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Dolls vs people

Sep 6, 2016

    1. Does anyone ever find themselves comparing their dolls to real people? Wither it's their looks or their personality?

      I just find myself thinking that my dolls look better then some of the people I meet, and their personalities I give them are better as well lol.

      Just was wondering if anyone else was a weird doll mom like me :lol:
    2. I am guilty of people-watching while I'm in town - often thinking 'wow she/he'd make a great doll!' I try not to stare though LOL :ablink:
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    3. I am not really a big fan of realistic dolls so it is not often that I compare dolls to humans, however it is happening from time to time, especially when I see the pretty Korean boys. I dont really compare doll personalities with other people as my dolls are created by my imagination while the humans are just that, humans.
    4. Haha, I wish! My boyfriend and I were musing only yesterday about how if we saw a boy in real life that looked like, say, my Vicious, we'd have to lie down in the dirt to recover! He's just too beautiful.
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    5. I do that too! Sometimes it's so hard to stop looking at them, while you try to figure out which company should make their doll...LOL!!
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    6. Pretty much any BJD doll looks better than regular people I think x)
      Or at least most people would need makeup or editing to achieve the same kind of results...
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    7. Well, my dolls ARE supposed to represent real human characters that I created for stories - so yeah, a lot of my dolls do remind me of people I know. And boy I agree with you about the Korean guys - a lot of my dolls are SCULPTS of real Korean Hallyu stars :D I also have some based on Western stars. However, none of my characters are supposed to be the people they look like LOL
    8. When I say Humans are humans I do not mean that we create our dolls without faults or anything like that, we do make them seem like real humans, but their characters are still created by us. A person has many sides to them, even some we don't know, or even if we like the majority of a person's personality there might be small things we dislike. these things we cannot change but have to accept while at our dolls we can decide on what faults they have, ensuring that there is no part which truly annoy us.

      I know the feeling of taking appearances / names from some famous people, all my names of my dolls have been taken from popular Chinese Webnovels (and some from my own online webnovels) however the personality is just nothing like the one I have taken the name from >< I am so going to look at your dolls, those Korean young men are simply too attractive!
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    9. I JUST figured out that Iplehouse Bichun is a sculpt of Ji Chang Wook OMG which means I've got Healer ~squee~ MOST Iplehouse EID sculpts are based on real celebrities in fact (although they keep it quiet LOL)
    10. My daughter just posted a selfie on FB using instagram filters and the first thing I thought of was that she looked like a bjd. I'm sure that wasn't her intention, though, as she's not in the hobby.
      I do find that a number of my dolls remind me of people I know but it's not consciously intentional as those people aren't ones that I'm close to or even find particularly attractive!
    11. I do it a lot. Walking on the street and watching people around I think: oh this person has a great face, someone should make a doll inspired on him/her
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    12. Usually, I'm pretty good at keeping them separate and not pushing doll beauty standards onto human beings, but occasionally, I do catch myself thinking "that person needs a new faceup" or "wow that's a bad resin match!" Often about myself. XD
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    13. I found myself comparing people to doll sizes from time to time, like "oh she would be an SD" or "he looks like an MSD."
    14. Hahah, interesting topic- Yes I have looked at some people on say, Instagram and thought they'd make a perfect doll many of times! xD Sure its probably to do with the filters and things but still :)
    15. Lol, bad resin match, that would be me too! ^_^
      The curse of consistently doing Dog Agility, outside in Hawaii, in short sleeved t-shirts! >_<
      Lol, or maybe that would be more like my resin changing color from UV exposure.... at least I'm not turning green! ^_~

    16. Oh yeah! You're right. It's not bad resin match, it's lots of uneven yellowing! XD

      I've also got some scars from surgeries, I could compare those to deep scratches or poor mod jobs. Haha
    17. Although I will look a pretty girl or handsome boy up and down, I think I will not compare person with dolls.
    18. BJDs can definitely be more idealized and beautiful than some real people!

      I have occasionally seen small children who reminded me of certain BJDs. Also, sometimes tall lanky boys will remind me of my tall Dollzone guys. But generally, I find BJDs much more stylized and unrealistic, and I don't consciously compare them.

      Linda S.
    19. Well for one your dolls technically can't talk back to you so thats so much better right? xD