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dolls with magnetic parts?

Mar 3, 2008

    1. are there any other tiny's besides puki and momo that have magnetic things. I know jamie doll has magnetic wings, but are there any other tiny's? And do they sell things as parts? I would like to have magnetic fairy ears for my pukisha, but prehaps I will have to make them myself :)
    2. As far as I know only Pukis have magnetic parts aside from ears or wings. Leeke sells seperate ears that can be used on the 20-30cm tinies. OrientDoll Sos (vampire bodies), YoTenshi and Bambicrony can be purchased to take magnetic wings. Soom Teenie Gems can have magnetic ears and/or wings.
    3. Angel Fantasy elves are another tiny with magnetic wings. :) I believe Plastic Flower's Misty has magnetic wings and horns as well.
    4. The magnets are perfect for attachments like wings and horns, best avoiding them on clothes though.
    5. thats right ...the head is kept on by a magnet too and there is a very cool system of holding the eyes in place with a magnet ...way cool
      although Im not keen on the magnet head ...it can fall off

      the hands and feet are held with magnets

      but you cannot interchange with Puki
      they dont at all :)
    6. Soom has those kitty earparts and such, but I dont think the magnets are actually in the doll itself.
    7. Most of the dolls with magnetic option don't seem to be interchangeable and in some cases are on purpose

      Orientdoll sells dolls with magnetic wings. I tried the wings on pukis head, hand, and foot magnets only one will attach. The magnets are surface mounted so theoretically you can pry one magnet to change the polarity to work

      Volks sells Yo-tenshi with magnetic torso that takes volks wings. Both the magnets on the doll and the wings are molded into the resin so no way to change the magnets. They are not compatible with bambicrony wiings or torso.

      Bambicrony sells magnetic torso and option wings. These magnets are glued on with super glue. I've had the magnet on a cloud wing pop off a friend's torso magnet popped off so polarity could be changed if done carefully so as not to damage the resin. I wouldn't recommend trying to change the polarity with the fairy wings.
      Volks and bambicrony wings are not at all compatible normally.

      Soom sells wing and ear parts separately and the magnets are not attached so you can decide polarity but they are a bit big for pukis. Also the magnets they send are really fragile I had a pair shatter just from sticking to each other and trying to pry apart.

      Leeke sells horns and ears with magnets not attached.