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Dolls You Love But Are Afraid To Buy, And Why?

Dec 28, 2015

    1. Hello! I had a question. Does anyone else have a doll/doll company that they like but are afraid to buy? For me it's Blue Fairy. I love the look of them. I'm so afraid they wouldn't fit in with the look of my other dolls and I'd just end up rehoming one if I got one....
    2. This recently happened to me :eek: I was feeling the same things for Merry Doll Round Fang. I was almost sure she wouldn't fit in and I won't be able to handle her. But she looked so yummy, after months of thinking, I got her.

      But then, I ended up... guess what! I sold her as soon as she arrived, because while I was waiting for her I had the chance to think it over with a clear mind since that urge to get her wasn't there anymore. And I realized the fear I felt in the beginning was true. Our first instincts are probably the ones we should cling to. But I'm sure there are exceptions, too!

      Funny enough, I feel the same as you for Blue Fairy, too :roll:
    3. I do think I might be able to do rosen lied though, it's slightly more realistic to me.
    4. I like the SD size, but I'm a bit intimated by the really big dolls (like 65-70 cm.. Or 80! :o). I love some of the male Iplehouse dolls, but I'm a bit worried that they'd be too big for me. I like the 55-60 range, but I think 70 would be too large.
    5. My worse case is Iplehouse, I LOVE so many of their sculpts. But I feel like they would not fit into my doll family, and I sense if I ever bought one. I would have to sell all my others in the endeavor to make everybody "fit" again...

      Sigh- they are all so beautiful...
    6. I also think the huge dollmore dolls are fascinating but there's no way I could handle one....they're too large lol. My Andrew is 62/63 cm and that's about as large as I'm comfortable with.
    7. Well actually for me the perfect excuse to get a doll is to have a character ready for them in my mind. Then all the hesitation disappears :sneaky

      But I still don't think I could come up with a character for SD dolls some day, let alone a 70 cm doll! Because I mostly make families or friends and a family of such large dolls would really be impossible to take care of for me... And I kinda love smaller dolls...
    8. Spirit doll Dolce line. I have a smaller scale Spiritdoll body and the sculpting and quality is beautiful. I remember as a child having a doll that was about my size, so 1/2 dolls are reminiscent of my childhood but I would most likely never have such a large doll in my collection today.
    9. I think some of the more extreme looking dolls scare me, also like others have mentioned, for fear of them not really fitting in. Also I just worry that I won't be able to do them justice or I will feel like I can't really play with them as much. DC Elizabeth comes to mind! I think the spider body is really cool but I'm just not sure what to do with her!
    10. I really want a Ringdoll Zombie Sol and I know he would totally fit in my group but if I bought one, he would stay in the box most of the time because my mom and sister wouldn't like him. I still think if I find one second hand, I'll buy him anyways and he'll sit behind someone so no one else knows he's there except me.

      I would like to buy a Dearmine doll but I can never decide which one I want. I fear that I might pick the wrong one and regret it later.

      I also want to buy from Peak's Woods but every time I see one I want, I don't have money to buy one. They're faces are very different from those in my collection but I think I could fit them in.
    11. I really want an Asleep Eidolon Pudding, but I am worried about the wait time!
    12. I'm really intimidated by the size of SD dolls, even though I love so many of the male sculpts. I really want to purchase a smaller head, like one of Switch's 8.5in heads, and put it on the smaller I.O.S. 50cm body, but even with all the research and measurement comparisons I've done I'm still afraid it'll look strange. The last thing I want is a miserable-looking doll after spending so much money and time.
    13. I waffled for years over buying my first Micro (my Banji), because I'm a klutz and was convinced that I'd end up wrecking a doll that small and delicate... Actually having him for a few years *without* any disasters is what convinced me it was safe to add the other two (a pair of even-smaller dolls from Dream High) to the crew.
    14. It's not so much as the dolls themselves I'm afraid to buy, but to expand my market to the actual online store located outside my country. I'm afraid something bad will happen while my doll is in production, or when my doll is shipped out. I'm afraid I'll not only lose the doll and the money I spent on ordering it.
    15. I have two, the Pipos Cheese Mouse and the Doll Chateau Lilly.
      I really love them both but feel like I wouldn't actually do anything with them if I ever got them.
    16. Well the longer you hold out on buying the longer the wait >:3

      I know how you feel. I absolitely adore pipos anthros including the cheese mouse. I did give in and got one anthro (jr pi trudy) and what you said is true. I don't really do anything with Trudy but having it is just so satisfying for me. I like holding the little froggy in my hand ^^ and keeping it on a shelf. My larger dolls are more hidden but not trudy! I would defnitely wanna buy more little guys later. Like cheese mouse and baha

      As for me... definitely Dollfie Dream dolls. I love em but they style won't match with what I currently have going on and I would have to start a new separate "family" for just them
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    17. I like a lot of dolls that don't fit my crew, and I don't buy them for that reason. Iplehouse Kamau, Doll Chateau Larry and Elizabeth, for example.

      One I did cave on was a Minifee. She's completely out of scale and aesthetic for my crew, but I really wanted one. No regrets yet! She just has to be part of a different story.
    18. Sabik - he is very sexy! But he is too big for my Jones (Zaoll)
    19. I think the Pipos mice are adorable but they'd just end up being something in a box if I bought one because all my dolls are characters from my novels and I don't have an anthro mouse/rat character. I love the look of the DC spider body but again, it would sit in a box and do nothing. I'd also need to have it modded from girl to boy as I don't collect girls. Same deal goes for the recently released DZ mermaid doll. I think they did an amazing job but it's a girl and I'd have no idea what to do with her.

      I do toy with the idea every now and again of getting either a Catsy or the cat girl from Fantasy Doll to be Bast, but that whole girl thing is my undoing and I just can't get past that.
    20. I forgot the name, but there was one maker whose style I really really liked.
      But when I looked at the QA board there was a ton of people talking about dolls never arriving and demanding refunds and I was like "Nope!"

      Another two are Elsa and Sherry from Dollzone. I can't decide if I want to them or if I'll change my mind and decide on another pair for what I have in mind.