Dolls you want.... that don't exist!

Jul 25, 2018

    1. I would LOOOOOVE a realistic jackal Anubis.
      So much.
      In pitch black skin.

      There were these adorable tiny ones that came out from Doll Legend, but I'm talking about a realistic jackal head on a human body in possibly MSD and up sizes.

      Man..... D8

      What are some dolls you have in mind you don't think you'll ever see, but your heart burns for them anyway??
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    2. A Volks DD in yosd size....
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    3. Sorry to butt in, but have you seen Soom Ender? He may be an old limited release but he does exist...
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    4. There is a Soom Jackal if I remember correctly. I think it's the Soom Ender sculpt or something.
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    5. Fairy Skin Unoa 2nd. It will never happen, they aren’t being made anymore and they weren’t ever cast in Fairy Skin.
      NS is pretty and I’d be happy to have her...but wow, she would be so dainty in white...
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    6. An Impldoll Star/Idol woman of the current aesthetic but with the same amount of mobility joints as the original Impldoll Idol man (which should possess the legs of the newest incarnation of the Idol man body). Very specific, but I really want my girl to rock poses while still being curvy.
    7. I don't shoot for something as wild as a whole doll, but I would love a 68-72cm male body with realistic proportions that is on the muscular side (like underwear model) but not body-builder type musculature, with a 14-15cm neck and decent mobility. When I say realistic proportions I mean ideally without legs that are twice as long as the torso or tiny little pectorals, a super long midriff, and narrow hips. I want a male body that is proportionate to what a real (idealized) human male would be in articulated doll form, without the BJD aesthetics bits that I find unappealing. DX
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    8. Oh god so many... But mainly I would looove to see a couple in particular.
      1) argonian type SD lizard sculpt but with more of a dramatic profile- full body with a tail and digitigrade legs and all. (Yes I know about the Havok Ba head- it's great but really not my cup of tea, looks too flat from the side for me).
      2) realistic muscular SD woman body- but like, cross fit/power lifter muscular, broad shoulders and all, not this "curvy slim but with abs" thing that has hit the market. Again it's great, but really not my thing. I dont find it realistic and I want a doll that visibly looks like she could crush me like a tin can- even when fully clothed, which most of the curvy muscular girls really don't look like...
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    9. A 40cm fashion-proportioned bjd who looks more like a normal, mildly geeky girl. Preferably with something like a hook nose and a body that looks more "couch potato squish" than "underwear model".
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    10. A merman bjd with a non-traditional tail. I'd love a shark tail, or something more exotic than the regular fish tail.
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    11. Maskuline Minifee Boys (I know it is not their style but I mean Tika and Mika were already so nice...)
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    12. This probably exists somewhere, but a doll with amazing eyebrows. It sound funny but its hard for me to find a doll with eyebrows AND a face up I actually like.
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    13. I would love like an actual plus sized girl doll. and I would love seeing a faun doll where there is more curve to the legs, and where the hips connect to the leg the way deer's do. I've seen a few faun dolls, and they were pretty, but they all just kinda felt like human legs that ended with hooves instead of feet. A deer's hind legs are boomerang shaped. I know it would be a pain in the butt to make stand, but I still want it. And if it would come in tan that would be great. It bothers me when the human part doesn't have brown skin available, cause your average deer is brown. Almost all the faun dolls have got goat legs, which is nice, but not what I'm looking for.

      edit: also a doll with four eyes.
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    14. A merman with a fully poseable tail. Or just a fully poseable tail that'd be able to fit on other bodies, I'm not picky.
      I'm talking proper mertail anatomy and not just a single "knee" joint, and not a seahorse one
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    15. I second this actually.
      I really love the human figure as is but it’s so tough finding anything so realistic and with joints that mimic natural movement more closely

      I’ve been kind of forced to sculpt it myself tbh
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    16. I'd love a mature mini boy body that isn't muscular OR skinny. But like some healthy chub. I do so love chubby guys... the closest I've found if DF-H new 46 cm boy body version II but even that seems too slim. :(
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    17. I'd love to have a doll sculpted after Park Chanyeol :whee:
    18. My GF has been in need of a runway model thin mature 60cm girl since we started this hobby. Nobody has ever made one so this doll character has never been shelled properly. 60cm girls are too softy/immature looking or curvy/busty. Most thin options are either in mini/tiny scale or get exaggerated a la Doll Chateau. Why do most realistic mature girl bodies have to be so swimsuit ready and not catwalk ready? feh
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    19. I would love a 1/4 or 1/3 naga but with a snake head rather than a human. It would also be nice if there were more anthro/animal heads for larger dolls in general.

      Body-wise it would be nice if there was an androgynous body in the 1/4 & 1/3 range too. More muscular female bodies and 'dad bod' males would be good. I haven't come across a male body that has notable fat, it's either skinny or muscular at the moment!
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    20. A 1/4 scale chubby male doll with a somewhat mature look :eusa_pray And I'm not talking about "skinny with sort of a belly pooch" (though that would be cute too) I'm talking thicker all over. The closest I've seen has been Be With You Pumpkin, but he's still too babyish and too small for my taste.

      I sort of know this will never be a reality, so I'm considering modding or sculpting a doll like this eventually. The biggest issue I see is just... man, I feel like he would be heavy. Like, inconveniently so.
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