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Dollshe Bermann FAQ

Oct 4, 2006

    1. It's in the first stages of being put together. There is a lot of information, of course, on Anu's Tensiya site. I did want to start a site that explained the background on the dolls, some of the measurements, and the history of this doll.

      If anyone has any constructive feedback that would help improve the FAQ, please let me know. I plan on slowly adding to this.


      Hope it helps!
    2. Maybe you should also add the relationship between Bermann and Hound (brothers) and Christy's comparisons and such? What about Christy's stringing tutorial too?

      I like how it's coming along!
    3. Very cool!

      I'd think a list of the Tensiya releases & their names would be nice, too, as a quick reference - I know that the information is easy to find elsewhere, but it would be cool to include it in a FAQ page. And at some point I'd love to see more information about the Korean Bermanns. For instance, I keep hearing that there are tanned Bermanns in Korea, but have never located an owner photo or details of how they were issued. I'm very interested in things like that.

      Bookmarked the FAQ, can't wait to see what else you do with it! Thanks!
    4. Thanks ladies!

      I will ask Christy about it!

      Actually, I think newer shots that are not using up DoA bandwidth would be great. Maybe I can get Christy to take some Hound Shots and Pictures of Vinnie for Bermann 77 comparison... and then we can have Bermann Tensiya companrison as well.

      Keep the suggestions coming!

      I wonder why I didn't get a notification? Boo. :|
    5. There are many pix of these Korean Bermanns on the Cyworld 'For Bermann' group. I can ask owners if I have permission to use them. It may take a while though, what with translation issues etc. O_o


    6. I don't know if this is very important or not but I do see it come up a lot is the situation with the hands, ie: which Tensiya Bermann has Hound hands or Bermann hands, etc.

      Just a thought.
    7. I think that's a great idea, Cheryl! I think as the Bermann's ship, I will try to get that info!
    8. Mercy, if you can get www.anustyle.com to not crash, she's got new info there that is rather interesting, and would make it very easy to compare hands.
    9. That would be cool, Christy! I was just hoping for a few representative links to owner websites or something, if anyone had any (I have just one), but photos used with permission would be even better.

    10. Ok - here are a bunch of links I've compiled off Cyworld for some Korean B-boys:
      Check out this post:


      Also here's a list of Tensiya releases so far:

      # Bermann DO (1-77)
      DO 1st: no.01~11 Luis Doberman <----------yet to come
      DO 2nd: no.12~22 Hudiemeng - DONE
      DO 3rd: no.23~33 Heimdal - DONE
      DO 4th: no.34~44 Hwarang - DONE
      DO 5th: no.45~55 Manu -tan - DONE
      DO 6th: no.56~66 L'etranger - tan - DONE
      DO 7th: no.66~77 Mr. Fogg - DONE

      # Bermann SA (1-33)
      SA 1st: no.01~11 Shinsengumi - Kurogatu - DONE
      SA 2nd: no.12~22 Valentino - Le Lys rouge - DONE
      SA 3rd: no. 23~33 (secret) <------------------yet to come
    11. What were their releases like in Korea? The same as here, or were they al released at the same time? And how many of the Korean released Bermanns are tan?

      Also, I asked in the other thread if there was any chance the next SA Bermann will be tan and people said there was a big chance..anyone else who feels like this? :D

      (...can you tell I've fallen for tan Bermann? ^^;; I even have a name already..+_______+ stupid me XD)
    12. Here are some hand shots:

      I believe so far(from observing pix) the only Bermann to have Hound hands is the Heimdal and the 2 tan releases.

    13. Dollshe Bermann Korean Releases

      Original 77
      Bermann: 50 released (Korea only Nov. 2003)
      Later +27 added (mostly Korea, but some international April 2004)

      SA Bermann: 33 (with bodies)
      Later 50 (heads only)

      Bermann: 30 total
      Not released for selling purpose.
      Compensation for Original Bermann/SA Bermann with body
      owners due to problems
      with them (ie. pits, seams, irregularities in resin).
      Orders of Suntan Bermanns were made with a written
      promise that owners won't sell them to any other people
      in any case in the future. Includes SA Bermann head w/eyes.

      Many thanks to Setsuka, moderator of 'For Bermann', Cyworld for this information.
    14. A nice add in would have to be Websites of Owners around the world. I know not all Bermann owners have Websites but there's got to be a few
    15. I added what I had! Thanks! :)

      I just added a bunch of stuff to the FAQ. If people can take a look, I would greatly appreciate it!

      Thanks Christy for all the info!
    16. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule Mercy and doing this, it is very informative!

    17. No problem! Just trying to give back to the doll community where I can. :)
    18. So is the Luis Doberman a Bermann set or a completely new Dollshe boy?
    19. He'll be the last set of the DO Bermanns. :)
    20. And they are ALL mine!

      :doh Just kidding. :sweat

      Really. ;)

      They are supposed to be REALLY special to which is why they were pulled out of the numbering situation. I just updated the FAQ again.

      Thanks LOADS to Christy.