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Dolls who've really suffered for being loved.

Aug 12, 2018

    1. I dropped Kit (my Luts Model Delf Leo)from about 2 ft off the ground and broke a piece of his lower leg at the joint. I've been putting on a good face but I'm pretty heartbroken. I have contacted Luts to see if I can get him a new leg and in the meantime have glued it back. It doesn't seem to affect his posing but I just ache about it. The same boy and I are still struggling over a faceup removal gone wrong. I swear the red towel had been washed a bazillion times. This got me wondering how many of you have BJDs that have endured a lot in your care? Whether from damage, poor choices in styling or whatever?

      Kit before the fall.
      [​IMG]Lemme take a selfie by Kit Lioncourt, on Flickr
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    2. Aww, poor guy! I hope Luts can help him out. He's still super gorgeous anyway! :hug:

      My guys are mostly all bought second hand. I almost never buy new because I'm always on egg shells with the new ones. Thankfully no one has ever broken. But boy are they yellow!

      I just recently had one of my Shiwoo's faces sanded and smoothed out from old mods his previous owner did. I was embarrassed when the lovely artist showed me his before and after photo. He was SO yellowed.

      So yeah, damage happens. But try not to let it get you down. Our dollies are quite forgiving. :kitty2
    3. Poor boy!
      Luckily so far my dolls have not had anything happen to them apart from getting dirt on themselves or their clothes from photoshoots!
    4. Aww, I'm sorry that happened. I don't think you should feel too bad I'm pretty sure most people here will have a story or two to share about their dolls. Sometimes they fall accidentally or get stained from clothes we didn't think would stain etc.

      My oldest doll that I still have, has a few scratches near his eye from when I tried to remove his eyes for the first time. I was only collecting bjds for about a year. He was my first Volks doll and I didn't realize that his eyes would be glued in. I now know that most of the time if you get a doll directly from Volks, the eyes come hot glued in, instead of putty. I remember crying that I'd damaged his face because he was limited and my most expensive doll at that point. I still have him, the damage is still there although I sanded it to be a little less noticable. He has also fallen a few times and he is a little yellowed due to his age, but, I love him.
    5. Oh no! That's a shame to hear, I'm so sorry for the accident! I've only had one mishap, 2 cleanly broken fingers from a fall in a flimsy stand, completely my own fault and yep, I was sick about it!
      But please don't feel bad.
      I can tell you something: I've encountered the photos of your Kit, his rooms, his friend, etc often enough for me to think,
      "Wow, his owner really loves him and it shows"
      ... so I'm glad you are as active with posing, photographing and posting...and with frequency of handling, the chances of accidents just go up. There's no help for it unless you just don't handle and yes, play with them as much and really...that would be the true shame. <3
    6. I'm actually ashamed of this one......one of my dolls has a broken nose. I dropped it's head by itself one day and it went nose down. The nose came flying another way on impact. I cried that day. I won't tell which one it happened to! I'm never going to sell it, so I don't need to disclose it to others, and I has since been glued back on as good as I could get it. If I ever take a picture of it I always make sure to hide the crack. Once day I'll get it professionally fixed, but until then I'm hiding my shame. :aninja:
    7. I know it's awful when you just wish you'd done things differently - but you can't turn back the clock :pout: I think one of the reasons I don't handle my dolls much at all is because I know I am so accident prone! And it's like the more careful I am, the more I mess up! I broke my Angel of Dream 90cm boy within an hour of unboxing him - he was only my 2nd doll and I didn't realise they could ping backwards from a slump if tightly strung - so he hit my cast iron bedstead with full force and a chunk of his head went flying. Then I decided to restring him - that didn't go well either :roll: Biggest mistake I made with him though was selling him shortly afterwards, in a fit of disenchantment! Regrets are pointless though I guess - just got to enjoy what you have, and forgive yourself for being human <3
    8. I dropped my Fairyland Mio head when trying to take pictures of it. She got a dent on her nose and chin, but I boiled them out. Pastels and sealent don’t take very well to the tip of her nose now, though. I don’t know why, but it takes forever to get pigment to stick to it, and then it rubs of super easy even after being sealed. My cat will rub up against her, and her face up will be ruined again. I don’t even bother with sealent now. If I seal her I have to remove her eye and detach her body, it’s too much work for something that won’t help the pigment stay anyways.:sigh I still love her though, and I would never sell or trade her. She’s stuck with me for life.
    9. I've gotten pretty lucky, I drop my Soom Ondinn and her parts so often but so far ive only managed to loose a S-hook. I have had soem damages to my Minifee Chloe. She was the first one i got over a year ago and she came to me with a chipped arm at the elbow joint and eventually her lower leg chipped right at the ankle. I was able to replace the arm easily with Denver Dolls help but I patched up the leg chip with some epoxy since I have decided to upgrade her body at some point and use her original for practicing.
    10. I have yet to drop a doll or have one fall on me, but then again I haven't been in the hobby for long and I don't move my dolls around too much (my desk is a mess - no extra room for them aha), but I've bought dolls second hand and I still recall that one of the heads I purchased a while back was scratched (it wasn't something I could sand off) and the seller never mentioned it. She was really worn, I'd say well loved since besides the scratch she was in great, like new condition with some faceup residue. She was probably just dropped and the seller decided to wipe her faceup and get rid of her.

      I was disappointed at first, with the head and the seller, but then decided that my girl is to be a tough, fierce monster hunter and the scratch is just a scar from one of her major hunts, so it works out in the end. Hopefully I can give her as much love as I can without damaging her more, aheh. :)
    11. My poor Zuzu Delf Miyo is looking very worse for wear and I've only had her a short time. I took her out for a photoshoot in the park, had a ton of fun playing with her, and then realized her feet and hand blushing chipped pretty badly! Kicking myself for not noticing sooner and changing up what I was doing, not that I had been particularly rough on her or anything. :sweat

      Similarly, my Minifee Celine's body is pretty banged up and dirty. She has a lot of clothing stains and chips. However, when I got her, I totally thought of her as a well loved doll versus a damaged doll. I'm her fourth owner and she's an old girl. Working on cleaning her up now!

      Sorry to hear about your Kit. Hopefully Luts can hook you up!
    12. I have yet to damage any of my own (and in fairness, I grew up collecting small breakable ceramic and similar figurines, so I've had a lot of experience handling things that are even more delicate), but one of my secondhand boys had clearly been loved into quite a state when I got him. I've seen his original owner's photos around here and he was clearly her favorite before she left the hobby, but as a result, when I got him, he was dirty, he had bright yellow tan lines, his hands were ruined from yellowing, and he had some rough mods done to fit him to what she wanted him to look like.

      The worst my own have gotten is a bit dirty from age; the ones I've scrubbed up have ended up looking fresh and new afterward, though. :) Now hopefully my luck on not damaging them continues to hold.
    13. This guy right here is Amir:


      Amir is an AoD Chen, version 1. He was my first doll, he's 11 years old. I got him brand new and he was near paper white, blank, flawless. Today, he's a creamy yellow, almost near pale normal yellow skin shades. He has a few scratches, one is closer to a gouge. He's had faceups using absolutely not resin safe materials because in 2008, it was so much harder to find any info on what was safe or not, and lots of things hadn't been tested yet. He's been put in clothes poorly made from socks, meant for teddy bears and baby dolls, and horrible handmade by me. He's had wigs and eyes that didn't fit his size or character. He's been stuffed in numerous bags, traveled to several different states, been on the beach with sand between his joints, in river water, on the DC metro at midnight, sat on a ledge in a mossy cave, stood in mud and had a friend's cat try to lick his hair. He's had numerous tragedies and failed relationships in role play. He's been shipped to role play partners for pictures. He was the victim of all my faceup experiments and learning, so he's had some of the worst faceups known to dollkind, and he's still pretty difficult to get his eyeliner right. This doll has been through it all!

      But he's also been with me for over ten years, been there for cuddles when I suffered through family losses, work stress and more, been my travel buddy, and has his own special shelf in the cabinet in my sewing room. Of all the dolls I've bought and sold over my time in the hobby, he's never left me. Even when I decided I no longer liked MSD size and upgraded them all or sold them off, he stuck in there. He doesn't fit in anymore, but I don't think he's going anywhere!
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    14. Ahaha the things I’ve done to my dolls...

      Pose them in water, sand, dangerous ledges, ext. bailey my 2nd doll is the yellowest and has a chip in his knee because of joint stress...and he’s the one I cut his torso apart and modded too...poor guy, I love him though and now that’s he’s out of storage I think he’s due for a oxyclean bath.
    15. Oh dear... Hope he's on the mend soon!

      Luckily, despite all the falls I've not caught in time, they've never lost a finger or got a scrape. I've dropped just the faceplate of my Dollshe/Resinsoul hybrid (Ethan) several times, and he's sustained no damage (that I've seen). Oh, no, wait. There was something of a chip on my Impldoll Azalea (Sam) that I wasn't sure how she got. It's the tiniest piece off the back of her elbow that barely affects her posing, so it's no big deal. And, to think, in their story (Ethan and Sam are lovers) it's Ethan who shatters his elbow in a fall. :roll:
    16. Luckily, the worst I've had is that my Luts Ani has some bad yellowing on his hands. It's not too noticeable unless you take off his clothes and then it's PAINFULLY obvious (expected, considering he's going on 7 years old at this point). He's also taken a full on nose dive off the side of a table but was thankfully unharmed.
    17. I've had both my dolls for less than a year and I've been trying my best to take care of them, but literally less than two hours ago I had a mini panic attack when I broke the s-hook inside my kids-sky turquoise doll when trying to change his eyes! I wasn't strong enough to put his head back and tried to use pliers and of course it snapped real easily. I managed to think of a solution (after crying for 10 minutes :sweat) and used a screwdriver and a string to reattach his head (took two other people and involved lots of swearing and yelling from me). I've learned my lesson and hopefully my doll will forgive me :XD: Although, I'm definitely not going to change his eyes or remove his head ever again until I actually buy another s-hook lol
    18. Update: Luts has said they will make a set of calves for him . I have to pay more because he's on the old style body but I suspected that would happen. So he'll be on the mend soon.
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