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Dollshe - Bernard/Bermann clothing/wig size

Jul 20, 2017

    1. I'm just looking to know the differences in sizes for the dolls. I know there's a few doll owners out there who have both.

      1. I'm looking to buy wigs from Leekeworld

      2. Clothes from either leekeworld /Iplehouse/soom and wondering about the sizes for all three.

      I haven't ordered the doll yet. I'm just kind of waiting to hear back from the faceup artist before I do and wanted to know.
    2. As far as Dollshe, which body type are we talking about? He makes and has made quite a few male bodies. Not all are the same size. I think the current Bermann is on the Grown body and the Bernard is on the Mystic body?

      If we are talking about the newest versions, their sales pages says they both wear an 8.5-9in wig.

      For 70cm bodies, usually clothing marked 70cm, Hound, or Unkle will fit. Sometimes SD17 size clothing works too. It is best to compare the doll measurements of Dollshe to the measurements of the clothing.

      I don't think Leeke makes much in that size. Iplehouse 70cm guys are EIDs, they have much much beefier build than a Dollshe. Some of the SID stuff might work, maybe a touch baggy here and there. YID would mostly be too tight. Soom clothing, you'd need to stick with Super Gem size.
    3. I have a Bermann on a mystic body and he can wear 70cm pants but they cant button up, seems like his waist is wider than the old bodies. I tried freedom teller EID pants on him and it is too big..maybe he'll need a belt, but it's pretty baggy but I think those pants were for the muscular body. I also tried SID pants from freedom teller and it couldn't get past his hips.

      As for shirts , he can wear 70cm shirts that are stretchy. I haven't tried shirts that are fitted yet.

      The site says he can wear 16mm but I don't know how that looks on him.
      I have my Bermann wear 14mm eyes, they fit him nicely. I haven't tried 12mm.
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    4. It's a mystic body on a 43cm size (fashion). I forgot sizes when I wrote this. I have a Soom Sabik and I wonder if it'd be the same as you guys have with the 70cm doll.

      It says a 5 to 6 inch wig for the 43cm doll (I got a hound last night) but before I order a wig/clothes/eyes, I want to make sure I get the sizes all right, that maybe I could piggy back them all together since shipping gets expensive.
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    5. You posted this is the large doll discussion forum, you should ask about the fashion size dolls on the mini discussion forum.
    6. ah, I didn't realize they were on the mini scale, i'm so use to big dolls that I didn't think 63cm was small.
    7. 63cm is large size...
      I thought you were talking about the 43cm fashion sized mystic body?
    8. darn I am. 43cm fashion sized. For some reason, I thought I had ordered the larger size but it turns out I had ordered the smaller size. -palmface-