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Dolls that make you feel a bit unconfortable? O.o

Sep 26, 2016

    1. Hi,
      I would like to ask.... have you ever own a doll that make you feel like someone 'watching' you? O.o

      I own 6 dolls and up to now I always felt pretty comfortable with them...

      Since I own my leatest doll... (I dont have idea why) I feel costantly 'stared' ... and I've tried to think "well she is so white and her face looks so real that seems like a little Ghost that "stare" me all the time...
      I know it can seems stupid... but yet everytime I turn off the light at night... I instintively give a look to her like I try to comfort me and says "its all ok". . then... why the feeling with this doll is a bit different? I dont know when I look to my other dolls, they look as well that 'stare' me but they looks like ... just dolls... when I look at her (petite delf ) still I feel a but unconfortable... because she looks so real... not real like a real girl... but real as if her eyes are staring me for real.... I dont understand why I feel this way...
      And at night... I dont sleep well.. I try to be very concentrated to every little bit of noises I could hear...
      Its pretty strange...

      I wonder if this happens/happened also to other of you?
      Have you ever felt unconfortable with some specific dolls?
    2. I've had something similar but it was to do with the eyes I had in the doll at the time. They were very pale and picked up even the tiniest light, which meant that at night, I'd look over and see these pale eyes glowing out of the darkness at me. It would freak me out.
      Eventually I just got different eyes for him and now he's super cute and I don't worry at all.
      It might be worth trying different eyes in her (or turning her so that she's not staring at you when you're sleeping)
    3. Not in the realm of creepy instances, just my preferences, I really don't like dolls that look like chubby children. Childlike dolls are what creep me out. If they're styled more like adults, I can handle them better, but if they're intended to be more like "baby" dolls, no thank you!! This is also the reason I'm fine if my friends are creeped out by my dolls. I think they're beautiful, others think the childlike dolls are beautiful, it's all individual taste.

      I was also creeped out by a doll I do own, when she didn't have her proper eyes. I had Fairyland's default 18mm acrylic blue eyes in my Little Monica Roselyn and just, no, it was SO unsettling. I definitely prefer her sculpt with smaller irises, and in general eyes that reflect more light. The acrylics just looked so dead.
    4. Hi!! Hyperion is right, maybe you just have to change the doll's eyes. Dolls should be a stress reliever for us, that is why we love collecting them. But if they give you enough stress to the point not giving you enough rest or sleep, you should just have to give it up. Get another or just love the dolls you have in your possesion. :)
    5. Some dollshe sculpts make me uncomfortable because they are almost too realistic. Not in a big way, just in a whoa, ok way.
    6. I know some doll eyes are designed to track light so they look 'alive'; I definitely second those suggestions to change the eyes. ^^ On the topic of uncomfortable dolls...not much so far besides really heavy gore. That's just a general squick, though.
    7. I've never run into a problem like that with any of my own crew, but once upon a time a friend did end up with a doll that, for whatever reason, he had some pretty disturbing nightmares about. He didn't keep that one for long, eventually selling it off.

      'No clue what the issue was there, since the doll had been purchased to make a resin version of an existing character that the owner was pretty comfortable with otherwise... But there's no sense in keeping a doll around that you're unable to enjoy, no matter the cause.
    8. Dolls are a spiritual thing- look at the Wikipedia page for 'Dolls' and it's one of the first things they mention.

      I think having the right variety of dolls on display, location etc has something to do with it. But as these are handmade, you are getting energy from the artists and workers that created the doll. So perhaps it's the wrong kind of energy for you and you should sell him/her off. Or it could be the eyes as suggested above, maybe they don't suit the doll. Try a few size/color combinations in conjunction with changing wigs.
    9. I haven't really felt uncomfortable with my dolls but when I do get a new doll, I usually get shocked like whoah when did you get here? Mel, who's one of my favorites, always looked off to me until I was able to get him his glasses but that was more of me seeing him as incomplete because I know his character is never seen without the glasses.

      I just give it time and usually the doll grows on me. Then they just seem to fit in with the others.
    10. Thanks for the tips..
      Im starting to indagate more about why this is the only doll that give me some unconfortable feelings.
      This happen more when is time to turn off light.

      @DollUnited I've searched "Dolls" on wikipedia but I didn't found about the 'soul' you said ... where did you read about it? Theres many voices about "doll" on Wikipedia x3

      Meanwhile I m reading some creepy stories about dolls that I never considered before....
      Why I no longer collect porcelain dolls

      I don't feel unconfortable like the story described above,
      but I want definitively found out why this is happening...

      like you said it could be an eye factor,these eyes reflects a lot of light, but also my other dolls wear similar eyes...

      But definitively are her eyes... because are the eyes that make you feel like something is staring at you.

      I think that is her realisticity and her clear not realistic looks both together that make me feel in this way. I read on wikipedia in a session where speak about fear of dolls, that when dolls are made in a manner that they look obviously like dolls is not a problem... but when you got a doll that have realistic features and also unprobable features, this make feel some people uncofortable.
      Yet it doesnt not explain the exact origin of this.

      In all my life I ve always been and Im a dolls-lover and I dont want to feel this way about this doll.
      I like her and she is so cute... but...

      Another thing that give me uncofortable feeling is her very very pale skin. I will show you a photo of yesterday night how her deep eyes are so evident in that white skin... I will post later here.

      But I also think is not just a feeling I feel by watch her.... is also the thought that she is sitted there even if I dont see her at night (she is sitted in the back of my bed and is distant so I cant see her), but just to know she is there given me this little unconfortable feeling. This is really the first time I feel this about a doll.

      Of course still I could sleep well , but is I really should have nightmares or really unconfortable feelings I will sadly sell her (and this is kind feel guilty to sell a doll that give unconfortable feelings to another person xD but before do this I will surely advise the reason why I would sell her!

      But I really hope this will not happen... I wanted so much this doll ... T.T

      Surely I will investigate more.
      Because I know that dolls can also being 'possessed' by real entities (and this is not unrational thinking). In the past exorcists have said that the extra-ordinary action of dèmons not only happens with the diabolic possessions etc that involves people or animals, but the ordinary actions in certain cases can involve also objects. (but it depends from people who create these objects and an specific intention on the object itself - thing that I exclude from doll makers that create beautiful dolls). But one thing is sure... this doll give me different feelings and want to keep under 'observation' this feeling Im experiencing. Is always better to be -Vigilant-. There's must definitively a reason or there's something because I wake up and my first thinking goes to "this doll is in my room even if I dont see her from my bed". You could say 'maybe its that now became an fixaction but not... because I had this feeling since.the day (night) one.....

      Later I will show a photo..
      let me know what it make you feel (of course in presence is very different the feeling but yet,I will show a photo of her)

      Ok I too photos.
      Consider that I cover them during the night with a transparent plastic sheet.
      See her eyes? She seems stare at you even under the sheet. Of course is not just her way to stare ... its also about a "feeling" I feel inside


      This is more big:

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    11. Sorry you feel that way. Demons can only possess living things, not objects such as dolls (because it would do nothing to the dignity of a doll, because it has no soul) however, they can move them around because they are empty objects. I suggest, if you're willing, to have the doll blessed if you're worried about that. Then demons cannot go near it let alone touch it. (That's why you can only have a house blessed but people can be exorcised) Although I doubt you have a problem there, unsettling feelings can be because of the eyes. (I don't own a doll but I used to be afraid of a lot of dolls and I was always fixated on their eyes.) When a doll is creepy to look at, it is creepy even when you can't see it.

      Every doll I plan to get I will have them blessed.

      Hope that was helpful.
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    12. Yes, sorry I wrote a mistake. Dolls cant be possessed literally but there's a story famous of a doll that had do to a lot with dèmons ... but over an object can be done a 'spell ' (this said a priest very informed) and with this spell it over this object, it can attire dèmons.
      I'm sure he mentioned also that doll that maybe was called Annabel? I dont remember... but he definitively mentioned also dolls and certain objects in general that can attire evil entities... (so looks not exactly like a 'possession' but like it attire dèmons over that object...

      Anyway I will ask to priest if they can bless the doll even if it will be a bit strange to ask to a priest to bless the doll.
      But the important is the intention of which one do one action. First, is important dont treat the sacred things as they are a sort of 'magic', cause as soon as you consider sacred things as a 'magic' , you are already involved with occult feelings. And demons like this. So is important to ask to the priest to bless the doll just like an object like anything else, and not to bless the doll as if is a 'doll'. And probably I could bring her even inside a box, if the priest bless the box, it will be blessed also the object inside I guess.. or I will tell him to bless the box and I will telling explicitally that it contains a doll. I also will talk about with my spiritual father, just to be sure I can ask a thing like this to the priest. And I will do this only if things would become really really unconfortable for me just to feel more safe, you never know. For now I will wait for a little...

      Thank you for the advises ^-^
    13. Catholic priests bless things all the time, feel free to ask them to bless whatever you want whether it's a rosary, a house or a doll. :) And yeah, I heard the story about Annabel, watched the movie and read up about the real happenings and scared me like crazy:lol:. All objects are blessed the same way, so once an object is blessed you won't have to worry about it. (I had my bishop bless things I threw in a bag saying "Please bless these", so you can have him bless it through the box if you want.)

      (Sorry if my post became off topic. I promise I won't reply again. I hope I was helpful :))
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    14. I think what you mentioned is called 'uncanny valley', when something is a bit realistic, and a bit not, and the result is creepy. Like a plastic children's doll is not creepy because they are so non-human, just cute. So it could be that, maybe it is realistic but not completely. I can't tell which one from the photo is the one you mean, but I would suggest dispersing the dolls. Like have a couple on one shelf, a couple on another. Maybe there are just too many dolls in a small space.

      Usually I will put a couple away, or take some out of storage and swap with ones on display, when I have too many out at a time.

      I think I meant to write the Wiki page for doll. Straight away it starts talking about voodoo dolls, etc, haha. I can't find the information about objects retaining energy but that is a spiritual theory I read about. It kinda pertains to when you see something and it's nicer in person/cuter in person. This happened when I bought an illustration from an artist I like, online it looked a little creepy but in person it is so cute and sweet. The artist is a very sweet girl so it's like that is expressed from the item. It sounds like the opposite is happening with your doll.
    15. I changed one doll's eyes to more "realistic" ones once, only to turn her into a dead-eyed horror movie doll. I figured out later it was because they eyes I switched to didn't track. They were just that - dead, like badly painted eyes.
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    16. It might just be the combination of WS with the very pale blue eyes that's making her look creepy to you? Black hair, pure white skin, and pale blue eyes are very striking. I'd try the eyes first (maybe even the wig) and see if her look is what's making you feel unsettled.

      I've never been creeped out by a bjd- but I had a baby doll as a kid that I absolutely hated. I would turn it backwards on my toy shelf because I felt like it was watching me when I slept. I still don't care for baby dolls...
    17. I wouldn't say uncomfortable, but I had a MNF once I actively started to dislike, and that dislike spread to all the dolls he sat with on the shelf, then toward all the dolls I owned. I was actually considering selling everything and quitting the hobby all together, and decided just to sell a few (the original MNF that started the hate, and all the other MNFs I owned). After they were gone all the weird angst was gone with them.

      Obviously I never sold all my dolls...But that was the only time I ever entertained that thought, and I totally blamed that one, which for some reason cause feelings of dislike.
    18. I keep all of my bjd dolls closed away. I love them, but it's really hard for me to sleep while with tiny eyes staring at me.
    19. ^This is actually one of the reasons why I prefer dreaming sculpts. Many open-eyed dolls have a serious case of Blank Stare Syndrome. I like my dolls to be relaxed, not "Don't worry, ma'am, we'll keep an eye out for you! :aeyepop:"
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    20. I don't own any that scare me in particular. But I have seen sculpts the give me the heebie jeebies. Usually it's the sculpts that have gore related pieces or really odd face sculpts with overly big eyes or a odd mouth sculpt. Depends on the faceup and eyes in them I think. Blank dolls can sometimes be a little odd to look at too. Certain sculpts are very scary looking when they don't have eyes, hair or paint :/