Dolls That Are "Almost Right" Are So Frustrating!

Dec 30, 2016

    1. I've been browsing for dolls to shell a tanned-skin character of mine for a while now, and every time I found one there's always something that doesn't fit my idea. I feel like I'm stuck in a Goldilocks situation where this doll "is too big", that doll "is too small" and I can't find anything that is "just right".

      And then I found Akagi Doll Yair and I was just like "Gasp! he's perfect!" Because really, he's within my budget, he has a cool but not too cool sculpt, and I just feel that there is no other doll better. And then I realize that he only comes in WS and NS!! :o I literally tried to reload the page just sorta hoping a tan-skin option would pop up but noooooo those are the only skin they have :atremblin
      I'm still shocked because, gosh! he's so perfect for my character!! I don't think I'll find a sculpt that I'll like as much so I guess I'll just go and find some dyeing tutorial...

      Meanwhile, have you ever had experiences with dolls that are just so amazing but have that teeny, tiny flaw that just breaks it? Maybe the eyes are too big for your taste, or the size is too small, or it's over your budget? Feel free to share!
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    2. I have definitely had that happen a lot, which is part of why I'm learning to mod and also why I do a LOT of dyeing :D (that and because it's fun)

      It's a little harder when it's size or weight that's the problem, because there's really not much that can be done about that. I love a lot of SDs but if they're particularly heavy that's totally out for me.

      I hope you can get your boy and dye him the perfect colour!
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    3. Same! There is 3 characters of mine I'd love to translate into dolls. One is pretty easy, except that it would have to be a way out of budget doll to do him. One I don't think I'd ever find the right doll even by hybriding and modding so she's just a dream. And the other should, should be so easy, but the nose or ears or the expressions on the faces are always wrong. I think I've found the right doll and then I look a bit more and go "nope, not him!" It's rather painful really.
    4. @Ruerie Well, this happend to me majorly at the beginning of the hobby, where I was looking for semi-masculine males, but not 'too' masculine ones. All the ones I liked where SD sized or had the body of a child, when I needed a slightly musculed one.
      These days there are a lot more options and my collection has thus drastically increased ^^°

      That said, if he really, really, really is perfect for you and you've checked out ALL the doll companies and none of them have a similar doll that you are left thinking 'omg perfect' with tan option... there are always some options.
      Option a) ask the company or have a retailer ask the company if they couldn't consider a release in tan.
      Option b) by now there are several ways of dying a doll for good. There are also ppl with experience who offer to dye the doll for you.

      Option c) is of course to remain patient and keep looking :3 I'm not sure which Akagi it is, but there are similar molds out there, you might have not seen yet, which are avaible in tan as well :)

      In my case, when there is this character I absolutly want to shell as a doll and can't find while researching, I usually ask some friends, because most of my BJD friends are in the hobby longer than I and know older molds I might not even be aware to exist due to them no longer being listed on doll company pages, or they know bjd artists, that are not that well-known.
      If that doesn't work as well, I usually open a thread here on the board, asking for aid. I did just so recently, because I wanted a really tiny doll with elf ears and a certain expression and while I consider myself rather knowledgable in the MSD scale of BJDs and good / ok with SD sculpts, the yo-sds are so totally not my area of expertise and the tiniest one among them even less XD (I wanted a 12-20 cm doll). Thanks to the helpful ppl here on DoA, I found THE perfect doll within a few days. I knew I had to mod the ears slightly (just heat and re-form), but other than that...

      So don't give up hope yet for your 'perfect' doll for your character -^^-
    5. Yes I'm the same! My dolls aren't characters or anything but they do have to be perfect (for me). If there is any little thing that doesn't seem right then I don't buy even if I really like the doll. It can be really frustrating being so picky but it does save me some money! And it does save from having dolls I just like rather than love.
    6. I did have the Problem with my Tieran as well.
      Originally she was Tanned but i couln'd find the right sculp. Then i found D.i.M Flowen - she was so perfect! But only in NS -.-"
      I thought about getting her tanned after i got her ... jeah ... no. Defenetely not. She's mine now but i love her the way she are so i decidet her character would be normal skin :D
    7. I had the same problem with Lien, one of my characters. Maybe you could change the concept and, like Syoko, love the sculp in NS xD I boutgh the sculp for Lien in NS and now I love him so much :D
    8. Ugh I feel you. Well, dyeing isn't too hard. I finally dyed one of my dolls recently and I am so much happier with him now.

      I have a lot of bodies I like except for the six-pack abs. Like I really dislike six-pack abs but they are so prevalent especially amongst the big male dolls. x_x
    9. Luts Model Delf Blanchet. Her forehead is a size too big and her face/eyes are just a few millimeters too low, making her head look a bit alien and too young/cartoonish. The doll overall looks so so perfect for my character and I love the basic aesthetic of that face, it speaks to me. But I really want it to be that inch more realistic and proportioned. Proportion issues REALLY bother me.
    10. I totally understand. I try to see it as an exercise in patience and a challenge.
    11. I've run into this! Souldoll Lester was perfect for one of my characters that I've been trying to shell forever. I mean, spot on. But of course he's the one size that's completely out of scale with all the other dolls I have/want.