Dolls that look like people you know?

Sep 29, 2016

    1. With so many different companies and sculpts, it's no surprise some of them would have looks similar to those we know in real life! For example: the Iplehouse Leona looks like my friend Sarah; this Luts sculpt awkwardly reminds me of an ex; my childhood bestie has a similar face to the Fairyland Scarlett.

      How often do you scroll through the forums or sales pages and see dolls that look like people you know? Or even just features that remind you of a friend or family member? I'd definitely be interested to know if this happens to you all as well! :kitty2
    2. There was this hand made doll that look EXACTLY like a girl I knew from school. It put me off a bit because we weren't friends at the time and I was envious of her of her social status.
      We became friends later and she's know I'm really into dolls but I could never find that girl again to show her. She even had some professional pictures done that made her look even more like a doll.
      I guess with how many dolls there are it makes sense to have some dopplegangers around :p
    3. I just sold my Hypermaniac Ishta because from some angles, she looked exactly like one of my cousins who bullied me when I was little. :sweat And I once did a photoshoot of my Dollshe Hound that wound up looking just like a guy I loved madly for several years. Those are the only two eerie-resemblances to people in my own life, though.

      It's not quite the same thing, but I'm convinced that Iplehouse had Sugar, the character that Romola Garai played in The Crimson Petal and the White, in mind when they sculpted and costumed Grace: The Addiction. The Grace sculpt resembles Garai more than a little, and Grace's gorgeous Victorian costume is a dead ringer for one that Sugar wears in the series.
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    4. Oh, I have one! I bought an AprilStory Minggu on a whim, and when it arrived, it reminded me so much of a tiny little girl that had been in my classroom that I had to name the Minggu after her. XD I even gave my Daphne the same sort of wispy, thin baby fluff white-blonde hair.

      Iplehouse Coco looks *exactly* like a little boy from that same class, who I later babysat. He even had the same way of sticking his tongue out!
    5. I've got a long-distance friend who Iplehouse's Bianca looks dead-on like. I mean, the more human version (not that this particular friend wouldn't love looking like the demonic vampire version). Down to her owning some eerie pink contact lenses, her wardrobe, and the fact that, when the Addiction Bianca came out, she had this cloud of very rococo pearly white-grey hair. Had she been a doll friend, I would have sent her a link, it was just...

      Like, on the one hand the idea of owning one half-creeped me out and on the other hand I half-wanted to get it? But it would be weird to have a little resin replica of a friend, and rude to have one of just ONE friend and not every other long-distance friend on the same sort of friendship tier.
    6. A few months ago I was on one of Soom's sites, and their release for that month happened to look a lot like one of my cousins. The eerie (and hilarious) part: he even had the same name! Brett.:o I had to show him to my mom to point out the uncanny resemblance!:mwahaha