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Dollshe Boys - Saint and Bernard

Mar 31, 2006

    1. Since we're supposed to keep the news posts news related now with less chatter, i thought i'd start a thread for the new dollshe boys. What does everyone think of Saint and Bernard? I think bernard looks very princely and young. I'd love to see more pics of Saint without the luts faceup.... i don't like the way Luts does those angry eyebrows... but i think i really like the face mold, he looks a little more healthy than Hound does.

    2. I love the new facemolds. Bernard has such puppy eyes almost and Saint is just beautiful. I absolutely LOVE how masculine Saint's jawline is!!! It might be the makeup or photography, but their eyes look a bit too close together. I think I'll wait to see unpainted faces and owner pics before I start obsessing too much. :roll:

    3. Thanks for this!

      I absolutely love Saint's eyes and Bernard's nose. They look realistic. Saint could make an awesome Cain or Abel from Trinity Blood. I may just have to modify the face a bit, thin them down to make them look more feminine. ^_^
    4. Saint looks so good! Best male I've seen yet. I wonder how his profile is??? I hope not too ski-nose! If he has a nice profile, I would seriously consider him.
    5. I like Bernard's face mold, and I like the eyebrows. He looks cross-eyed to me, though. *_*

      Saint reminds me of a woman that used to be on SNL... I would really like to see both boys w/o the faceup Luts gave them.
    6. I never thought I'd like a Dollshe, but I really quite like Saint. I might modify his face a little, his chin looks a little bit too round for my tastes, but thats not such a big deal. I think I'm going to start saving up for him.
    7. i think i will like him with darker eyes face paint and wig, so might get him as i want a dollshe boy real bad. but will wait to see what others do with him first and see the real deal pics!

      man, i tell ya, i hated namu from soom when i first saw him,, total hate it was real intense, but then he got me and i just ordered him a couple days ago, so weird,,, soony same deal now i can't live without her she is awesome,,
      so funny.

      now i will go do saint in ps to see what that looks like.
    8. The ones on Luts don't grab me (they're crosseyed!), but I look forward to seeing them on Tensiya, Dollmore, and Iplehouse :)

    9. Bernard's kinda "meh" for me, but Saint. . . Mmmm, he's deliciously masculine. I love the shape of his face. I'm eagerly awaiting more pics of them all. Especially Anu's. I'd love to see what she does with this new set.
    10. i really really want to see other faceups so bad.

      it would be nice to have a big boy who is sexy with that nice dollshe body which is what i want more then anything.

      the eyes do look crossed and its really throwing me off big time on the eluts site.

      these boys look kinda pretty boy to me where hound has character so shall see!
    11. i love Saint! he looks so mature and different. i want to see his nose in profile tho ^^;
      don't like Bernard much.. his eyes area is weird.. too close together and too deep.. hmmm.
      can't wait to see them with tensiya faceups....
    12. he so needs to be revamped out of that blonde wig and those cockeyes
    13. Just did some rework in photoshop on Saint myself and he looks Fab!!
    14. Neither sculpt grabs me, Thank goodness for my bank account.
    15. the shorter guy on "little britain" and its bugging me crazy i so need NEED to see a different faceup.

      imho luts photography is not so flattering lately, its too bright and contrasty and doesn't give me the warm fuzzys over the dolls sort of flattens out the faces and makes them cold looking. am i the only one who prays they change the lighting soon?
    16. They both look really awesome, although, like others, I am not fond of the Luts faceups and photography. :/ Quietly waiting to see the Tensiya, Dollmore, etc. versions.
    17. I'm not really a fan of either...their eyes are too close-set for me and Bernard looks kind of like a stoner >.<
    18. :ablink: Oh MY! and just when I thought I was safe and wanted.......damn if I get one my plans will be ruined.....curses.
    19. I'm screwed...

      They're not my perfect dolls, but really, they're beyond my wildest expectations.
    20. They need to make an IM Bernard. Then he'd be perfect for someone I'm plotting. (except I still like the mouth on Hound better, damn them!) >>