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Dollshe Boy "Van"

Jun 29, 2006

    1. Yet another Dollshe boy for me to adore and lust after. *sigh* At this rate I'll want everything they've got, except the 25cm tinies and Afghana...wait, too late. :sweat They really know how to stir something up, don't they?
    2. Yes ^^ He looks like a mixture of everybody^^ and the face a bit hollow like Husky and Saint...
    3. The only thing I have a bit of a problem with is his rather large nose? Other than that... he looks absolutely stunning!
    4. I love his nose. Then again...I like Namu's nose. And Lahoo's. And the new DZ big boy's noses. And...well, I like big noses.

      There's just something about him that's more familiar than him just being a mix of everyone else. Something...I can't quite place.
    5. His eyes look really deep-set as well! He's got Hound's attitude and Bernard's softness in his face... <3
    6. Right now I'm kind of...scared. But I'd like to see a softer faceup on him. The Luts one isnt flattering. o_O
    7. He reminds me of a pouty BH Donn
    8. Tell me about it. I *hated* Saint and Bernard when they came out there first, I thought they were terrible and Luts was playing some cruel trick and Dollshe hadn't actually scuplted them. Then they hit Tensiya and all was well again.

      But this boy definitely has some potential.
    9. I saw NO warning for this doll o.o; I need to see more of him, since luts overexposes their photos SO much..
    10. When I first saw him, he instantly reminded me of Yukinojo.
    11. O_O whoa....
    12. I really need to see him with a different faceup...and wig.... Yeah. Hmm...
    13. helene, is that a good whoa? :daisy

      I agree what others have said -- he reminds me of Bishounen House's style, and I'd love to see what Tensiya does with him. I'm really surprised there was no notice about a new Dollshe boy unveiling. We all heard about Bernard and Saint weeks before we saw them.
    14. He's got a very interesting face, and as you said, a lot of potential. I'd like to see him with a dramatic face-up and better lighting. His features are washed out in these, it's really hard to tell what he looks like. Love the nose! Not pointy at all. I'd like to see Dollshe do one rather hawkish & different. Very manly, indeed.
    15. I think he's GORGEOUS. I love that he looks like Yukinojo and a BH... AND an Arthur.

      I think those lips are what got me.

      I'd really like to see a new body though.
    16. He's cute, but I think the nose is a little bit off. Maybe because there seem to be no indentation between nose and forhead, and the bridge of the nose is to thick. It's like a neanderthal brow somehow (does that make sense?). Would like to see a profil pic to get a better look. Now... If they only could make Hound in a MSD-size, like 19-20", I would be over the top-giddy with joy! *slobbers at the thought*
    17. If/when Tensiya starts selling him, I may have to snap him up. He's just so gorgeous!
    18. Hmm . . . definitely looks like a cross between Hound and Husky to me. I am going to reserve my judgement until I see other companies' face ups, but I agree that he has a lot of potential. Could turn out to be a hottie. :)
    19. Oh MAN! Not another DollShe to attract my luv. XD;; I'm pretty poor right now...