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Dollshe DSAM 32s body

Mar 11, 2009

    1. Have you seen the new DSAM body? DSAM-32 says it will be more humanistic.

      New DSAM-32
    2. oh that is nice I like the proportion on that much more that the DSAM-35 then but then I wondering would the pose ability be compensate
    3. Wow! That's looking much better so far... Although... Um... Is that a firehose between his legs or is he just happy to see me? :sweat

      Ahem, not that I'm complaining, mind you~ :chocoberry
    4. Thank goodness, I may buy a Tan Saint after all. But looking at the pictures, it still looks a lot like the first DSAM body I wonder what will be different?

      The old Dollshe body was well hung too, I guess it's one of those things one adjusts to over time? :lol::sweat
    5. It looks to me like there're fewer pieces making up his torso? In that picture, it looks like there are three parts; in the DSAM 35 picture here
      there appear to be six or so.

      (Or, you know, I could just be waaaaay too into this :P .)
    6. He says there's 32 pieces to this new body, vs the 35 to the first one. Basically it means his spine will bend more realistically. (I'm sorry, but some of those promo pictures had him looking like a segmented insect with the way he was jointed) Everything else should stay the same, and you'll that many less blood blisters. :O
    7. Now that is very interesting. I wonder if the release of the second body was pre-planned or a reponse on the part of Mr Kim to the rather luke-warm reception the first DSAM body received. To my eye, that is a much better body to go with the "human" heads. Well done him!
    8. Oh this is good. It looks a lot better aesthetically, though it's starting to make me want another Dollshe boy now which is not good for the bank account.
    9. Make me wonder if we could just buy the "new parts" of the 32s when we already ordered the 35s body...
    10. Oh, thank god! The new body looks much better. XD Looks like he's filled in the ribs as well. Much nicer and hopefully much more like the original body overall.

      I'm also really curious as to whether this was originally planned or the lack of a response to the DSAM body. It seems as though he's sculpting right on top of the DSAM body, so my guess is that it's the latter.

      I've never been into Saint personally, but those pictures look really awesome! Now I'm really excited to what other more human-like sculpts Dollshe will come out with.
    11. wow~impressed!this body seems a little bit easier to deal with for beginners~i gonna wait n see~
    12. Can't wait to see more pics of this body too :D
    13. Yay! The squick factor has been reduced! XD...in fact, perhaps entirely eliminated...I'll have to wait and see pics of the full assembled body...I'm really liking the new torso, though. :D Dollshe boys are now back on the 'possibilities' list for me.
    14. That's better! It will be less extreme articulation for certain, but I like the meatier rib cage! I suppose that by the time I can afford to buy a body there will be comparison photos. :D
    15. hmmmm, interesting. i am thinking this body may be the result of "fear of hybridizing" with the new heads. this way Dollshe can keep their vision in tact by offering a more human looking torso. i have the original body and am sticking with it, i have become quite fond of it, and my "OM" is as human as all my other dolls.

      when the new doll came out, i was as taken aback as everyone else, and no one was more surprised than myself when i actually ordered him., but i like to keep an open mind to new innovations.
    16. Wow that is MUCH better! Lightyears better even! Well my baby Saint is back on the list.
    17. Wow. I'm stunned. He definitely must have reacted to the VERY lukewarm response to the first body. I've got mine here, just opened him today, and definitely....he's just not at all right for those of you who were hoping for something more like the Version 1 and 2 Dollshe bodies.

      This is pretty amazing!
    18. Oh wow, watching this. I hope the hands remain the same, I absolutely LOVE the new ones. :aheartbea
    19. The 32s is missing the two slender cup shaped pieces that capped the abdomen just under the rib cage and just above the pelvis. The lower abdomen is now one piece instead of two. Other than the removal of those three pieces and the subsequent smoothing of the torso, there aren't any changes to the DSAM body. The limbs and everything else from the 35s body should be interchangeable. So I suppose those who have a 35s on order could request the 32s instead or perhaps purchase the torso only if their doll has already arrived.
      I'm really impressed with Dollshe's responsiveness to his audience. First the adjustments to make the OE and SA faceplates interchangeable and now a more camera friendly torso! :D
    20. GAH! I wished I would of waited, the torso looks a bit more human in it's sculpt :| I wonder if I can change my order or if it's too late.