Dollshe 28M discussion

Jul 25, 2013

    1. Waiting room:
      Body comparison between Soom Idealian, Iplehouse EID, and Dollshe David
      EID/28M head swap

      News link:
      Link to doll
      Link to announcement regarding the doll:


      (I will happily edit this post to update with more information and size/fit compatibility as that becomes available.)


      Dollshe/Iplehouse resin comparison:

      Pale Tan (bottom), Lt Brown Iplehouse EID (middle), and Bronze Soom Chalco (top). It is a nighttime flash photo, and isn't the best, but it gives a strong impression of the differences in the resins.


      *update* The 28M body was changed during production. This photo shows the original design of the body.
    2. Look at the detail on that thing! Mr Kim has really pulled it out of the hat on this one.
    3. :o.... Renaissance sculpture indeed! I am absolutely blow away by the detail. :aheartbea The hands and feet are amazing. I said no more dolls but uh...this guy is truely a work of art and I'd love to have a Dollshe boy.
    4. Woah, that body is amazing! Cannot wait to see him with a face up. I never liked Dollshe that much before, but that guy ... could become a temptation!
    5. 0.0 Unbelievable realism. I looked at the photos on their website, even his FEET are crazy realistic. It's amazing. I really can't wait to see him styled.
    6. ummm, I think putting clothes on that doll would be considered a sin. If I am lucky enough to have him come live with me he will be nekkid all the time. He is so man purty!:D
    7. even he is really handsome.but i still love teenager!
    8. Woooah why did I look . . . even his toenails are unbelievable . . .

      Hear hear !!
    9. Oh goodness look at him! The detail is absolutely gorgeous.
    10. Really amazing... I am not sure he could be considered "a doll"... he looks like a piece of sculpt art to me. I spent almost two years resisting to every need to buy a new doll... this 2013 year looks like a problem to me, this is the second male doll I like a lot... But I suppose I will wait to see him with make up and clothes (or with make up only XD )
    11. WOW! he may be the thing to bring me back into the hobby O_O
    12. My eyes bulged out. I was not sure what the new guy would look like, but was not expecting this. He's handsome, and I'm eager to see more!
    13. Wow....he is amazing! He does look like a fine art sculpture. The his toes.
      He is a must.
    14. Must be mine!!! <3
    15. He is pure perfection! An amazing piece of art! All the details, I'm simply stunned by this sculpt. I really hope Dollshe will have a long order period (and maybe extended layaway) for him. I can't remember how long the order period for Ausley was open, but I have the feeling it was not very long?
    16. When they came out with Ausley I thought I wasn't going to like new Dollshe's dolls... I feared they all would end up with BIG eyes... How much of a fool I was...!!

      It makes me so happy to see such an improvement of an already amazing company like Dollshe... I wonder if they were looking at Dollstown and thinking they should come with realistic molds too?

      I can't wait to see a close up of the amazing head he's got, I hope it will be for sale soon!
    17. Wooooow, this is amazing. I can't wait to see what people do with this sculpt (even if it's leaving him nekkid and taking pictures)!
    18. Breathtaking! Definitely a work of art. The toes! He looks almost more than real &#8230; Can't wait to see him in NS colour and with a wig. (No clothes needed tho &#8230;^^)
    19. Dollshe, why do you do this??? Now I see what you were cooking. Now that I promised myself not to buy any more dolls. I love his face ungh....
    20. What a way to wake up! :aeyepop:

      I think my Dollshe boys suddenly feel inadequate! haha I love how his hands are similar in pose to the old classic dollshe boy. I think Mr. Dollshe outdid himself on this guy. Wow!