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Event [DOLLSHE CRAFT] Full Package Sale + Lottery

Apr 25, 2017

    1. Hello everyone!

      I am writing to let you know of two wonderful events that Dollshe Craft is doing for the next month! :D

      The first event is that certain doll lines will be available as fullsets at their basic price.


      For a limited time, you will receive all the parts that exist for each sculpt when you order a basic doll belonging to the lines that are eligible for this event.

      26th April – 26th May

      Eligible Classic Doll Lines:
      • 28M Classic
      • 26F Classic
      • 18M Classic Arsene
      • 8B Classic
      • 6G Classic

      Eligible Fashion Doll Lines:
      • 28M fashion
      • 26F Fashion
      • 18M Fashion Arsene

      * Please note that not all doll lines are eligible for this promotion. Namely, the 18M Mystic body + Grown heads, Vampire Khan and BubblePet dolls are excluded from the full package sale.

      Additionally, Dollshe is counting down on the number of their limited edition dolls. After that number is exhausted, all of the below lines will be discontinued. The official count that Dollshe issued for these dolls are as currently follows:

      Classic line:
      • 28M Classic, 57 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.
      • 26F Classic, 34 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.
      • 18M Classic Arsene, 102 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.
      • 8B Classic, 122 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.
      • 6G Classic, 73 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.

      Fashion line:
      • 28M Fashion, 83 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.
      • 26F Fashion, 105 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.
      • 18M Classic Arsene, 133 out of 200 limited edition units remaining.

      Order through BJDivas (official USA dealer for Dollshe Craft) and enjoy the following benefits:
      - Save on shipping! USA customers can enjoy domestic shipping rates and international customers will have half of their shipping costs from Dollshe subsidized by us (up to $100).
      - Extended and flexible layaway plans! Our standard longest layaway period is 6 months
      . This period can be extended for large orders and/or for customers' needs.
      - Quick and easy communication! Our time zone probably aligns more closely with yours and we respond to messages within hours rather than days.
      - Relax while we work for you! As BJD owners ourselves, we understand how stressful the waiting game can be. We are very diligent about keeping up communications with Dollshe, and we will check the quality of your dolls when they arrive.

      The second event is a giveaway lottery for Dollshe owners that post a review of their dolls on any doll community. Everyone who participates will get a 10% off coupon, but EIGHT PEOPLE will receive FREE full package dolls! :D


      To enter this lottery event, do the following:
      1. Write a review on a doll community site. Spruce it up, add pictures! Share your love of your Dollshe doll with the world!
      2. Contact Dollshe Craft with the link to your review.

      26th April – 26th May

      Announcement of winners:
      7th June

      Diamonden reviewer (1 winner) – a Classic line doll full package (winner wanted)
      Gold reviewers (2 winners) – a Fashion line doll full package (winner wanted)
      Silver reviewers (5 winners) – a Bubblepet Molly full package
      Bronze reviewers (10 winners) – 30% discount coupon

      * All participants will receive a 10% discount coupon.
      * Coupons are valid for one year from issue date.
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    2. Does discontinued mean that the fullsets will no longer be available after the number is reached, or that they will never again make those lines for sale?
    3. It is the latter: after the number is reached, they will no longer have those dolls for sale. They will most likely make new dolls in those lines, but the existent ones will no longer be available.
    4. Okay but how long will the wait be for any of these? A year, or more? Don't get me wrong, I adore the sculpture work of Dollshe, but the vague promises, changes and wait times have me hesitant.
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    5. I think the year long wait times are only for those sculpts that are shown in the gray prototype stage that aren't finished yet. People in the Dollshe threads here, in Facebook BJD groups, and other social media have been saying they've been getting existent Dollshe sculpts in as few as 2 months. o:
    6. @Rosslyn To quote BJDivas from their other Dollshe 50% off thread-
      "The silicone molds for these dolls are complete and as such, much shorter delivery times than normal are predicted. Specifically, Dollshe estimates the following delivery times:
      - If you order pure skin pale, fresh, oriental, you can get dolls in 1 or 2 months.
      - It is hard to copy dark skin color of honey skin and pure skin, so they will take 2 or 3 months."
    7. What exactly will be included with the fullset/full package?
    8. The 28M Classic and Fashion fullsets include:
      The 26F Classic and Fashion fullsets include:
      • Full nude doll with comfortable feet, resting hands, one of the three available bust options, and OE head.
      • Two additional bust options to complete the set of three.
      • High Heel Feet.
      • High Heel Calf.
      • Make up gesture hands.
      • Hands placed around the waist gesture hands.
      • Translucent hand paddles/stopper bits for ease of clothes changing.
      • SA head is only available for Ausley Love and will come with her full set. Please note that SA heads do not exist for Amanda Beauty and Erica Snow.

      The 18M Classic and Fashion Arsene fullsets include:

      • Full nude doll with resting feet, resting hands, and OE head.
      • Two pairs of gesture hands. Unfortunately, there aren't company photos of these available, but I encourage you to search the Dollshe discussion thread for owner pictures. :)
      • Flip-flop Feet.
      The 8B Classic fullset includes:
      • Full nude doll with basic feet, basic hands, and OE head.
      • Four extra pairs of gesture hands.
      • Flip-flop Feet (not shown in below image).
      • Translucent hand paddles/stopper bits for ease of clothes changing.

      The 6G Classic fullset includes:
      • Full nude doll with basic feet, basic hands, and OE head.
      • Four extra pairs of gesture hands.
      • Flip-flop Feet.
      • High Heeled Feet.
      • High Heeled Calf.
      • Translucent hand paddles/stopper bits for ease of clothes changing.
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    9. Is there a link?

      Oh, lol! It posted while I was writing this. :)
    10. Apparently in the 18M line, only the Arsene body is included? Is there a neck size comparison between the Arsene body and the Mystic?
    11. That's correct, only the Arsene head and Arsene body of the new 18M line are included in this event. The specs of the Arsene body can be found here. The Mystic's measurements can be found here.
    12. Is the review event over? Why dollshe posts winners already?
    13. The event shouldn't be over. The notification was taken down from Dollshe's website, which leads me to believe that it was an error and Dollshe realized the fact. However, since their e-mail system automatically sends out notifications to subscribers whenever their website is updated, they aren't able to rescind the e-mails that went out.

      I've already written Dollshe to let them know about their mistake, as well as suggest extending the period of the event to allow more people awaiting incoming dolls to have a chance to participate. I will report back as soon as I hear anything from them. :)
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    14. Are you saying that the "error" winners will not receive these prizes?
      I was one of them... :(
    15. I'm afraid that I don't know anything about how that will be handled, sorry. :sweat That is a decision that is entirely in Dollshe's hands. As a dealer, all I can do is provide news, communications, clarifications, assistance with ordering and the sending in of inquiries/suggestions when customers ask me to do so. :whee:

      As soon as Dollshe releases news and/or I learn of any updates, I will share them. :3nodding:
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    16. How do you put in an order with you for a doll?
    17. I went to their webpage but don't see anything about the sale?
    18. Here is the page with the information on the full package sale running this whole month: Discount for limited edition doll full package - DollShe craft

      Currently, Dollshe's website is configured to taking orders for the Anniversary Event. It will revert when that's over.
    19. What happened to the review event results?
    20. Dollshe had announced the results of the Review Event early, around two weeks before it was scheduled to finish. That premature announcement was withdrawn. The final winners have not been determined yet.
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