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Dollshe Bernard 2009 (Rhythm body type)

Aug 24, 2009

    1. Yaay! I miss my Bernard, and I'm seriously considering buying him back with that new DSAM32 body~

      I'm unfamiliar with dollstown, though... is this a limited thing, or is he availible forever now? Since I wanted to try to save for a big soom MD :sweat
    2. o.< now who to pick.. him... or saint? gah >< the choices are killing me.. But I'm soooo excited!!!

      Perfect for my Cass! Bernard mwa ha ha *evilness
    4. All of the newer dollshe boys are available through dollstown only until Dollshe gets their own site up (I am not positive on this, but I am pretty darn sure they are not really limited, just done in various preorders).
    5. Hee! Got my pre-order in! OE, freshskin, DSAM 32. I am so excited! :D
    6. I am so happy for you!! :aheartbea I cannot wait to see your spam of him
    7. RAhhh!! Right after i put in my other order.... .___. *crosses fingers*
    8. Words do not even begin to describe how thrilled I am that they've begun selling him again...

      Now to figure out how to afford him. Bernard is my dream doll. D8
    9. Very cool! So eventually, I'll be able to get him, either on dollshe's site or dollstown, no rush. :aheartbea
    10. how exciting! I love bernards. I'm so glad they brought him back.
    11. Oh gosh, he is so cool! :o I've got to sucker... I mean, let my sister know he's available now. :D So pretty so pretty so pretty! ::explodes::
      Congrats to those who've ordered him already! :aheartbea
    12. *squees forever*

      His head's still so tiny XD;; *contemplates hybrids*
    13. Okay, so I don't end up buying a head there's not gonna be a body for later, what's the difference between the two bodies, and the OE/SA thing? ._. I really want Bernard, but if he's only available through pre-orders, I should probably buy his head then the body later since that's definitely not a limited part?
      I'm so torn. :(

      Edit: I'm babbling in my excitement...
    14. Haruhi: OE stands for open eyed sculpt. SA stands for "slack afternoon"-the doll has a drowsy expression because the eyelids are half closed
    15. I guessed right on the OE then, I was just confused about SA, which made me think my OE guess was wrong. O_o

      I'll have to put in my pre-order then. Sad as it is, Bernard is really important to me D: His face looks just like a real angel I saw when I was a kid (hush up if you don't believe in angels D: ).
    16. Is everyone / anyone ordering the extra 'restoration aesthe' which means sanding the seams, I think?
    17. I'm not... Since I'm just getting a head, that'd be like doubling the price of my head for sanding I can do myself. I also assume it's just sanding the seams.

      Also: What is a typical shipping cost for dollstown? Edit: For the US. Shoulda specified.
    18. You don't HAVE to pre-order, Haruhi. If you want to be able to wait, you can.