Dolls you'll never have....

Feb 1, 2019

    1. With the countdown to Doll Chateau's discontinuation deadline and the beautiful tan event they're running at the same time I've come to realize I just can't own all the dolls I'm after (R.I.P tan Elizabeth)
      Are there any dolls for you that you just don't ever see yourself owning, no matter how badly you want them?
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    2. Haha totally! There are a lot of dolls I adore but know I will never own due to the dolls being too big, too expensive or being sold out/ discontinued. I've even had a doll that I badly wanted end up being sold out literally the day I put the order in for it (yes,I had all of the sad :() I also come across head sculpts that would be perfect for a character I want to shell, only to find the company doesn't sell the head separately (either I don't like the body or want to use an existing body I have) so had to let them go as well.
      It seems just part of the hobby that you can't have all the dolls you really want and you have to admire them from afar. At the end of the day I try to be happy with the ones I do have and look forward to seeing new dolls coming out ;)
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    3. Company's that dont separate heads are the bane of my existence. Idk how me saving you resin, time, and a mold isn't a good deal!
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    4. Volks Genji. Forever lusted after, will never ever be able to afford, even if one turned up for sale and wasn't jumped on immediately by 70 other people!
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    5. I've been lucky to find all the FL girls I've wanted (all within a month too!) But my grail is Momo. She's proving hard to find. I'm hoping I'll be able to find her when I have market but she may be one I'll never have sadly.
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    6. Hahaha Nabarro's boy Wally. Only ten in the world, and when one of them is for sale (nearly never), the head is at $1500...
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    7. All of the beautiful 60cm+ bjds. Out of my price range, and size. Many beautiful sculpts I’ll just have to enjoy here on DOA. Also any of the SIO2 Yo-SDs. Just too expensive and rare.
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    8. I had to go look up the sculpt, but I can see why he would be so sought after, very lovely!

      My wallet hurts
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    9. Most of the dolls I know I'll never get are too expensive. I'm just not old enough to have a job and pay for them. I love other dolls, but I feel like the dolls I never have are like a sad reminder that I cannot have them. It might be for the best.
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    10. I don't have income right now, so I have to pretty much give up on anything I could want until things are settled again :sweat
      It is hard to give up on things you really like. I am not as blessed as my SO, whose favorite doll companies are all lower end in price and barely (if ever) discontinue things.
      I'll just keep it an abridged list and say that pricing keeps me away from a lot of my loves even if they show up secondhand like 1/4 mewiefish bactro and doll zone sawarieda. I have seen both show up for around $1000, ouch... I'm just not at a point in life where I can justify that much money on a hunk of resin! As beautiful as they are.
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    11. Any Dollmore Trinity! I have this dream of setting up a marble, ice cream parlor style table in a corner of my living room, surrounded by tall stools that are permanently occupied by these gargantuan girls in ever-changing elaborate costumes - kind of a giant resin diorama incorporated into my living space. However...I am not the only one who occupies said living space, and I don't think the concept will fly. :sweat So, I will probably just keep admiring Trinities from afar.
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    12. Dika Doll Mudan Fullset. I saw it waaaay too late to do anything about it.
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    13. I've been through that. It's tough not having any money in a lot more ways than one, it can really be demoralizing.
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    14. Any doll by Natalia Loseva. :pout: I've followed her work for years - but now that she's moved to an auction model & bidding starts in $4k + range... I'm definitely out. Her dolls are exquisite one off full sets, so in my opinion - worth it. It's just that the likelihood and timing of all things considered...there's a low probability that I'll ever be able to collect her work.
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    15. Soom's Cptain Hook, the Ticking Crocodile. There's something about that face I'm drawn to. But he was a limited, is huge compared to my other dolls, and was way out of my price range new. A lot of Soom dolls are like that. I'll just have to admire the promotional pictures from afar.mi
      I dream of having a Mewiefish mini Bactro in blue, but I don't think I can justify paying an artist doll price for a doll that would not quit fit with my group. I have so many other dolls on my wishlist that are higher priority too. Maybe someday...
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    16. Follow-the-Wind I feel your pain. My grail doll is a Nabarro's Har. I almost got one a couple of years ago but it was an auction and I couldn't bid more then $650. I don't wanna know how much this head is selling for now.
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    17. When I've visited a Volks Store or Dolpa, there were one-offs I enjoyed looking at, but were unlikely to win.
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    18. I have a list. :XD:

      - Iplehouse Kamau- He has been one of my favorite sculpts for probably close to a decade, but I just don't enjoy owning dolls that big.

      - BlueBlood Doll Phoenix- Only two of these were ever confirmed to have been sold. Phoenix was a prototype for Draven in a way, as in Draven actually came about from modifying Phoenix, but it's just not the same. Of the ones who were sold, I've tried to track them down. One has been modified, I couldn't find the other.

      - Doll Chateau Stacy, Snow Nymph, Dolores, Sexta- Love them all, but have no characters for them and they're being discontinued before I can afford to buy one.

      - Dollshe Amanda Beauty- Love her face and have a character in mind for her, but I don't like dolls that big and there is absolutely no way I'm going to wait a year or more for a doll.

      -Soom Chalco, Puss in Boots, and Deneb- Again, too big for my taste, but so pretty.

      -Simply Divine Harlequin- It's a HUGE head and looks bobbled on every body I'd want to put it on.

      -Several artist dolls, but their super slim exaggerated proportions would look out of place in my crew.

      There are probably more I'm not thinking about at the moment.
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    19. Lati's Oracle M and Temple Knight K are probably in that boat, for me. I've never seen either for sale on the secondary market... Even the regular human versions of M and K have been rarer than proverbial hen's teeth, and there are far more of them out there in the wild than the elf-eared limiteds.

      Soul Doll's Celestyn is starting to look impossible as well. I've seen two of them come up for sale in the last decade, and wasn't fast enough to snag either one. They were rare birds even before they were discontinued, though, so the supply is small and at this point, any that exist may well have settled in their "forever homes".
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    20. I love Fairyland Cygne but I just don't think I'll ever have an SD. They're so big! I also probably won't ever get my normal skin Minifee Liria since the price keeps skyrocketing... I definitely regret not ordering her when I could!

      @Maipoxx Momo isn't a limited sculpt! She's available in a-la-carte. :)
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