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Dolls that came different that what you expected

May 22, 2019

    1. What would you do when you bought a doll that you thought would fit your image in mind to come out different ?

      But if you try to sell it you'll lose out a lot of money spent on it (faceup, shipping cost etc.)

      And it's just rotting in your house not knowing what to do with it
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    2. If it doesn’t fit my plans and I cannot use it for something else then I would sell it even with a loss and take it as a learning experience.

      Like if the head is wrong but the body is good and nice then I might try to just find a new head and sell the old head.
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    3. I never keep a doll that doesn't make me happy. I don't want it sitting there staring balefully at me, and I figure that if it will make someone else happy, then who am I to stand between them? Losing a few dollars in a sale isn't nearly as bad as holding onto an expensive piece of resin that holds absolutely no meaning or value to me.
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    4. I would sell even if it meant a loss, In a way its like a car soon as you drive off in a new car they lose value better for someone else to have and enjoy then I'd put funds towards another one
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    5. It depends on if I like that head or not. If it doesn't work for the character in mind and I don't think I can use for it for that one, and I don't care for it, I would try to sell it. If I think it can work on another character and I do like it; I might use it for someone else. I have had that situation before, the face was too round and the ears were too large so I bought a different head for my character and attempted to sell it.
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    6. I'd sell it and get another doll instead that I liked better. Why keep a doll that I'm not doing anything with? It might be someone else's dream doll and they might be overjoyed to find it for sale on the Marketplace.
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    7. I’m really not in a hurry, so sometimes I just leave it in the box for a few months and sometimes I come up with another idea and sometimes I just sell. Usually I only take a loss on the shipping portion.
    8. I usually try to see if I can make things work by switching out wig, eyes, faceup, etc but if not I sell the doll. It’s not worth keeping if it’s not making me happy.
    9. I'd consider splitting the body and head, if it is the head that is the problem. Generally heads are easier to sell, and another head could be purchased for the body.
    10. I usually give it a few months and sometimes I can come up with a new character. I usually try really hard to look for a really good sculpt so it is usually one I do like a lot.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I end up selling. Someone else can enjoy them more than me and the doll deserves that, even if it is for a loss.
    11. That's the majority of my collection. I tried so many different things to enjoy those dolls and I just can't. They were impulse buys and dolls I used to shell characters I don't like anymore. I intend to sell most of them and only keep 3,but I'm also worried about losing out on the money. But right now I'm so unhappy with my collection that maybe money isn't the most important thing here.
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    12. I've had that problem a lot. Usually, I can find some sort of character that will work for the doll, although sometimes it takes a lot of tries and a lot of frustration to get right. For me, a frustrating doll can end up being really fun because I work with those more than ones I'm happy with. However, there is one doll that I'm just not connecting with, and I am considering selling her. She's in grey skin, so there are a LOT of characters that just won't work for her.
    13. Try to look at it like this:
      >No sale
      100% loss of money, having a bunch of dolls around you can't like, no funds/space to get new ones
      X% loss of money, but you always get more money than you get by not selling, and thus have funds and space for purchases that could make you happy

      Sometimes experience made and knowledge gained only comes with a price, in this case the loss you make by having to sell a doll that turns out isn't your thing.
      Take it as a learning experience, like learning that toning it down on impulse buys and making sure you really want an OC as a doll before you buy is important.
      #13 Ara, May 22, 2019
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    14. That's usually my approach as well... Sometimes it works out, and I end up really liking that doll in spite of it not fitting the original plans that I had for it. Other times, I'll end up realizing after a few months of experimentation that no amount of tinkering in the world is going to improve the situation. That's when a doll gets into "Yep. I'm selling you on/Giving you to someone/Getting your resin bum out of my house"-territory.

      Granted, that's easier for me to do because I have fourteen years worth of extra wigs and eyes and outfits to pull from while I'm experimenting... That would be a lot harder and more expensive for someone who didn't have a stash of extras to work with... But a little playing around ought to be possible, even if it's just doing some photoshopping or trying out a borrowed wig or set of eyes.
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    15. I'd probably to try to make a new character then and save up to find a different one for the original. And if that didn't work out, I'd sell it. It makes me sad to sell a doll. But it's better than letting it sit around unloved which makes me feel even more guilty. Even if you lose out on some money, you'll still be on your way to the next one.
    16. I've had this happen to me a couple of times. The first time I luckily found a buyer, and re-shelled the character using a different doll. The second was a super hard sell. I tried in both cases to find other characters to shell using the dolls, or create a new character for the doll, before attempting to sell. In the end perseverance with a sale (even one you'll take a loss on) will give you time to either reconsider or eventually sell on dolls that aren't making you happy. It is stressful waiting, but the relief when your doll finds a nice new home is worth it and hopefully you won't take too much of a loss on the price!
    17. If you like the sculpt/body but not the faceup or style, I’d try changing the character. If you like just the head or just the body, maybe try replacing the part you don’t like. If you simply just don’t like the doll, sell it. Even if you have to take a loss on it, you’re not stuck with a doll you hate and you’ll have some money to try to get something you like better. I never keep dolls I don’t like hanging around.
    18. Been there so many times. My doll collection is always changing. I only keep the dolls I absolutely love. When I buy a doll I'm aware I might lose money on her if I don't like her, but I'd rather do that than have the doll there just in the closet.
    19. I've had this happen, sadly with quite a few heads I bought as well as a couple dolls. I got them thinking they would be perfect for my characters but once I got them they just didn't fit with what I had in mind or my other dolls. I would rather sell them, may be with a bit of a loss, than keep them and not do anything with them. Just because they don't work for me doesn't mean someone else won't love them and selling them gives me back some of what I spent so that I can try again and hopefully get a doll that speaks to me.
    20. This whole experience cured me of impulse buying,I've been unhappy with my dolls for a long time. And I had an idea that if I got rid of those other dolls,there will be room in my cabinet to make a diorama for my favorite doll. :dance