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Dollshe DS18M Rhythmos Body

Oct 28, 2009

    1. I wonder if the DS18M body is the 70cm body that was talked about a while ago. Hm...
    2. Let's hope so!
      If so, there may be hope for me getting my Saint after all.
      The DSAM32 has just too many joints for me :sweat

      I can't wait to see pics :XD:
    3. I'm thinking, since DSAM stands for DollShe Adult Male that DS18M would mean an 18-yr old male...

      I'm so excited about these eyes... They're gorgeous... They look a lot like Mystics to me. Hoping that you can buy 2, get 2 free. I'd be sorely tempted...
    4. I sure hope that it's the 70cm body. That's what I'm hoping for. I want more Dollshe guys, but they need to fit in with my 60cm crew, so no bigger than 70cm for me.

      The eyes look great. I'm curious to see the price point too.
    5. I'm a bit amused by the fact that they're (apparently) making the body available to order already, even thought there is no picture of it up yet, anywhere. And same with the mystery price on the eyes.

      That said, I love those eyes, and as long as they're in a decent range, I think I'll be ordering a few sets - especially with the BOGO event!
    6. I want to see the new bod..thank goodness I didn't buy my saint yet. ;D
    7. Don't know if you all saw this, but pics of the DS18M body are up...

      Is it just me or are his arms really... long? The body is very nice though :D
    8. The arms are very long...but I like it! It's all...youthful, and stylised, and smooth, and inhuman--but in a good way. Plus, looks like it is 70.5cm...the height I would prefer! I think I will actually be getting that Bernard I have been wanting, now....:love

      The fact that they have the urethane eyes available again is awesome...I loved the eyes that came in my Husky, and have been wanting to be able to purchase more of a similar type...and now I can! =D
    9. This is the best thing that could have ever happened for me. I pretty much got into bjds because of Dollshe, but couldn't afford one in time to get an original Saint, then when the body style changed...well to say I was disappointed wasn't even the half of it...I pretty much gave up on my doll dream. This body couldn't be anymore perfect for me! Its young, and smooth, and delicate...my mind is already running with ideas for a character. My dream of finally owning a Saint may be coming true!
    10. Ohh, very smooth and lovely. You're right about the long arms though. And he's single jointed which is a pity. Love the hip/butt joints!
    11. I love the butt joint, but the sculpt itself, especially the torso, is a bit too stylized/smooth to really fit in with my doll crew. Ah, well. Such it the way of thw world.
    12. This is what I've been looking for. Body looks great, I almost gave up my dream to ever get a tan Saint. Lanky, skinny...suits my character. I think it's time to start saving again! x)
    13. The eyes are really, really lovely! The colors look great, and it's good to know the prices - I don't seen those yet.
      I am ehhh on the body, though. I like how smooth it is and those legs are gorgeous, but it's a tad too thin for me. I think that it would be really interesting to see it in comparison with the DSAM bodies, like Dollshe did between the DSAM bodies when the DSAM 32 came out.
    14. I'm slightly disappointed with the single joints on the DS18M..but that's about my only complain to be utterly honest. I love these long lanky bodies..hah..proven by my first doll being a dollzone 72cm boy..I loooove it. And well..it looks like it might pose OK anyway. So..I'm pondering a Dollshe..finally. -laughs- It depends on a good deal but..I like it!
    15. mm. .something feels off about those arms @_@ . .but maybe it will look better with clothes on?
    16. Now just hoping the female DSAM (DSAF?) is around the corner... pref with double jointed knees and elbows, natural breasts; not too skinny, but tall (70cm), and with that neato new hip/butt joint. And not six segments in the torso, max 3. What am I going on about, I should just get moving with my own sculpting....

      Wonder if the DS18M uses the same hands and feet as DSAM? I know he's only 5cm shorter) but it's like they forgot to shorten the arms) and the feet are still 9cm long.
    17. I had ordered a bernard on dsam32 and have just asked them if I can swap for the new body. I agree it would be nice to see a comparison between the 3 bodies. I just think the new body legs are much nicer than the 32, which are sort of bowed
    18. Well, hurrah for a c.70cm body. The arms do look long, as though he used the proportions of the DSAM bodies and shortened the legs to bring the size down, then forgot about the arms. He is also VERY skinny and smooth. But it is sufficiently similar to the old Dollshe body to please lots of people. If I hadn't already snagged a Bernard, I would be very happy round about now.
    19. How can you look at other pictures of the head choices on that site? I'd like to see the Rosen head in better pictures, but clicking on it doesn't take me to more pics. I have more trouble with that site! Anyone? Thanks! :>)
    20. Oh no..oh no!! O_O *is completely sold on the DS18M body*

      There is definitely a Saint in my future now...lol.

      So the price of the DS18M (pale, fresh, oriental) body + a head is $630 (not including shipping)? Isn't that cheaper than the a head and DSAM32/35 combo?