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Dolls that can wear Barbie Clothes

Apr 29, 2012

    1. I am researching dolls which can wear barbie clothes - or similar items which are readily made/available in US department and chain stores. So far I have discovered Soom Mini Gems, Limwha Sara and Mari, and the Notdoll Symposium line.

      Are there any others that I am missing? The dolls do not have to be mature looking (like the above lines), I am simply looking for slender tinies as most are too chubby to fit into the barbie clothes.

      And lastly, out of these 3 lines:

      A: which fits barbie clothes the best?
      B: which stand up on their own the easiest/best?
      C: which have the widest range of poses and can hold them the easiest?

      Thank you for any help.
    2. Planetdoll Minis! They're 27cm and slim, and have kind of young-teenage proportions. Sugarble also makes some nice slim tinies. Resinsoul/Bobobie tines are leggy and skinny--some Barbie clothes are too big for them, even (especially in the, er, chestal region). Try the Junkyspot for Bobobie tinies.

      I do have a BBB Isabella, and she's cute as heck, but not the best poser. I think sueding her would help. I haven't handled Planetdolls or Sugarbles, but I've heard good things about the posing of both.
    3. :D awesome, thank you guys. your Teno, is super cute!

      Edit to add: Ah, Man sugarbale dolls are cute as heck. (as evident by my DZ Demi in my avatar pic, i have a "thing" for big eyed dolls.) I am totally jonesing for a sugarable Mori now. I wonder if the glamour body will fit in barbie clothes or if the chest would be too large. mmm must research more :). Thanks for the links. never heard of Sugarable before.
    4. I'm thinking about Soul Doll Little , although most of them were sold out .

      And this is my Limhwa To You Sara in Barbie Top Model Teresa dress .To me , she is the best option in all cases . She fit very well with most Barbie outfits .

      Limhwa Sara box opening 10/12/2011 by thoaitai, on Flickr
    5. The only ones I've had any experience of that fit Barbie stuff nicely are the Planetdoll ones, however I also have an older Bambicrony Kumi that can squeeze into loose fitting or stretchy Barbie dresses, tops and skirts if that helps at all :)
    6. I have been able to fit my Minifee into a few ken tops oddly enough. She's so skinny on the top makes them look pretty great actually.
    7. I think Soom Mini Gem also fits Barbie clothes. At least the old body did.

      Oh and I almost forgot Sleeping Elf large Moona and the other large ones.

    8. Three words! Xaga Doll Lara!!!!! You have GOT to check her out! She is adorable and poses wonderfully!
    9. Are there any dolls that fit Monster High clothes?
    10. The dolls that I know of that can fit into Monster High doll clothes are all off topic in this forum... and there are not many dolls that can fit into Monster High doll clothes.
    11. Ahh, shucks, thank you!
    12. Doll Leaves 20cms can fit some barbie clothes, they are quite slender.
    13. Thank you. Doll leaves dolls are lovely.
    14. My Resinsoul Pixiu can wear Barbie dresses and Ken shorts. My 5stardoll tinies can wear some Ken clothes, some of the pants are tight. 1/6 action figure clothes fit better.
    15. Yo-sd Bobobie March wears My Scene Barbie and Ken bottoms quite perfectly; Barbie dresses and tops work, with their sleeves sometimes being a little too tight and needing some working to get them on (or hand removal if newer/modded with s-hooks), or spaghetti straps too long/bust area a little large but good for layering. Haven't tried Barbie skirts. Regular Barbie bottoms and LIV/equivalent I have found mostly do not fit.

      MSD ResinSoul Mei wears Ken tops too, oddly enough - I've been told the sleeves can be un-proportionately short though. I've only tried a tank so far so that hasn't been a problem.
    16. This doll also fits Barbie-clothes: Resinsoul Bei :fangirl:
    17. be carefull about what clothes you mean... not even all barbie clothes fit any barbie... they've messed with her body size so much it's a pain just to dress her.(yes i collect her too :P) the 'new cloths fit tiny bust big bottoms (they made her swayback for some reason). Older outtits (pre fashion fever) are better for the bust. also the stuff made for the 'model muse' body are more like older stuff (larger bust like the original doll size). As for shoes I don't know anything about ANY 1/6 dolls that are not banned here (i have volks 'lost angels' Ming Rei and an obitsu 27cm with giant boobs. If you know them and want I can provide a few pics of just my dolls for reference if I can get them loaded in here. Some 'stretch' stuff works even on big boobs and surprisingly it is the older skipper versions shoes that work with some feet... and the flat gymast size for some...
    18. Hello! I was hoping to find a thread on this subject! Does anyone know if the SaintBloom dolls can fit into Barbie Doll clothes? They are 29cm but may have a larger chest, waist and thighs. I'm thinking of getting one because of the relative size to Barbie. I have a TON on Barbie's clothes and would like to put them to use on a tiny more mature looking BJD. Thank You for any help!! :)
    19. Does anyone know if Momocolor's 29 cm body would fit into barbie clothes? :O