Dollshe 28M Big Boys and Girls - What fits?

Jun 16, 2014

    1. The thread to house all our experiments, successes and failures in clothing and shoeing these beasts. Any and all information on what you have tried and with what result will be very useful. Photos and links would be very welcome. I will try and keep this first post updated with findings as we go along.



      The good
      - EID sized, Iplehouse and Freedom Teller. If there is an option, choose Model sized. The sleeves are slightly too long and waist slightly too big. Also, EID clothes from Ip and FT can have over-broad shoulders and loose and large shirt collars. Some FT jackets are too also too long in the body. This is the same when they are on EIDs, so it is just the fit of them.
      - Soom Idealian.

      The middling
      - SSDF size. SSDFs are slimmer than 28Ms so some items might fit, if they are loose or stretchy.

      The controversial
      - Iplehouse EID Superhero. Poor fit. Loose fit in body. Sleeves too long. Note: This might be old SH clothes, for the original bodies, which were bigger than the current ones. Current general EID clothes seem to fit well.
      - Soom Mecha Angel. Tops are skinny, but can be got on if they are loose or stretchy. Sleeves too long.


      The 28M foot is 105 x 37mm, so shoes need to be at least 110x45mm.

      The good
      - Iplehouse EID.
      - SSDF. The combat boots fit well. Check the measurements for other styles.

      - Freedom Teller EID. They fit, but some might need patience to pull on and yank off.
      - Dollmore Model and Glamour Model. Some too small in length and width. (Alewife - loafers. Mitya69 - Uggs, and other styles, not named. mdonline03 - no named styles). However, some are bigger than others, with the larger ones looking possible. We need more info.

      - 7-8 for both David and Grant
    2. Thanks, I have one in layaway and I will be needing this information soon.
    3. I just ordered some EID Model size so I will know more once I get those, I'm really hoping they will fit.
    4. Where from, Cheryl? And are these clothes?

      I will be able to try some SSDF shoes and some more Ip EID shoes on when my chap comes in (at least a couple of months yet). I also have a world of EID clothes he could try on. They are for my Superhero, but on a lot of the clothes, Ip just says they are one size and will be slightly loose on the Model body, so I am hpoing they will do for the minute.

      Oh, and I have ordered a custom sized coat from an eBay seller. I will give more info when it arrives, if it is any good.

      But shoes. SHOES!
    5. Thank you so much for opening this thread! I'm in London for work this week but as soon as I'm home, I will have a number of items to report on. I'll confirm the style and fit of those Dollmore Model shoes...

      I also ordered more items from Freedom Teller and will give an update on a shirt from Sadol that does work for him - it's the Vivid Memory shirt in SSDF size. It works because it's loose fitting and because I was actually able to squeeze him in the SD17 version, made me experiment.
    6. MadamMauMau: OH I ordered some clothes from Freedom Teller as you can choose "Model" size from which I have been reading fit the 28 model (and Venitu) the best.

      The pics on the Dollshe site Grant is wearing a Super Hero shirt which is too big but you can fake it in pics I guess, I'm just picky about how clothes fit >_>

      I am interested in finding out about shoes though.
    7. Great, both of you.

      Cheryl, we are getting conflicting messages on the fit of FT clothes. Ningyoboy on flickr, who has a prtety damned broad selection of apparently well fitting clothes for his 28Ms, says that FT SH size fits. However, Mitya69 in the 28M thread showed us photos of her Kuncci in Model size and, in a lot of areas, it is just too big. Now, I suspect this is due to variations in cut across various styles, but also how well fitted you need your doll clothes to be. Personally, (and particularly for the character that my Kuncci is to shell) I prefer a VERY good fit. But others are not so fussy. So, yeah, be interesting to hear about how you find the FT clothes.

      And, mdonline03, such a shame your visit couldn't have been two weeks later. You could have come and met us all at the next Pygmalion Society meet! I have added your Sadol experience in the list. Do they do suits for SSDFs, I wonder? *goes off to look*
    8. Ah! That helps. Those are Model shoes, which are for old Dollshe sized feet (models have 9cm feet). The ones I was wondering about were the Glamor Model shoes, which can fit EIDs (but not always. Seems to depend on the shape). Glamor Models have 10cm feet, same as the 28Ms. I would suspect that they are narrower, though, which seems to be the make or break.

      Does anyone have some Glamor Model shoes they could try on a 28M? That would be very useful.

      ETA: And I have been looking at the SSDF measurements. They are A LOT slimmer than the 28Ms (so, SSDF waist 23.5 vs 29M's 27cm). I would think those are therefore only going to work if the clothes are loose or stretchy.

      And I have found a very useful SSDF thread, so putting some of the info in here as I find it.

      Angell_Studio do a line of 70+ doll shoes. Looking at the measurements (scroll down on each sales page) many are the right length (11-12cm), but the widest are only 4.5cm (assuming outside length), with the 28M foot being 4cm. Combined with pointed toes, I don't think that will do it. But here you are in case.
    9. Sorry I wasn't clear, the shoes I have are Glamour Model size, but in that style. They are basically too narrow in the toe box area. Hope it helps!
    10. Ah! OK. Damn. That is not good as I really fancied their brogues.

      ETA: Just looked, and the Glamor loafers are 11x4cm outside measurements, with the 28M foot being 10x4cm. Miya69's uggs are 11.2x4cm. So neither were going to fit, if only on the width. However, others are 12x4.8cm, which is much more promising, eg So, perhaps there are some in there that will fit. You just have to be very vigilant with the measurements.

      ETA2: And Ningyoboy on flickr has just told me that they get shoes from IH and FT. I have asked for details, as this clashes with what mdonline03 has said about fit on the FT shoes. I have also asked them to come over here and share their experiences, so let's see on that. They have some amazingly good clothes.
    11. It's good to know that some Dollmore shoes will fit. They have some nice real-people styles. Also, is Dollshe planning to come out with a shoe line for them?
    12. I have several pairs of shoes from Iple House and they all fit really well. I've got flip-flops, slip ons, lace ups and sneakers and they all fit with no issues. I also have a pair of loafers from Freedom Teller. They fit very well but other than that pair I can't say much about shoes from FT. As for clothing both FT and IH EID stuff fits great. The sleeves are a tad long on the jackets and I've wondered if maybe I should try model body rather than hero body stuff. To date I haven't tried model sized clothing. Hope this helps those looking for things to fit Dollshe 28M guys.
    13. @ MadamMauMau - I will stalk the meetup threads as it seems this summer for your meetings. I will be hopping around Europe often for work (back July 4th ish & in late July-August). I'd love to meet other dolly people while abroad.

      But back to topic... so jealous Ningyoboy your shoes fit....I was definitely bummed about the fit of my loafers mainly because of the size (no other dolls to pass the shoes to). The ones I got were about a centimeter too small - meaning...I was able to force them on him but I had to work at it while trying to stretch/soften the leather + lots of forcing and wigging & squeaking from both the foot and the stretching leather. Had I not been confident in FT/Dollshe quality I probably wouldn't have tried to force them on. I eventually got the shoes on his feet but it was clear that the leather was being stretched to the max (he looked like he had bunions) and there was no way a pair of socks would get in there(personal must for me). It was like the scenario of putting on a ring that you know will be a tad small but want to try/hope anyway; then you struggle to get it off and have to go running for a bar of soap to loosen things up...

      I think FT shoes are still worth exploring...but I think it comes down to things being off a centimeter here and there which in dolly scale makes a huge difference.

      As far as SSDF fitting.. It's definitely just that one shirt style by Sadol. I have a few other SSDF pieces that fit my other boys and they're considerably smaller.
    14. mdonline03, that sounds as though you might have been sent the wrong size shoes as EID feet are the same length as 28M feet. The only concern was the width at the toe being different. If they were a whole centimeter out, that sounds as though they might have sent you SD17 or something. That is way off the measurements. And we don't post meets over here any more. They are last Sunday of every month, usually at the Royal Festival Hall. As you are hoping to join us for a meet, why not join our FB group? That is where we chat and meet details are posted.

      Ningyoboy, thank you for following me over here. It is very much appreciated. How do you find the details of fit of FT clothes, such as breadth of shoulders, how well shirt collars fit etc?
    15. I find both Iple and FT hero body clothing fit but are a tad long in the sleeve length on jackets only. The fit in the neck, chest and shoulders is really great. It's been one of the reasons I've stuck with hero body stuff...I'd rather the fit be a tad big than a tad too small. If you check out my pics on Flickr you can see the clothes fit and photograph very well. As for FT shoes the loafers are tight but I didn't have to force them on. A little baby powder on bare feet help but I didn't need to do that to get my bi-colored loafers on without socks. I would guess that once you get them on it should be easier to put them back on with socks. EID hero body pants from both IH and FT fit great. I haven't experienced any problems here and the fit is not too tight or loose.[email protected]/14293847366/
    16. Thanks for that, Ningyoboy. It sounds as though there might be some variation in FT's fit, then. mdonline03 posted some pictures of a Model sized suit, and it was all over the place. Shirt collar too big, shoulders too broad, too long in the body etc. Photos here Hm. Potentially good news on the FT loafers (although puzzling. mdonline03, could you measure the length of yours. It doesn't make sense that one pair should fit and one not, on the same doll). I am now wondering if the FT brogues will fit, as those are the ones I would love (even though my bank account will hate me for it).
    17. :) - Will do MadamMauMau

      The FT suit wasn't me though...(at least not in EID)...I have a few others in the smaller sizes and they work great for my other boys.

      I will definitely measure those shoes...and take some "putting on shots". I just got the brown loafers and the length seems like it's good but it's like they are just a hair too narrow or too shallow for the high bridge. The first thing I thought was did they send the wrong size...but they are too big for SD17...or rather they really look like clown shoes. I really considered writing FT and asking if I could exchange or to say they didn't fit but...I'll probably use them eventually.

      And I too really want those gorgeous lace ups...That was the pair I really wanted but was afraid of them being too narrow too. I may still just go for them and just have to buy an EID to match the shoes!:o

      Ningyoboy - I just love your guys, they are so fun the look at and the shoes fit! I'm gonna try again.

      I'll be home in a few days and will post some pics.
    18. No, no. You are absolutely right. It wasn't you with the suit. I am going mad here:lol:

      Hm, now those are the things that are going to make the difference between EID shoes fitting and not, is the high foot and any difference in the width at the toes. Be interesting to hear how FT explain the fact that two pairs of what are supposed to be identical shoes fit differently.

      But, oh yes! Get the brogues and report back on the fit. Pretty please. If those fit, I need never think about 28M shoes ever again.
    19. Just a quick note on current IH EID clothes sizes. I was having a discussion somewhere (Venitu thread?) about IH no longer selling EID clothes in an option of Model and SH size. My theory was that, because the new SH is smaller than the old, the difference with the Model body is far less, so no point making two sizes of clothes.

      I have just got a batch of clothes in from IH, including a generic EID jacket. I tried it on my old SH Akando and, boy is it tight. It goes on fine, but no ease across the shoulders, chest or hips. So, I suspect that my hypothesis was correct and that IH EID clothes are all pretty much old Model sized and should therefore be OK for the 28Ms.

      So, perhaps that has solved that mystery.

      And on we go.