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Dollshe eye size? What kind of brand eyes fit?

Sep 23, 2007

    1. Hello and okey I got(annoying) questions here...

      Why does my 14 mm Dollmore eyes not fit my (SA)Husky's globes?

      The Dollmores "whites"(the white part in the eyes) just isn't big enough...

      Will any other 14 mm eyes fit him(other then the random eyes of Tensiya)?
      Or should i convert to the 18 mm of doom(I am sure these iris' won't fit the dolls proportion)

      I won't buy anything that hasn't been testet!

      Please help me find the solution,
      morti <3
    2. My SA Husky wears Eyeco soft glass eyes in 15mm and they fit perfectly.


      Plus they have a nice selection of colors. :3nodding:
    3. Bump for new eyes please!!
    4. Eyeco or Masterpiece in 15mm fit the best IMHO.
    5. I only use SOOM eyes for my Hound in 14mm and they fit perfectly! Love me some SOOM eyes:lol:
    6. derilan85 - I just bought SOOM eyes in 14 mm hope you are right ^^
    7. i wish i read this thread before i bought a pair of glass eyes for my dollshe saint. i wish i bought a 14mm eyes instead of the 16mm from leekeworld... :(:(:(