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Dolls with the same hair color as you?

Jan 8, 2011

    1. Do you tend to create doll characters with the same hair color as you?

      Why or why not?

      I am a brunette, and three of the four dolls I own are brunettes. I also don't have plans for many blond, redhead, or other hair colored dolls. I was just curious if others do this as well.

      I think this is interesting and I hope a lot of people get involved with this subject :)
    2. I did this, however my hair gets dyed so often that it requires multiple wigs for my dolls. And I didn't do it to match my own hair, I just thought they'd look nice, which is pretty much the same reason I dyed my own hair (or wear wigs, for those annoying impossible colours)
    3. Well my boy has black (or really dark brown if flash is used). I naturally have dark brown hair, but it has been dyed black so yeah I like dark hair colours.

      My next planned doll is to have bright orangey/red/yellow (fire colours) hair a bit like Hayley Williams of Paramore. I don't really like her, but her hair is awesome and I'd like to do that to my poor hair. It's been through a lot :(

      Overall I think I'd like my dolls to have the hair colour I want but can't have, just so someone in the household can look awesome :]
    4. My DR Antonio has not only the same hair colour as me (dark brown/black), he has the same hair =D
      Most of my dolls have black hair, because I like strong, visible eyebrows
    5. Lol. I was born a blond but have been painting my hair since before the OP was born, the last 18 years or so mostly dark brown, before that i was a real rainbow bright and have had all possible colors. I've been doing the brown for so long everyone i know, including husband, thinks im a brunette.

      Most of my dolls have the same dark brown bangs hairstyle i have.
    6. My dolls will be getting white wigs from Leeke soon, so for once their "natural" colour will be impractical for me at the moment (I could wear a wig, but damn it's hot in summer here.)
      But yeah, I like the colours, so they get the colours. Not because I want them to look like me or anything, just aethetics.
    7. Originally I never intended to create any likeness, but at one point I was a frizzy redhair, just as one of my dolls. I've changed both my and her appearance since then though (my natural color is almost jet black, and I wear it short).
      Otherwise all my dolls have very different hair color and styles, ranging from platinum blond to pink to chocolate brown, from completely straight to curly :)
    8. My hair is boring brown... none of my dolls have brown hair... :XD: They get to have the colours I don't haha
    9. Actually, Ginger has the color of hair I WISH I had, carrot/maroon. It's gorgeous. Helen has the color my best friend wishes her color was, jet black. My hair is a brown, curly afro and I hate it so I don't plan on any dolls having hair like mine.
    10. No I want my dolls to be pretty so they are different. My hair is natural ringlets and I hate them. I buy everything I can to make my hair straight. My dolls have my dream hair silky and straight. They also have all colors of hair. I also have blue eyes....errr. My blue eyes are dark, but I always wanted brown eyes so they showed up more. My dream dolls have dark eyes and long silky hair.
    11. Non of the dolls I have has same colored hair as I do, but the one I'm planning on getting next will have. Though, I seem to be having some serious difficulties finding a dark brown wig I like. Of all the dolls I have or am planning to get, the next doll's personality is also closest to my own.
    12. I was talking about identification with (book)characters once with my best friend and during the conversation we both realized that we had a tendency to automatically imagine lead-characters with unspecified haircolor with our own hair color (she is a blonde, I'm a brunette). It made me think back to my childhood when me and my best friend were crazy about Barbies and amidst of all the blond dolls we both adopted one in roughly our own hair- and skincolour to be our favorites (my friend was half-indonesian).

      And yes, I realize I still do this in a way with my bjd's. My characters are all either white- or dark-haired, with the white not representing blonde but more something otherworldly and strange. Other then that I only have one red-haired character in my mind, but for now, no blonde. Kind of interesting really!
    13. Nope. I only have one doll with black hair and that only happened recently. I'm leaning much more towards red tones.
    14. I'm an "old chick", with dark hair that's starting to have its fair share of silver and grey. My crew all look quite a bit younger than I am, so old-folk's hair like mine just wouldn't do for the majority of them. Only one (my vampire Breakaway, William Adolphus-) can really pull off the salt-and-pepper look.

      The rest tend to be in natural colors (There are a lot of dolls over here with black, blond, brown and dark auburn hair-) the vast majority of the time. Wine red and white are about the extent of the "exotics" in my collection... Though Teacup has been known to wear purple wigs on occasion, and one of Yeru's is indigo blue. :lol:
    15. I'm 'ash blonde' (aka grey) by nature but dyed it a dark brown.
      I have three dolls with black hair (they're all tanned... I see a pattern here)
      One doll with white hair, one with platina blonde and one who will have black and orange.

      So none of my dolls have the same hair colour as me. And I have none planned that will either.
    16. I'm a blonde... but I don't like blonde hair for my characters... out of like 8 I have planned, only 1-2 will have blonde hair as a BJD... For boys, I like black hair, and for girls, brown, pink, and blue... I think this is because I am a blonde, and so are my two RL children, so I want my dolls to be different, unique, and fun!
    17. I've actually considered getting my own hair dyed to match my doll's main wig ^_^; I just love the color so much
    18. I'm born blond, but since i was 13 my hair hasn't been blonde. I've dyed it almost every red tone as humanly possible, ranging from bright red to my current colour an almost black, purple red. My girl Psyche on the other hand is currently rocking a silver wig, so in a way she has the opposite colour. But maybe one day i'll have doll that has the same hair colour as i do.
    19. I've got brown/gray hair (I'm 23. -__-), but none of my dolls are gonna be brunette. Out of the dolls I have/ have planned, there's 3 black haired girls, one blond guy, and a blue haired guy.
    20. So far none of my dolls have my hair color. I have never thought about giving them the same color hair as my own but usually go with what suits them best.