Event [DOLLSHE CRAFT] 15th Anniversary Event

May 19, 2017

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      Dollshe Craft is celebrating its 15th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, it is holding an event. From the Dollshe Craft website:

      Currently, only the "30% discount package for each line (15 packages limited)" option is open for ordering on Dollshe's website. More information about the other options will be released in the coming days and we will update as soon as they are available!

      It is possible to participate in this event through us at BJDivas. :3nodding: We are taking orders towards the limited quantities immediately. Payment will only be accepted when your order is confirmed. In addition, order through us to enjoy the following benefits:
      - Save on shipping! USA customers can enjoy domestic shipping rates and international customers will have half of their shipping costs from Dollshe subsidized by us (up to $100).
      - Extended and flexible layaway plans! Our standard longest layaway period is 6 months. This period can be extended for large orders and/or for customers' needs.
      - Quick and easy communication! Our time zone probably aligns more closely with yours and we respond to messages within hours rather than days. We work with you on a personal basis and will address all of your questions and concerns without ever using generic responses.
      - Relax while we work for you! As BJD owners ourselves, we understand how stressful the waiting game can be. We are very diligent about keeping up communications with Dollshe, and we will check the quality of your dolls when they arrive.

      As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! :D
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    2. I do not understand. What are being offered? A full doll on discounted price? Or doll parts?
    3. There are many different packages that are being offered at discount prices for this event. You can get a full doll or just doll parts. Please feel free to contact me directly and I can help you out with the specific details. :)
    4. What does the super package actually include?
    5. I believe it is every head, part and extra made for the doll ordered