3. I make mine using a My Froogy tutorial. It lets me make the bigger base so they can be mini dioramas.
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    4. I second the Cool Cat. They can handle the weight of my Dollstown 69cm bodies with no problem. They also have smaller ones.
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    5. I really like the saddle stands offered by Dollspart.com: Dollspart Supply - Doll parts, supplies, shoes, high heels and accessories

      The largest size is large enough for Soom Idealian72. I have not tried my Idealian75 (my largest doll who isn't 80cm+) yet, so I can't tell you for sure that they work for a 75cm doll, but it should be pretty close.

      I have way too many dolls, so I can't afford to drop $20-30 per doll just on stands. These stands are very affordable, sturdy, and they even offer volume discounts.
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    6. Oh man, this is exactly what I was looking for! I've been trying to find some affordable stands since my SD collection has ballooned. Thanks for the recommendation.
    7. I use Volks stands for most of mine. They look classy and are quite secure and sturdy. They're expensive, but I figure if I'm going to spend $800 on a doll, a $50 stand isn't so outrageous.
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    8. I love the invisible flexi stand from AC, they are really cool ^^
      I have plans for the future to buy a few more and make them into custom stands for certain dolls, but they are able to hold my 47cm doll fully in the air, with all limbs spread to make them fly.
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    9. I've been using La Sioux brand metal stands, both saddle and waist holding in various sizes for all my dolls. I've been trying to contact them recently to get more of them, but they have changed their hours and I can't seem to reach them via email. But they are much like the ones @beamlette and @cowpewter linked to.

      Knock on wood, all my dolls have been through minor earthquakes without falling - they've just jiggled in place. The dolls that are so large that I don't trust stands (my 75-80cm guys), well, they get a comfy chair or sofa.
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    10. I have the invisible stands from Alice's Collections on three of my large humanoid dolls, they were pretty well, though I don't try having my 60-65cm dolls fly at all. Then I have two of the BlueBloodDoll stands for my two complicated/heavy Soom dolls, they hold up pretty well though I wish they locked in place.
    11. As a doll owner, do you prefer to put your dolls on a stand? Such as a saddle stand or the other one that wraps around its waist.
      Are there any cons to the saddle stand, what are some pros you know of. I want to known your insit on this since I'm still so new.
      Now about the dioramas: Some of them will take much depending on how much ambition you put into. Such as a large outdoors themed set, a bedroom set or to smaller ones. Such as a chair and a little endtable next to it.

      What are your thoughts about this?
    12. I use the stands around the waist when I store them or put them on my shelfs, when photographing, I free stand them depending on if they're well balanced. I have a saddle stand and in dresses it works fine but some of my top heavier dolls cant really sit properly in the saddles without some weird posing, to keep them from leaning too forward or backwards. .
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    13. I think I'll be using saddle stands for my doll when I get him. I could always sit him down, but the possibility of him falling over.. that needs to be evaded.
    14. I really want a few invisible stands for my dolls. A few of them are in serious need of wiring to stand, but I'd feel better with stands when I'm working with multiple dolls. Even in my doll roombox.
    15. I much prefer dioramas, I don’t trust stands to support the weight of 1/3 dolls, even though many people use them with no issues. My paranoia, I guess!

      Right now, I don’t have any dioramas up so they’re just hanging out on a doll bed and couch.
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    16. I'm becoming obsessed with dioramas. I don't have one yet, but I'm planning one for my msds. I want to build it myself. Right now, they sit together on a shelf or in my roll top desk.
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    17. Yes, I almost forgot that stands could be clear. Thanks for the reminder. Those stands would come in handy when dressing them or trying out a new pose.

      I have as well, I have been planning to make a bedroom diorama. I honestly saw the original diorama someone else, but i want to recreate it. The bed looks really comfy for my boy.
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    18. Dioramas are so huge once you get to 1/4 scale or larger, but they're worth the effort if you've got the space and an idea that perfectly fits your doll(s). I don't trust stands for longterm use unless it's with smaller or wired dolls. An invisible stand with its secure waist connector instead of a saddle stand is the only type I like for bigger dolls because I collect mature female bodies that may get a little top heavy.

      Until I rearrange things to free up enough space for a 1/3 scale basic diorama, my dolls are relaxing in reupholstered/modded AG-size chairs. Suedeing and wiring means even the big gals can keep their feet under them for a long time without a stand though I'd never leave them that way in case they'd fall.
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    19. Well I'm going to get a 1/3 doll, so I don't think I'll be able to make a bed for him despite how much I want to. I have no space and only have a shelf, out of the sunlight, to put him on. I will be broke after he comes so I won't be able to afford a stand for a bit.
      I prey he sits still on my shelf.

      I hope to make room to make the diorama.