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Dolls under 10 cm?

Mar 2, 2016

    1. I'm looking for a comfort object right now, somebody I can just put in my pocket and pull out when I'm anxious, you know the deal
      I'm currently looking at an island doll leshy, but it's the only one I've found small enough to suit my needs, so if you all have any suggestions that would be very helpful!
      Sorry if this type of thread has been made before, I looked around for one similar.
    2. If you're able to find one in the Marketplace, Dust of Dolls has a Krot (either Kete or Arie) which is 11cm! It's a little bigger, but it might work.
    3. @rainwater I adore Arie! I may have to think about her, such a cute body sculpt
    4. Brownie Small Comfort is about 8cm I believe?
    5. Lee-el makes a "tin plate robot" who is 9 cm.
    6. I think fairyland realpuki is just under 10cm, I have an Ara that usually goes along with me when i go out. Also check Dream High Studio, they have some teeny tiny bjd also.
    7. PukiPukis are just a little bigger 10.5 cm I think, but they are just adorable. lots of different sculpts to pick from and very poseable. I carry two of them with me in my purse all the time. They happily go along in hard eyeglass cases. Island doll Leshy is a good choice if you don't want to spend a lot .
    8. Now that i thought about it some more, Lati white is under 10cm, a little taller if you get them on the special body. Lati wait times are long so second hand would be a better bet. Also take a look at peakswoods monthly fairies though they are roughly the same height as puki puki.
    9. Thank you for all you replies everybody, I have a lot to consider :^)
    10. Dreamhigh Studio has a few 5.5cm-8cm dolls as well as several 11cm, and I think I would be particularly likely to recommend them in this case because they're reasonably sturdy as resin goes. They can still break and their website overhypes the "dream resin", but my Feilene has been hauled all over the place, gone camping and hiking, and in general not been handled too gently at all, and it took forever for her to even end up with scuffed body blushing. That, and buying from a doll company that isn't hostile to requests to purchase replacement parts if something happens never hurts.
    11. I find my Realpuki Roro calming because shes such an angular, interesting, tiny little thing and her face is so sweet <3 And her wig is tibetan wool, I usually go for soft things when I get anxious so that helps.
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    12. I was looking for my pukipuki for the same reason. :)
      I get anxious really easily and it would be nice to have a tiny doll to carry around.
      I am getting my pukipuki today. :D
    13. I really love my realpuki's. I have a soso and a toki. I prefer my soso because I absolutely love her faceup (which is custom) and her wig and how well she poses and holds the standing position. I love my toki (though not as much because his fullset pieces are a pain and don't stay in place) but he has such a sweet face and his poses are always so gentleman like.

      I also have a Lati white and a dreamhigh studio qbaby. Any of these tiny dolls are great but I find myself overall preferring the realpukis because they hold poses the best and have such great sculpting.
    14. My AR Genie Lilica is a tiny bit smaller than PukiPukis, mine travels with me everywhere. The current versions are sold through the Soom site and called Timp.
    15. I had both an Ai Doll from groove.
      I meam they are the tinners ones.
      And they are sell in beautiful book shaped box.
      Saw some in e-bay.
    16. The Ai dolls aren't resin, so they're not on topic for DoA.

      Lee-el also makes a small Dorothy doll, she's around the same size as TinMan and RealPukis.

      Here's a pic of some of my smaller kids. L to R: Lee-el TinMan, AR Lilica, Lee-el Dorothy, RealPuki Soso
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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