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Update Dollshe Craft News~

Dec 9, 2008

    1. someone who wants to know dollshecraft news!

      I asked for sculptor Mr Kim(it is good that I am Korean :), when he would open the web and new dolls
      he said he might show his new doll in end of Dec or first of Jan
      and he is thankful that you guys are waiting for his doll and saying good luck to him
      even though he got really stressed out during the progression, it was encourage for him to continue with his work.
      he is trying to make perfect doll as possible as he could and you can expect for next month or
      this month (he has not decided when he is going to show)
      he will show Origin Normal type and SA Origin type
      and he said that there is Rogen type (new one) which is based on bermon, saint and hound so you can wait for this.(but i don' know whether this is coming out together with the Origin type)
      however, he would show normal Origin, SA Origin and DSAM body first in several weeks later~

      I forgot to tell there is English web for foreigners so do not need to struggled with get into the Dollshecraft web.
    2. is there a link available to the Korean or English language sites yet?
    3. Apparently neither links work.
    4. I have just checked the links, and they do work - I'm using firefox. As I said before, there is NOTHING up there on the sites. Just a blank shop-prototype. With IE the korean site only shows a message (translation can be found in the discussion thread)