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New Doll [DOLLSHE CRAFT] Manga Line Release Event

Sep 23, 2017

    1. Dollshe Craft has released the first doll of their new "Manga Line", LaLa, a lively and lovely vivacious girl.


      LaLa is available in both Mini (41 cm) and Maxi (55 cm) versions.

      The Manga Mini (41 cm) line was designed and created with size compatibility for Fairyland's Minifee line in mind. Because of his own fondness for Fairyland dolls, Dollshe Craft's master crafter Mr. Ki-yong wants future owners of his Manga Mini dolls to be able to share accessories with similarly-sized dolls that they already own.

      The Manga Maxi (55 cm) line is intended to be compatible in size to VOLKS Dolfie Dream. Mr. Ki-yong possesses a similar fondness for VOLKS as he does for Fairyland and wishes for his dolls to live and play alongside similarly-sized dolls.

      ***Please note: Due to the stylistic differences in the face, eye sizes may not be compatible due to the larger iris requirements of the Manga line. Compatible eyes will be available for purchase for Manga line dolls.


      Release Event of the MANGA LINE:

      Only 50 packages of LaLa are available during the first ordering period, in each of the Mini and Maxi sub-lines. Customers who order during this period can purchase the full package as well as enjoy a special discount while doing so.

      Manga Mini
      Full Package Components:

      OE head+body+3 types of breast parts+3 types of hands parts+3 types of feet parts.
      * Normal price of full package 640$ > The price of event 390$

      Manga Maxi
      Full Package Components:

      OE head+body+3 types of breast parts+3 types of hands parts+3 types of feet parts.
      * Normal price of full package 910$ > The price of event 550$

      Ordering Period:
      September 25, 2017 - October 24, 2017

      ***Please note: the event will end early if all 50 units are sold.

      It is possible to take advantage of this event by ordering through us at BJDivas. :3nodding: Do so, and enjoy the following benefits:
      • Save on shipping! USA customers can enjoy domestic shipping rates and international customers will have half of their shipping costs from Dollshe subsidized by us (up to $100).
      • Extended and flexible layaway plans! Our standard longest layaway period is 6 months. This period can be further extended for large orders to accommodate our customers' needs. If you need to further adjust your payment schedule, for instance say you'd like to set up something like paying a varying amount each period, simply get in touch and we'll see what we can do! :)
      • Quick and easy communication! Our time zone probably aligns more closely with yours and we respond to messages within hours rather than days.
      • Relax while we work for you! As BJD owners ourselves, we understand how stressful the waiting game can be. We are very diligent about keeping up communications with Dollshe, and we will check the quality of your dolls when they arrive then follow-up with Dollshe to fix any problems if they arise.

      Order LaLa here: LALA – MANGA MINI(41CM) , LALA – MANGA MAXI(55CM)

      (Need Layaway? Here's the how-to! Or contact us directly and we'll assist you step by step! Layaway Info & Guide)

      As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! :)
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    2. [​IMG]
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    3. Wow! Amazing!

      What size is this girl (height, etc)?
    4. She is 41 cm tall and compatible with Fairyland Minifee size. :) Here are all of her measurements:

      Head circumference 7 in
      Neck girth 5 cm
      Chest (Petite) 16 cm
      Chest (Full) 17 cm
      Chest (Glamour) 18 cm
      Waist 11.5 cm
      Hips 19.5 cm
      Upper leg girth 11.5 cm
      Lower leg girth 8.2 cm
      Upper arm girth 5 cm
      Lower arm girth 5 cm
      Wrist girth 3.2 cm
      Ankle girth 4.5 cm

      Height 41 cm
      Shoulder width 7.5 cm
      Arm length 11.8 cm
      Leg length 20.5 cm
      Back length 8.2 cm
      Hand length 3.5 cm
      Foot length 5.2 cm
      Foot width 1.8 cm
      Pubic bone to tip of foot length 23.5 cm

      Eyes 18 mm

      Weight 520 g
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    5. Can we see a skin colored model?
    6. Hi, she looks great! What is the "mini body (plus)" option on the site?
    7. LaLa has not yet been cast in any of her skin color options. The color options available for her are Pale, Fresh, Oriental and Tan from this image:
      and Snow Pale, Raspberry Fresh, and Peach Fresh from this image:[​IMG]

      Hello, I'm glad you like her, and thanks for the great question! :D I've made this image and added it to her product listing:

      The basic option body is the Mini Body, shown on the left. The upgrade body option is the Mini Body(Plus) on the right, which has an added waist joint that allows for greater poseability.
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    8. Hi! Can you tell me which resin color matches Fairyland normal? Thanks!
    9. I have some questions:

      - Could you tell us more about what colour eyes are/will be available?
      - Will she come with a faceup?
      - How long before she is shipped?
      - Is she only available through BJDivas?
      #9 Eiko82, Sep 24, 2017
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    10. Do you also have pictures of the 3 hand options?
      I couldn' t find them anywhere.
    11. Nevermind. Found my answer :)
      #11 CindyG, Sep 24, 2017
      Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
    12. She is beautiful! Will you be making a boy as well?
    13. Oriental will likely be your closest match among the non-translucent resin options. However, while the values are pretty similar, Fairyland normal has a pink tinge to it that Oriental lacks:


      You might be able to get a closer match in both value and tone if you go with one of the translucent HONEY resin options, most likely Strawberry Fresh as that's around the same lightness as Oriental but has a pink tinge. However, don't forget to take into account that matching translucent resin might pose its own problems. Painting and blushing may render those non-issues, but I figured I'd let you know just in case. ;)

      Hi! :D In answer to your questions:
      - Dollshe hasn't released eyes for LaLa mini yet, so I'm afraid that I don't know the answer at this point. :sweat
      - By default, LaLa won't have a face-up. Dollshe doesn't currently have an inhouse face-up artist.
      - I would conservatively guess at least 6 months before LaLa is shipped.
      - No, you can also get her through Dollshe directly, or through a different dealer. However, if you order her through us, we pay for half of your shipping costs. So shipping to Europe for instance would only be around $25. :)

      I'm afraid that I don't, as Dollshe hasn't released images of them yet. :sweat

      Mr. Dollshe's plans regarding boy manga characters are mysterious at this point in time, however the premise behind the Manga line is that they are characters belonging to a magic school. He hasn't said anything about it being an all-girls magic school, plus given his history of making some super gorgeous boys and men dolls, I think it very likely that there will be Manga line boys in the future. :3nodding:
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    14. Will the 55cm be available this year?
    15. I don't have any information on the 55 cm version yet. It is a bit strange that Dollshe has released the smaller version of a line first this time around, as in the past it's been that the 1/3 sizes come out first, and later the 1/4 sizes.
    16. Wait a minute!! This is weird. Dollshe has the 55cm doll for sale on their website now, along with the 41cm doll.
    17. Yes, Dollshe has just released the 55 cm version of LaLa today. ^_^ Here is the listing for her on our website: LALA – MANGA MAXI(55CM)
    18. This doll is so absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Would you happen to know what the resin match is like between Fairyland Beautiful White Skin and Dollshe Pale?:aangel:

      I almost started a discussion thread for this girl, I'm so glad someone posted, she is AWESOME!!!!!:XD:
    19. Hi Anthony, I'm so glad that you like her! :D Fairyland Beautiful White skin and Dollshe Pale should be a perfect match. I'll upload pictures as I take them in this comparison thread: https://denofangels.com/threads/dollshe-and-fairyland-resin-matches.757351/
    20. @BJDivas That is INCREDIBLE TO HEAR!!!!!!:celebrate:cheer:dance Thank you so much for your quick response :chibi