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Dollshe Bermann vs Hound - folding arms?

Dec 30, 2005

    1. A question to Hound owners: can your boys fold arms as Bermann does (shown at the bottom of the picture)?


      I am having a terrible time deciding which one I want... On one hand, Bermann's head sculpt has more character ( :drool: ), yet Hound has sexier body... those hands are to die for. Bermann sure has short/small fingernails, doesn't he? Yet the shape of hands is basically similar... maybe fake nails would do the trick... Are the parts (hands, head) interchangeable between them?
    2. My hounds can fold their arms like that no problem.
    3. Great! So at least I won't be pining after Bermann because of his graceful arm-folding feature... There's only the nose and the chin still left to pine after, of course... and the ears... ::sigh:: It's really cruel that there aren't more of them out there...
    4. Mine sure can't ^^;;; I didn't think they could because they don't have the extra caps on the extra elbow peices...

      :D I'm going to try really hard to make him do it now! But I don't think he'd be able to do it as perfectly as the bermann.

      They're both very beautiful!
    5. On the Tensiya site, there's a great comparison between the two. It shows that Bermanns can fold their arms better than Hounds. While Bermanns are harder to get, tensiya does offer Hound hands as optional parts, so if you really wanted to, and were actually able to get a Bermann, (I'd be very jealous, by the way) you could get the optional hands to put on the Bermann.
    6. Ooooh I didn't know that! Becki likes the Hound hands better. Hm, off to plot...
    7. Ha ha! I'm finally enabling my enabler! <3
    8. Ha ha, naughty darling.

      ...You might enable me to get a pair of Oke eyes, too, but I'm not sure yet.
    9. OK here's the proof that Hounds can fold their arms :D



    10. Ooooooh. Your boys are just gorgeous, Helene.
    11. It's true that Bermann's are rare, but there are still 66 DO's forthcoming as well as 11 SA's. It's not impossible to get one, just extremely nerve-wracking. :grin:
      I'll let idrisfynn answer the arm folding thing since she was just playing with it last night, but I will say that the slightly creepy-looking extra flange thing does make a difference!*sweat*
      I like the sculpt of the nails on Hound better than Bermann, but I attribute a lot of the very charming idiosyncrasies of the Bermann sculpt to the fact that he is a portrait of an actual person while Hound is an idealized figure from the imagination.
    12. I have become wary of answering Hound vs. Bermann questions lately, because I have been accused (not by any of you posters) of being a snob simply because I love Bermann.

      That said, I love Bermann. No other doll could have sucked me into this hobby so immediately. I resisted buying a BJD for five years until he came along looking exactly the way I'd pictured Magnus all this time. I love the realistic delicate sculpt. I love his bone structure, I love his nose! I stare at him all the time. If you love Bermann's face a Hound might not satisfy you. When I look at a Hound I find his face lacking in a realistic bone structure. What I find most distracting though are his eyes. They sculped Hound to have dog eyes so I find them oddly set in his face and too close together. Haute Hound has a better eye socket with a more human sculpt. I also prefer Bermann's frowning mouth (no he doesn't always look mad, just pensive) and I like that they finally made a frowny Hound-IM. Don't get me wrong, I like other people's Hounds but he's just not a doll for me. I find Afghan even less realistic but I still hope St. James might pick her up some time.

      Bermann's arm folding mechanism does behave differently. His arm bends and pivots slightly like he has a radius and ulna instead of moving like a sinlge hinge. It rests comfortably and naturally without any elastic showing and even looks natural with bare arms. Well, looks natural once you get used to the extra flange parts.

      Hound does have better hands. While Bermanns have thin graceful hands that match their slighter build I do not like the short nail bed. I plan to sand and reshape them to my liking in the future (and his funny toes) but until I get around to it I will just buy him some Hound hands.
    13. Hound's fold their arms just fine, you just have to sort of *stick* the hand into the crook of the elbow for it to stay....it wants to pop out a bit...and when I do this I usually have to really bend the wrist (even out of range) but it doesn't matter cos it doesn't show:


      Bermann's hands....yeah, Hound's are an improvement. What bothers me with the B-boy hands are the thumbs....waaaaay too out of proportion with the rest of the hand...just too short. But they are still lovely and have those wonderful veins!

      I do like the shape of the Bermann's face....he has a great nose and even has a slight dimple in his chin! It's all about what you are shooting for...more realistic or more stylized.

      I'll leave this with a shot of a Vinnie folding his arms (Bermann):

    14. That's an interesting point, because Haute Hounds just became available again from Tensiya. I was not aware of differences in Hound face sculpts, though I noticed the sometimes strange looking eyes in owner pics here and there... I wrote those off as bad faceup jobs, but if it is the mold and the eye socket that's different, I better make sure I get the Haute Hound.

      I know Berlin (on the right) in Helene's pic is Haute Hound, is the other one Haute too? Are there comparison shots anywhere? Thanks for your responses!
    15. Helene's twins are both Haute Hounds, if I recall correctly. You could look at pics of all four of her boys to see 2 Haute with one white Hound and one regular Hound. Her Hounds are all particularly beautiful, so it may not help. :blush

      If you want to save your money for a Bermann start now and be ready for the next release. I don't want to sound harsh, but it is true that you can always get a Hound later. If you don't like Bermann once he gets home (not that I can fathom that) I'm sure someone will take him off your hands and give him a good home. ;)