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Dollshe Classic 8B (39cm) Robin & 6G (35cm) Rosa

Oct 3, 2015

    1. Dollshe has created human proportioning realism in resin for a child boy and a child girl:

      Robin and Rosa

      Classic Body Size & Measurements

      ---------------------8 Boy ---------------6 Girl

      Head circumference
      ---------------------6.5 in----------------6.5 in
      Neck girth---------80 mm--------------80 mm
      Chest--------------190 mm-------------185 mm
      Waist--------------167 mm-------------170 mm
      Hips----------------205 mm-------------215 mm
      Upper leg girth
      ---------------------115 mm-------------120 mm
      Lower leg girth
      ---------------------- 83 mm--------------85 mm
      Upper arm girth
      -----------------------63 mm------------- 65 mm
      Lower arm girth
      ---------------------- 60 mm------------- 63 mm
      Wrist girth-----------43 mm------------- 43 mm
      Ankle girth-----------65 mm------------- 63 mm

      Height---------------390 mm------------350 mm

      When connecting high heel calf part
      --------------------------------------------360 mm

      width-----------------90 mm------------- 90 mm
      Arm length---------120 mm------------115 mm
      Leg length----------170 mm------------150 mm
      Back length----------95 mm--------------95 mm
      Hand length----------50 mm------------- 45 mm
      Foot length-----------62 mm------------- 52 mm
      Foot width------------22 mm--------------19 mm
      Pubic bone to tip of foot length
      -------------------?? 210 mm-------------185 mm

      Wig size -------------6-7 in ----------------6-7 in
      Eye ---------------- 10 mm----------------10 mm

      Weight -------- 870 grams-------------830 gram
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    2. A dollshe child! How wonderful. I wonder if you will need to buy the extra hands.
    3. Rosa is listed as being with all hands for this promotion, Robin as only with relaxed hands and dressing paddles. I wonder if that is a mistake. I will ask.

      ETA: It says "It will be provided as a full package only during the “In Love with Grey” promotion. All parts in the picture will be included". The option hands are pictured with Robin. So, during the promotion, all hands are included.
    4. Wow there seem to be quite a few pairs of hands.
    5. Man. I actually LOVE dollshe's prototyped-gray color.
      I am tempted to get a Rosa. But I don't know...
    6. The more I look at those two, the more I'd like to get Rosa. Just no way to do this currently without a longer layaway period and I have no clue how to go about layaway on the Dollshe site, as it is quite confusing *_*

      PS: there also seems to be something off with the measurements table. No way that his head is 2 inch larger than hers.
    7. Dollshe has corrected Robin's head circumference measurement on their site.
    8. <sighs> Ordered the pair of 'em, naturally. And now the wait continues for Rey Lewis, and Venitu, and begins for the children. The kids' proportions look more like human proportions and, hey, if Dollshe has done them, they will be very special.
    9. I have now abandoned these, grudgingly. The issue is the height. I want a 6-7 year old girl for my troupe. As Mr Kim seemed to say that he scaled these to fit with his other dolls, which have set the scale for my dolliverse, I thought my prayers had been answered. However, something is way off.

      My dolliverse is based a 70cm doll representing a notional, ideal 6' male. This makes the world 1:2.6 scale. Now, Mr Kim said the scale of these is "2:7:1". This doesn't make sense as a ratio and I assumed he had just confused a colon with a decimal point and that it was 2.7:1, which would be fine. And I got all excited. Then I worked it out.

      At 1:2.7 scale, Rosa would be 95cm and Robin would be 105cm. I used height charts (because I am THAT anal about these things) and that makes both of them about the height of three year olds.

      Well, poo. And I was so looking forward to having a Dollshe child in my Dollshe-heavy troupe. Back to a Dollstown 7, then.
    10. In getting caught up by the ratios, you've missed the specifics. Dollshe clearly indicates that Rosa, the six year old, is 35cm and Robin, the eight year old, is 39 cm.

      An average six year old girl (by USA standards) is roughly 41 inches tall, or about 57% of the height of a six foot tall man. The average height of an eight year old USA boy is 45 inches, or 62.5% of the height of a six foot tall man. I use USA stats because you suggested that the 70cm doll represented a notional, ideal 6' male. This having been said, the average height of a South Korean male was actually 5'7" in 2010 -- children would also be proportionally smaller.

      The ratios of the children to the "adult" Dollshe males would be the female (Rosa) at 50% of the TALL "adult" male proportion, and male (Robin) at 57% of the TALL "adult" male proportion. Let's cue this up against AVERAGE adult male height. Even USA males fall short, given your "ideal" 6' male -- white U.S. males average 69.7", or approximately 5'10".

      The children are a little bit short, at least if we're considering U.S. standards -- however, they are within a margin of error - perhaps a bit small, but not critically so.
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    11. Julie, yes. My dolliverse scale is not everyone's dolliverse scale. As Mr Kim cited one that appeared similar to mine (although it makes his 70cm males 6' 2"), I used it. It only made matters worse. However, even if I had used my scale of 1:2.6, Rosa would be just a little smaller than a 4 year old, which is too small.

      I had an Alice in Labyrinth doll, at 37cm, as first version of this character and she looked miniscule next to my 70cm dolls. I am guessing that this was because they look as though they are tall men, because of their build. So, it seems that working on my 1:2.6 formula is the best bet for me. So, 45cm or thereabouts is what I need.

      So, it turns out that these aren't for me, but I am sure they will do a great job for other people.

      ETA: To give you an idea, here is my old AiL with my Saint. She is two centimeters taller than a Rosa and has a marginally larger head and smaller waist, but otherwise quite close. To my eye, she looked tiny, like a four year old. However, that is to my eye and she was certainly a viable young child.


      ETA: This is giving me lots of food for thought. I have two daughters and checked their growth charts and they were just below chest level on me at 6 and waist on my partner, who is 5'10" (although it should be noted they are tall). The AiL doll, and so these, don't even reach my Saint's hip. I wonder if the "tiny child" look is because of the hugely long legs of the classic Dollshes? They might look more proportional on dolls with human length legs.

      ETA again: Nope. 35cm reaches top of the thigh against my EID. Aaargh! Also found this, which shows a 5 year old boy (so about a six year old girl) as being just below waist level, which seems plausible. On my Saint and EID, that makes 43-44cm. OK. So that has sorted out me. As you were!
    12. I just ordered a Rosa. I simply had to as I really like those natural proportions she has. I have no clue if she'll fit in with any of my other dolls, but I don't care either. I just wished I would have the money to buy both as they really look very cute together.
    13. I am looking to buy Rosa as well, even though she will most likely not fit in with any of my other dolls either, in face or body type. I am very interested to see what everyone does with those unique faces. I have wanted a chubby type child for a long time, and was hoping that Dollstown would bring a 35mm into the family, but it hasn't happened yet.
    14. Madam Mau Mau: Your adorable little AiL really does look quite small. I think that most "child" dolls look miniscule compared to the 70cms. A unoa Quluts might be the appropriate size, but even with the flat chestplate and if you use the male faceplates, which have more of an aesthetic that will match, they really look a bit older than six.

    15. Rosa is the same height as a Unoa Chibi -- but the Unoa Chibi has a frame I associate more with that gangly age around third or fourth grade, when the baby fat is beginning to disappear. It will be interesting to see how the Dollshe kids look, size-wise, beside the chibi.
    16. Yes, child dolls generally do look small against 70cm boys, which was why I was excited that Mr Kim had made an in-scale 6 year old girl, as that was just what I was after. It's fine. The DT7 body is exactly the right size and I will scope out a head to go on it. It is still something of a shame that I won't be able to add another Dollshe to the collection, but I'll live. :lol:
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    17. Any idea what clothes will fit them? I think that may be a challenge, but one I will take if I do order.
    18. Oh shoot. All this time I have been saying to myself, "Mini David will be my last doll'. But Robin. No really. I could get him as a birthday present for myself. But I have unclothed dolls sitting around. And I have never had a Dollshe doll in my hands, ever. And I'll just turn him into another red-headed boy.

      Please provide me with arguments pro and/or contra :P.

      PS: why are there no photos of his profile? I would love to see his profile.
    19. I like the childlike aspect of the sculpt, but I really, really dislike the maturity/sexual differentiation in the hands (especially on Rosa), especially since these really aren't proportionally 6-8 years old to a 1/3 scale doll, they're more 4-5 years old. And I'm not fond of the jointing, it seems very crude compared to Mr. Dollshe's usual work.
    20. I was entranced by the two child sculpts! I ordered Rosa and now begins the long wait. Can anyone tell me the average wait for one of DollShe's? This will be my first from this company.