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Dolls with Weird/unusual/unique Parts?

Nov 25, 2010

    1. Being Kind of new around here my look around has shown me that dolls really differ from one another alot, which I find kind of unuaul from a figure collectors point of veiw ,
      but every so often there is some that are really unique and don't fit the cliche

      My Daughters doll Airith a Bobobie Ai for instance has Digitigrade legs and hooves. she is very cool i like trying to come up with outfits for her that look right!

      I seen a mermaid doll on the forum just a few minutes ago which has really cool ,she even came with extra legs so she could be human!

      So what are the most outragously not so human featured dolls you know of?
    2. Definitely the centaurs! This mixture of horse and human simply amaze me. Especially as I know how difficult it is to balance out the heavy body on the thin legs. It already not easy if the horse part is stiff, but jointed...OMG.
    3. Soom has the most fantasy dolls to date I believe. Birdlegs, goatlegs, centaurs, catlegs. You name it.
    4. I have two Lotus Nears by DD-Anne, and they have 8 arms and 3 eyes apiece. And fangs. And bat-wing ears. :XD: Funny little imps. I am not normally a fantasy-part hound, but I just had to have something that combined this many freakparts in one doll.
    5. Bat-like dolls with pointed teeth, I think. But my favorites are goat hybrids and sea-like creatures. :3
      Hopefully I'll get a tan BJD with goat hooves and horns (aaaw Soom Aphan!), inspired by the mythic Silenus. I also want a doll with fins on her arms and between her fingers, scales and all. (Soom again, hehe). :love
    6. The Domuya Life Guardians came with some pretty unusual stuff, like mermaid or "forest" features.
    7. Impldoll's done some awesome ones. I have Miguel, of the poky-spikes-sticking-out-everywhere, and the little bitty treebaby Harley. ^__^
    8. Wow I really like the Aqua themed dolls they seem very unique , almost wonder why i have not seen such dolls in person!
      I hope you keep coming with posts! I love it!

      it makes it harder and harder to select the second dont it!
    9. I own a mermaid doll, Peapod Doll mermaid tail on a Soom Body, Soom's Beyla as a unicorn, and Soom's Alk, but mine is a dragon. He kept the feet, but the bird wings were sold, and he has horns and dragon wings.
    10. Well, there are those with multiple limbs; there are dolls who have 4 arms than the usual 2.

      Than, of course, are the centaurs, someone had a mermaid with a fully-articulated tail, there are the other half-anthros, like part bird, part fox, with hoof feet, claws... then I remember those little dragon tinies with those funny little fin feet (they're still cute, though).

      And I remember that maybe SOOM had a bionic arm for sale... and you also have to include in this unusual parts the gore mods, I think. Why do so many include an eye in them? (just curious)

      Unfortunately, I really have no intention of owning dolls with strange parts...
    11. I don't thinks mines a huge Extreme but I got Angel Heim (mr Kozy) Boy who has raccoon parts. Feet, paws, ears, and a tail.
    12. Soom's new dolls Teschen and Mylo have bunny ears, tail, and legs. :) Not the most extreme, but they're adorable. -melts-
    13. It seems Soom is definatly one to keep a eye on , i wonder what they are doing next?
    14. Soom's first big animal-parts monthly doll was the fabulous Mecha Angel Vega... in the days before translucent resin or hooves.... He has human legs, so his fishtail is just suggested by the tight sparkly finned costume, from the waist down. His resin fin-parts consisted of the forearm-fins, the webbed hands, and the removable fin ear parts. He's 80cm tall while standing up-- mine never stands up, because I keep him in his merman costume all the time-- but even lying down, he is still one big fish!

      (Vega always reminds me of a CLAMP drawing of a merman, or a Beardsley print of a merman, especially with long hair on.)
    15. Very nice! I like the Merfolks!
      We need a few more types now! or different versions with more odds and ends!
    16. Lots of good examples came up here already, I add to the fun and unusual parts a mention of Domadoll┬┤s Okja with Ostrich head!
    17. Well, I like Soulldoll's Shiva, she has 4 arms, and amazing outfit. Then there is DDAnne's Lotus Nears which JennyNemesis allready pointed out.
      SOOM'S new release is Shoshon but we don't yet know what he is. (Personally I bet moose or deer).
    18. What about the centaurs? Souldoll Chiron and Soom Epidos? Giant horsey rears have to count to for something! LOL!

      I own a whole pack of Soom tinies and as long as they keep making them I imagine I will keep buying them. I think Soom also some of the nicest sculpting on their fantasy parts.
    19. I have Soom's Vesuvia, and her jointed scorpion tail is definitely a sight to behold!
    20. I'd have to say SOOM I think. What with alll the variety of legs they have (as well as the centaurs! ).

      Though, I really like the little dragons that Dollzone made <3 They're absolutely adorable.