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Dolls that come in pairs?

Jul 23, 2007

    1. I wonder if anyone knows if any companies sell dolls in pairs other than DoD?

      My mother in law wants a doll and I like to buy a pair and we could have one of each ^^

      However I'm very put off by the DoD wait.

      Anyone know??
    2. some companies will sometimes release in pairs for events (like the last Bambicrony special was 2 dolls) or some (like Luts) will sell a body with 2 heads in which case you can add another body for 2 dolls.

      Other than that I've seen pairs made but they're generally sold separately.
    3. What size are you looking for?

      I know that Dollzone has the BB sized dolls, which are like Yo's that come in pairs.

      Like rillystar said, some Luts dolls come with Sleeping/Opened eyed dolls which could be made into a pair. Other than DOD I haven't actually seen many pairs.
    4. Yes, if you're looking for any size, Babmbicrony has a pair thing I think. ^^

      The DoD wait puts me off too (4 months for my pair!) but if it's MSD you're looking for, unless you want to buy a second body from Luts, I think it might be your only option ^^;
    5. Thanks for the info everyone!

      I was thinking more mini size, since my mum is hoping to make clothes to sell in this size ( right now her talent is wasted because she's got nothing to sew!)

      But I also think she would like a tiny too...I'm gonna to look at bambicrony now.
    6. Why do you want a pair? Like a boy and a girl? I think DOD may be the only place that really has a pair of opposite-sex minis, and I believe they are nicely discounted over two separate dolls.

    7. you could always get a minifee special from luts and buy and extra body :) in either gender
    8. There was a new company that was offering this deal (boy and girl) in the news section. I can't remember the name of the company and I can't seem to find it again.

      Anybody have a better memory than mine?
    9. I did a quick search in news and couldn't find anything obvious except other pairs of DOD/DOC dolls.

      Here's a different qustion you might ask - are there any other companies that keep DOD minis in stock so a long wait can be avoided? I really thought one of the US retailers used to stock them, but I cannot find them at dollsandfriends, denverdoll, or bjdollarama.

    10. Thanks for all the help, I think I might just get two dolls from the same company.

      I really like how DoD sell dolls in pairs, it's so sweet.

      If I get more info, I'll edit the top post to include links so this thread will be useful for people lookng for the same thing ^^
    11. I know nothing of minis (besides DoD) but I know of SD's that get sold in pairs. Like Soom's Namu- Voice of Angels and Angell Studio's Cain and Monica though these last ones seem to be sold out for now n.n; .
    12. Custom House sells dolls in pairs too every once and awhile. They are generally fairly priced too and sell out quickly. I know My sage was part of a set or two girls. If keep checking back you might be able to get one. Personally I am not disappointed. Sage is amazing. I highly recommend pairs from custom house.

      here is a link to custom house for you.
    13. Cherish Doll sells in pairs, too. They have Alley and Lani being sold together, but they are tinies. Leeke also has a tiny set.
    14. And really, you dont need to buy something sold as a pair. You just need to find 2 dolls, from the same company that you like and order a set. This way you both get a doll that you love and if you want them to look similar, then you can pick two dolls that share a look, get matching wigs and clothes for them.

      CH offers free shipping over 500 so in a way, its like buying a pair. Other companies sometimes come up with buy this one get that one for a discount sales now and again that could work. Sets are not normally a huge deal compared to buying single dolls so if you are looking from a price perspective it wont really help. And with a set already put together, you and your mom would both have to like pair and have a different favorite in the pair for it ti work.
    15. Selmada- I think that is the way I will go. Sounds like the best way to do it. ^^