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Dolls that look like yourself?

May 18, 2017

    1. Has anybody ever encountered a sculpt that looks somewhat similar to your own features? I mean I know that don't happen a lot and the chances of that happening is really slim but I'm just wondering XD how do you feel if/when you saw a doll that looks like you? Would you feel creep out or would u buy the doll regardless of its price? XD
    2. I feel like if i found a doll that looked like me i would definitely buy it. I'd keep it separate from my story character dolls but i'd make it matching outfits and take it everywhere as a mini-me! ...and probably creep people out
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    3. I haven't an adequate idea of my appearance. I guess that I value myself better than I really am. In this regard, I probably will not even guess about the similarity if I see my puppet twin. And I'm sure that I will not be happy with such a comparison if someone tells me about it.
    4. I doubt I would even like an actual twin....but would love to have a "more perfect " personification. An ideal me sort of. Sounds like my next project...
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    5. It actually happens a lot to artists that sculpt their own dolls...:)
    6. Yes! I feel like the tan skin Supia Lina looks like me with her company makeup "B"
    7. I think...probably if I saw a doll that looked like me, I'd think that it actually looked like one of my three sisters, and love it for that, and buy it. And then everyone who knows me but has never met them would be super creeped out by my tiny, staring doppelganger.
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    8. I've totally thought about buying a sculpt that looks like myself. XD I just think it would be really cool to be able to have your ideal clothing and hair on a doll. Also a good way to plan tattoos if you have any!
    9. I haven't seen any that look like me, but that might be because I look at every dollar being so perfect, and don't hold my own appearance very highly. Also I'm a bit over weight, and there are not alot of realistically chubby dolls around.
      I have seen dolls that have looked like friends or people from memory, people who I'm sure are not into bjds. It kind of turns me away from the dolls though, for fear of associating the doll with that person too much. (The same way I feel about picking names)
    10. I see I see! Thanks for all of your replies! I personally feel it's really cool to have a doll with a feature similar to myself, but then again, what are the chances LOL, especially if it isn't custom-made. That is unless you look like a kpop girl or other likewise perfectly beautiful celebrities XD
    11. I have never seen a doll that looks like me, or anyone else for that matter. I feel like most BJDs are just too stylized and doll-like to really resemble any living person. Even the Minimees who are created to look like celebrities often don't in my opinion, or are still stylized enough that if you gave it a faceup entirely different from the celeb, you'd never know it was supposed to be that person. However, I have a very hard time seeing faces in my head, even of very familiar people. Sometimes, I don't recognize people I know if I see them in a setting where I haven't seen them before. I can't really explain it very well, but that might be why I don't see resemblance to real people in dolls.

      I wouldn't want a doll that looks like me. It has nothing to do with poor self image, I just don't have any interest in a resin clone.
    12. Nope, haven't seen a doll that look like me. Being a Chinese male doesn't help either. lol
      Reminds me of a short film, Alma. This boy saw a doll that looks like him... and you'll have to watch the film till the end. =)
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    13. I think I would like a doll that resembles me when I was younger. It would be so cute to carry around a little doll twin!
    14. I remember watching this a long time ago! I love how the music is so upbeat at the end, haha.
    15. Oh my goodness... I wish I didn't watch that right before bed, that was nightmare fuel. :shudder
    16. It's probably good that I'm not particularly interested in a minime, because I'm not sure my search would work out very well. It's really interesting to read that people can find aspects of themselves in dolls, because it's very hard for me to hold an image of myself in my mind.

      I probably wouldn't know if I saw a doll that looked a bit like me if I saw it. I could look at a doll and say, "in order to look like me, X is wrong," but I couldn't tell you what about it would need to be fixed.

      If it looked exactly like me, I could probably tell you, but without a faceup, even then I might not recognize myself in it.

      I could probably make a ginger-haired, pale, blue eyed, medium height, curvy doll, but I would have a hard time matching bone structure and other details of my appearance (so the factors which actually matter when choosing a sculpt).

      I'm not really sure how much it would have to look like me in order for me to recognize that it was a minime. I can recognize myself always, obviously, even in crazy makeup, wigs, or with a different eyebrow color, but if someone faceupped a doll with my bone structure with like, tan skin and black hair, I'm not sure I'd see myself in it.

      It's a really strange thing to think about because I realize for other people, it's not this aspect of the search that would be hard. Makes you wonder what about me is wired differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    17. I would get the doll probably. My features aren't ones that are usually in BJDS (curvy, short, very Jewish) so I would jump at the chance. I love diversity in dolls and think representation is really important, so I'd love to see a doll that looked something like me.
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    18. I just now found a doll, that without a face-up, looks exactly like a personal friend of mine (if my friend didn't have eyebrows). He's not really into dolls, but I kind of want to do a Photoshop face-up on the picture of the doll head and see just how close I can get it to look like him.
    19. I'm with the other people in the thread that say that dolls are a little too stylized to really look like a real person honestly :sweat I kind of side-eye other people who try to pull the "this sculpt looks just like me!" thing most of the time like...I'm sorry but you don't look like a perfectly smooth and symmetrical final fantasy character because you are a real human being. There are exceptions of course though, occasionally I'll find a doll that looks a little like someone I know and it's always just...weird. Minimes are very unappealing to me personally. The idea of purposely seeking out a doll with my features to make a tiny version of myself is creepy! I'd much rather just style dolls to reflect my preferred fashion/hair/makeup aesthetics than style them to look like me. I guess a tiny idealized self isn't something I want because I already look exactly how I want :chocoberry I am about to give one of my dolls green hair because I can't dye my hair for work reasons anymore though :...(
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    20. Sometimes I carry over my habits and strains to my dolls so they become similar to me a little)) For example a lot of them are fond of photography because I’m fond of it as well.