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Dolls with Animal Components?

Nov 19, 2009

    1. Forgive me if this has been discussed before, I searched but couldn't find an immediate answer to my questions... This is also my first new thread here, I hope I'm complying with the rules *_*

      I've become very interested in the trend towards dolls incorporating animal components (ex Soom's various hoofed dolls) and was curious whether or not there was a specific company that can be credited with starting this trend. So DoA, I pose to you the following questions:

      1. What company first came out with this type of doll? When?

      2. What dolls have been produced that incorporate these parts?

      Note that I'm more curious about the dolls that seem to be a hybrid of human and animal pieces rather than the anthropomorphic dolls like Pipos.

      The list so far:

      - Alk & Yrie (bird)
      - Sphaler (dragon)
      - Bygg & Beyla
      - Cuprit
      - Glot & Glati
      - Cass (fish)
      - Eliv & Iv (fish)
      - Chrom (wolf)
      - Hati & Skoll (wolves)
      - Amber (deer?)
      - Heliot
      - Vesuvia (scorpion)
      - Euclase (hawk?)
      - Topaz*
      - Bix*
      - Sard
      - Beryl
      - Vega (fish)

      - Aria (fish/mermaid)

      * I'm not really sure about these, they have animal/fantasy elements, but they're also not too far removed from normal human dolls
    2. The first *company made* anthro doll I ever saw was a centaur. To this day I don't know who made/makes it, but I want to know so bad!
      It was a tiny sized doll. It had the horse body and everything, but you would replace the leg parts and waist to have a human doll as well.

      Pipo's was also one of the first companies specializing in anthros, that I remember? I haven't been in the hobby long enough to know much history though.
    3. ...didn't Bix have a crab claw arm? I'd consider that an animal component...
    4. Volks baron? He seems to date to 2005.
      Early ones also include domadoll centaur, catsy, and Petdoll. Way back when I scoured the net for Anthro dolls, and I do remember those BJDs. And Bambicrony was the first fantasy colored resin doll I saw. Now however, there are too many anthro and fantasy dolls to list!

      IMHO Pipos kinda started the anthro trend, but that idea is open to debate of course. While there were anthros before that, Baha seemed to take off(?) And then pipos came out with animal parts.
    5. If I recall correctly, the first doll(s) I have ever seen with animal components were docshul's.

      This year Latidoll has made Unicorn, Dragon and Sheep dolls. Also last year Cat and Rabbit version dolls(hands and feet).

      Iplehouse has also recently introduced Chimera characters in their Noctacarna Circus line, a cat and I believe a wolf.
    6. The first one I remember seeing that wasn't some form of cat doll (like Elfdoll Catsy & Ashbet's Mau), was Domadoll Kkotmu, the centaur girl.
    7. I think there's been some small element of it all along. I'd say Volks' Baron, Elfdoll Catsy and Domadoll's centaurs were probably some of the first. However, I think Soom can be credited for starting the current trend.

      Adding to the list, I don't believe anyone mentioned the Fairyland Pukishas. Also, B&G just recently released some hooved tinies.
    8. I can't believe I forgot about domadoll's centaurs! Yes they were the first I saw :sweat. I've been understanding the question as what human dolls/heads come with animal parts(legs,hands,feet). I didn't think about human-like bodies with animal heads/anthros.
    9. That's the first one I ever saw~ Gahh, I want him so bad T^T If only I liked his tail.. I want a 'hair' tail, not one made out of resin. (Like the Domadoll ones)
    10. I think, while a few companies before Soom have offered animal parts, or animal style dolls, Soom has been the leading force in popularizing Human dolls with Animal bits. I know Pipos Baha and Curo, and the Domadoll centaur predate Sooms efforts. But I think Soom has now become synonimous with this style.

      Also, there is a distiction between anthro dolls- animal dolls with human characteristics and human dolls with added animal parts.
    11. Angelheim Medusa Zion----he has snakes growing out of his head~ ^-^
    12. Is it really a trend if one company makes 99.9% of them? XD
    13. Dollzone's LE 2008 line with Feilian, Shoyo, and Floy-- Shoyo being the cat, Felian being the bunny, and I believe Floy was a mouse. Those were the first with anthro qualities that I saw, and loved.
    14. I have no idea who started it..but yeah like someone was saying earlier...

      There is Iplehouse Luna and Iplehouse Chase.

      Also there is Souldoll Chiron centaur version..He's the best centaur I've seen

      Another company has a centaur boy...I have forgotten though. Does CCC count? Most of the new girls released are fireflies...so I dunno it that counts.

      and omg something SO CUTe that I just found! she's a little bee!
      also another company released holloween where the girl was part cat and the boy was part...something else. they were yo's
    15. Well Volks has been making their MSDs with fantasy and animal ear components since the early 2000's... so I'd say they're the first.

      <<<< See avatar. They also have cat, and bear/mouse/monkey ears besides the fish fins.

      They have other fantasy ears (elf, robot) but the fins and bear ears definitely count as animal imho.

      And the Standard MSDs Misia with her wing ears, and Nasia with her cat ears.
      Not sure if anyone mentioned these guys yet...

    16. Yeah, Volks's "sea dragon" ears were the first ones I ever saw, personally, ~5 yrs. ago at least. I'd say that wins 'em the First ribbon! ^^
      Also Volks's cat & bear ears, in addition to the robots and elves.

      After those, the first seriously anthro-parts one I remember is Elfdoll Catsy, and that Centaur Tiny (I guess Domadoll).

      And I think those jointed-tail-mermaid dolls have been around awhile, too.

      After that, it was Soom Vega, the gorgeously tall-and-slinky merman... and the craze just picked up from there! Once Soom saw how many peeps loved the zodiac theme, they ran with it & kept going. Now Iplehouse has ventured into lycanthropes too.

      Most recently, I seriously dig Angelheim Zion with his Male-Medusa hair. :love:
    17. More recently, there's Peapod Doll, and their YoSD Hoof parts. Also, I'm not sure if this counts, but there's Resinsoul's Dan, who has horns and sheep's ears... I'm sure there's others, but those are the only two I can think of for now :sweat Again, they're very recent, but still more to add to the trend :3~
    18. I'm not sure but the very first I remember is Elfdoll's Catsy & then Domadoll's centaur. Personally though, while I greatly admire the artistic basis, especially of the Soom dolls,
      I'm not particulary into that type myself.

      Oh, even though she wasn't the first, Tiny Bear did a charming mermaid.