Event [DOLLSHE CRAFT] Full Package Event

May 10, 2018

    1. Few companies offer as many parts options as Dollshe does. Rather than having to pick between which ones to get with your doll, you can now get all the parts associated with your specific doll free for a limited time when you order that doll during Dollshe's Full Package Event!


      For one month, full packages will be available for the price of basic packages.

      For one month, full packages will be on sale at basic package prices. When you buy any of our dolls, your purchase will include all of its available parts at no additional charge during this event period.

      Fully express your doll’s charms with all the various gesture hands and head options!

      Please note: the components of the full packages differ from doll line to doll line. Be sure to check each doll line’s details for what is included in that line’s full package.

      Full package event period:

      May 10 – June 10

      It is possible to take advantage of this event by ordering through us at BJDivas. :3nodding: Do so, and enjoy the following benefits:

      • Save on shipping! USA customers can enjoy domestic shipping rates and international customers will have half of their shipping costs from Dollshe subsidized by us (up to $100).
      • Extended and flexible layaway plans! Our standard longest layaway period is 6 months. This period can be further extended for large orders to accommodate our customers' needs. If you need to further adjust your payment schedule, for instance say you'd like to set up something like paying a varying amount each period, simply get in touch and we'll see what we can do! :)
      • Quick and easy communication! Our time zone probably aligns more closely with yours and we respond to messages within hours rather than days.
      • Relax while we work for you! As BJD owners ourselves, we understand how stressful the waiting game can be. We are very diligent about keeping up communications with Dollshe, and we will check the quality of your dolls when they arrive then follow-up with Dollshe to fix any problems if they arise.​

      Need Layaway? Here's the how-to! Or contact us directly and we'll assist you step by step! Layaway Info & Guide

      Our Website: BJDivas
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    2. When I check out, do I just ignore the options listed? I want to make sure I don't mess up, lol. I've been eyeing the Fashion Line Bernard.
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    3. We're still working on adding all of the event packages to our website listings. :sweat Feel free to send me a message and I can take down your order manually, or please wait until later today to place the order through our website. :)
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    4. LOL Oops, I was apparently just too eager. :blush
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    5. If I select a full package, how do I specify which sculpt? For example, I'm trying to find out of the Full Packages include Ausley Love ............ Aha! It's the 26F Full Package on Dollshe Website.
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    6. The 26F full packages are also up on our site now. :)

      It's also worth noting that Ausley Love is the only sculpt that has both OE and SA heads in the Classic Full Package. The SA versions don't exist for Classic Amanda Beauty and Classic Erica Snow, nor does it exist for Fashion Ausley Love.

      Feel free to message me if you need help with ordering. :)
    7. will the new size lines be available before the sale is over, like the Fashion Mini?
    8. I'm afraid that I don't have any definitive word from Dollshe about that, however my best guess would be no. It would take longer to develop the new sizes than the event lasts. :( However, historically, Dollshe also held release events for new sculpts and/or new sizes, so there might be an event for the new sizes when they're ready. :)
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