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Dolls with teeth

Feb 25, 2018

    1. How do you folks feel about dolls with visible teeth?

      A brief search of "teeth" here gives me the impression that teeth are very unpopular, but I feel like they can give a doll a lot of life when they're done right. I'm thinking specifically of Bishonenhouse , since they have really charming, toothy open-mouth expressions. Unfortunately when they're done wrong I feel like they're too tiny, too detailed or they seem like they'd be difficult to paint...

      I'd love to get a doll someday that has cute buck teeth, but I've never seen one that wasn't supposed to be a rabbit. :C

      (sorry if this is the wrong place or a repeat thread or something :'D still a newbie.)
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    2. I have a really big soft spot for dolls with teeth, I have a couple of them on my own, Dollmore U-Jee and Migidoll Jina ;n; and whenever I see a sculpt with teeth, I feel a sudden urge to get it. I love too how macabre they can sometimes look xD (welcome to the hobby or DoA, btw!)
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    3. I don't usually like teeth. Sometimes they are done right, but they usually ruin sculpt for me. Like Lucywen. Love her body especially those wings, her face is actually pretty cute but then those teeth...they just kill it for me. Not saying they are bad, they just aren't for me.
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    4. I don't like teeth on dolls either. It looks as if they are wearing dentures. There are a few mold that I have to skip because of this. Also, I dont like my dolls to be realistic.
    5. I'm not a big fan of the visible teeth either, usually that rules out a doll sculpt for me. I can see why some people like it, it's just not my cup of tea.
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    6. I like them sometimes. I have an Alchemic Labo Unoa 1.5 Lusis and an L-bi faceplate and they have little teeth and tongue parts and I think it's winsome and cute, it adds to their facial expressiveness. But helps that they have other faceplates available as well, to change their expressions.
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    7. I kinda don't like dolls with teeth since it's kinda hard to get the paint and sealant off when you wipe their face ups but it depends since sometime it gives a sculpt a lot of character.
    8. I like teeth on dolls, especially on cute and young looking sculpts. My Unoa Lusis has a teeth part and that's one of the many reasons why I love her sculpt. It definitely adds to their expression and I like how it creates diversity in the hobby. I saw a lot of different things made with dolls' teeth, from creepy to cute, and I find these possibilities amazing.
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    9. I will be the first to say that teeth on a doll creep me out to kingdom come. I literally could be in love with a mold, find out it has teeth and lose all interest in it.

      I still hate teeth, they still creep me out but I am absolutely in love with Loongsoul Shao Yue. I adore here, purchased her and even with her teeth I still adore her. I think they are perhaps just the 'right' amount of teeth for me as you don't seem them from all angles.
    10. When I was a child, I was afraid of dolls with teeth and I still think that many porcelain dolls with teeth can be super creepy. But I think that some BJDs with teeth are super cute and they usually have got really beautiful heads. I adore LoonSoul's Celestial Dog, although I think he can look scary:
      Celestial Dog - CangJue, 73.5cm Limited Loong Soul Doll - BJD Dolls, Accessories - Alice's Collections

      And the teeth were the main reason why I've bought my mouse boy - they're just adorable:

    11. I really like teeth on dolls, it gives them a certain look that gives them more personality. I don't find them creepy unless they're supposed to be creepy (vampires and the like). I got a Soul doll Paw head because I like the teeth with his angry expression :D
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    12. I have to be in the right set of circumstances to consider a mold that has teeth. For the longest time I was terrified of dolls with teeth. It all stems back to a movie that I saw when I was five or so that had a scene where Victorian dolls ate people. For the longest time I thought I had dreamed it until one of my friends said something about it. Now we're trying to figure out what it was. Neither of us remembers, yet we were both so affected by it.
    13. I adore dolls with teeth! I think they're super cute and I really like the realism and extra layer of emition they create.
    14. I love dolls with teeth! Thay are so adorable!:love
    15. I think tiny teeth are an adorable detail, especially when they’re subtle. It’s like a little secret detail you only notice if you’re really looking from the right angle. I was super annoyed when I took the default faceup off my SD16 Megu and realized Volks had painted over the tiny teeth in her mouth with faux lipstick color!
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    16. No teeth for me. Just love the clean look of lovely lips.
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    17. I love human teeth when they're done well, e.g. my Unoa Lusis faceplate, but I just can't get into vampire teeth on bjds. I wish I could - there are some really nice faces out there, but I have to love something to spend big bucks on it.
    18. I really like teeth on most of the sculpts I've seen them on. I think it really gives them a unique and sometimes cute look to me. Though I also think it gives a touch of realism so that’s why I tend not to go for dolls with teeth. I like my dolls to look a little more video game character I guess. Not saying all teeth have a hyper realistic look but that’s generally what I’ve seen!
    19. I've grown to like more realistic face ups and sculpts. So I have been buying more sculpts that come with teeth. I have Little Rebel's Tenten out for a face up, Dollmore's Keeley, Glorydoll Lucy and Dollstown's Rian and their Estella. I have my vampire Bellosse from Dim. And a Dollshe Amanda on order.That's 7 out of my 14 doll current line up. Half of my collection. To me the mouth piece teeth are pretty subtle on the dolls depending on how you position them, people who don't like teeth could even leave them out. It is interesting to see how different artists paint the teeth too. It seems that some artists aren't comfortable with them while others enjoy painting them more.
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    20. I definitely prefer teeth. I think it’s something about the added attention to detail—I love when they come on little sculpted jawbones. Many of my dolls have seemed to acquire teeth for this reason!

      I’ve added teeth to...
      MusenMusen De’Ath
      Dollshe Arsene
      Flower & Junior Mushiyi
      Nabarro Sumner (I know—I’m bad!)
      LLT Neil
      DollClans Vezeto
      Planetdoll Riz (just painted on)

      Plans to add teeth...
      PhoenixDoll Liu
      SimplyDivine Harlequin

      Already had teeth...
      OrDoll Anderl
      PygmalionDoll Ha
      Narae Vampire
      PopoDoll Ramiel
      Dollshe Amanda Beauty
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